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Case Study -   Why missing orgasmic chemical Oxytocin and sexual orgasm.  
Reader: 2/10/2001>
I always thought I was the only one who experienced this sensation, and then I once stumbled across someone one the internet who experienced exactly what I did. Originally, when I would feel the orgasm, I would feel the rise of getting close to the orgasm. Then I would feel a peek, and then that peek would be carried out until the end. Kind of like going up a rollercoaster. You head up, reach the top, and then rush all the way down. 
Well now, when I have the orgasm, I head up, reach the top, but there is no fun ride down. It is like the most important release sensation of the orgasm is missing. I know I'm about to have the orgasm, and then a second latter I know I'v had the orgasm (because my clitoris is sensative) but the middle is missing.

It is not psychological. Everything in the psychological department is fine. It is almost as if my body is not releasing a specifinc chemical that is responsible for that final good sensation.

What do you think it is?

Dr. Lin: 2/11/2001>
You are right on the target! The missing chemical is Oxytocin, the orgasm hormone that initiates the uterine/vaginal contraction. The sensory nerves of the orgasmic nervous circuits in T10-L2 don't not branch signal to the brain/pituitary to release Oxytocin to initiate the uterine/vaginal contraction and the brain's cerebral cortex (motor nerves)/sympathetic nerves fail to dispatch action potential pules to signal the contraction of autorhythmic fibers at the Epicenter between the cervix and bladder, 
The problem is, your parasympathetic nervous circuits of Spinal Cord S2-S4 fails to engorge your G-spot and the urethral spongy tissues, where the urethral sensory nerves from the urethral oriffice to the Epicenter via the G-spot are supposed to be energized by the erection of your urethral spongy tissues (your inner penis). But, it seems you failed to erect your inner penis during intercourse.
The most likely causes: too much estrogen, insufficient testosterone to charge your sexual nerves, insufficient dopamine to force the pituitary to release oxytocin, or/and too less acetylcholine in the nervous synapses to bridge the two-way nervous communication between the brain and sexual nerves. 
You ended up the local reflection (closed-loop) response of the nervous circuits between the T10-L2 and clitoris, without branching to or from the brain.
The local closed-loop nervous responsive loop (clitoral orgasm) is: sexual stimulation => sensory nerves => Interneurons of T10-L2 => clitoral supper sensitivity upon the energy gate is open.
The vaginal orgasmic responsive loop is: sexual stimulation => sensory nerves => Interneurons of T10-L2 => spinal nerves => brain/cerebral cortex => spinal nerves => Interneurons of T10-L2 => sympathetic nerves => autorhythmic fibers around the Epicenter.
Birth control pills can introduce too much estrogen or progesterone into the body, that cool down the S2-S4 parasympathetic nerves and urethral sensory nerves, block the pituitary to release oxytocin ( the high estrogen and progesterone levels produces a fake pregnancy signal in the pituitary!), and suppress the erection of the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues. 
Medication drugs overload the liver detoxification system and, thus, kills dopamine and acetylcholine synthesis. SSRIs antidepressants flood the brain's and spinal cord nervous synapses with excessive serotonin that blocks the functions of dopamine and acetylcholine. 
You can solve your problem with ViaGrowth-IV.
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