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Case Study -   Excessive estradiol (the most powerful estrogen) stimulates major estrogen receptor tissues (such as labia minors, clitoral hood, breasts, hips, uterine cysts, prostate..) to grow and thickens the vaginal lining for no sexual orgasm.  
Reader 2/10/2001>
Ever since i was young, i found great pleasure in getting orgasms from running water while i have been in the shower. Now i am 22 and my vagina doesnt look normal . My labia minor seemed to stretch out. Is there anyway that i can get that surgically removed ?

Dr. Lin: 2/10/2001>
Yes, but Why you have to do that?
Large labia minors are sexy.
You may have too much estrogen in your bloodstream.
Are you on the birth control pill?

Reader: 2/12/2001>
i would like to remove it cause its stretched out really far...it looks 
disgusting...i still havent had my boyfriend see it...its embarrasing

Dr. Lin: 2/12/2001>
All right, you can have them reduced.
It won't affect your orgasmic function solely driven by the urethral nerves, but it will change/reduce the sensitivity and feeling of your labia minors.  The labia majors are the the female scrotums and the labia minors,  extensively including the clitoral hood,  are the foreskin of the female penis consisting of the clitoral shaft and the urethral spongy tissues (the inner penis) between the vagina and pubic bone.  Reducing the labia minors is like a partial circumcision for the penile foreskin.  

NOTE:   http://www.actiontao.com/image/g-spot.jpg shows the nerve/blood vessel concentrating/sensitive zones and their correlation between the male and female sex organs: The glans penis <=> the glans clitoris; The male trigger zone <=> the female G-spot; the male prostate <=> the female Epicenter. When the penis is sunk into the female body during the sexual differentiation, the upper part of the glans penis is degenerated to the glans clitoris due to a lack of testosterone and DHT (the glans clitoris disappears when testosterone and DHT becomes extremely low in the clitoral shaft!), the prostate nerves/tissues become the nerves/tissues around the Epicenter and cervix,  the penile foreskin are turned to the clitoral hood and the labia minors (which grow under the action of estradiol) , and the scrotums becomes the labia majors (the testicles disappear due to a lack of testosterone and DHT).  Also, it seems the male seminal vesicles become Paraurethral (Skene's) glands and ducts that store the female ejaculation fluids. The Paraurethral glands and ducts are inside the anterior vaginal wall,  distributed from the vaginal orifice to the wall between the bladder and uterus. They are responsible for female ejaculation (either urethral or vaginal)  during sexual orgasm. 

It seems you may have syndromes of Congenital Enzymatic Deficiency, where your liver P450 (Phase-I detoxification system) produces insufficient enzyme 21-Hydroxylase (and/or 11B-hydroxylase) essential to the synthesis of the adrenal steroid Cortisol. Cortisol is a negative feedback regulator for the release of AdrenoCorticoTropin Hormone (ACTH) from the anterior pituitary. ACTH stimulates androgen (such as DHEA, and androstenedione - the precursor of both testosterone and estrone => estradiol). When Cortisol is deficient in your body, ACTH stimulates your adrenal cortex to produce too much androstenedione. Then, if your liver P450 overproduces an enzyme called aromatase, androstenedione in your body becomes estradiol (the most powerful form of estrogen). 
Excessive estradiol stimulates its receptors site to grow. The breasts, hips, prostate and the entire female sex organs are the major estradiol receptor sites. The large and puffy labia, clitoral hood, breasts (sagged) and hips are the visible spots to show the excessive estradiol. 
You should detoxify your liver for reducing the production of P450 aromatase or block the aromatization of  androstenedione/testosterone to estrogen. Otherwise, your labia minors will grow again.
It is very difficult for you to orgasm with excessive estrogen. I wonder you have to consider a change of your birth control pill too, if you are on pill.

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