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Case Study - Unlocking the stagnation of Chi and the brain's neuro-endocrine function for erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/23/2001>
Dear DR. Lin,
Thankyou for the oppurtunity to write to you.
I am suffering from chi stuck in my heart and chest
area, which has been there for a year now and i
cant bring down.
This happened through doing the big draw technique of
raising hot orgasmic energy as taught by master Mantak
How can I ground this energy?
Ive also not been ejaculating and I Think im suffering
from the negative feedback response...i feel im really
low on hormones.
Im extremely weak and have very low blood sugar, although
now ive ejaculated a couple of times its getting better.
I have abused a lot of drugs as a youth and i think myu
endocrine system is out of balance and weak.
Please can you help me with some suggestions.
Id really appreciate your help and advice.

Dr. Lin: 1/24/2001> 
You have to descend your Chi to your Dan-Tien (the Bladder) where the lower parasympathetic nervous circuits of Sacral S1-S4 can autonomously release the bioelectric energy into the Conceptive Vessel (CV) from the the upper parasympathetic nervous circuits of Vagus CN-X which regulate the heart, lungs, bronchi, liver/gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, and inteststines.
Your Chi flow is stagged at CV-17, the heart point of the CV, as shown in
Dan-Tien is located between CV-3 and CV-4 which are the another points for the parasympathetic bioelectric energy to couple with the acupuncture channel CV. 
To release the Chi congestion at CV-17, you should follow my anal breathing method or sexual ChiKong breathing with exerting a light pressure against the bladder (CV-3/4) in the slow, digital inhaling cycles. 
In the digital inhaling cycle, you should pump the air into your lungs to regulate your heart, descend your chi to your bladder with an expanding low abdomen, and couple your chi over the anus by contracting the anal/tailbone muscles against your tail bone and the first acupuncture point GV-1 of Governing Vessel.
The excessive sexual energy at CV-1, the prostate area, along with Chi in the CV will also flow into the spine and GV-1 and return to the brain.
The big draw method produces a Chi collision at the CV-17.

It seems your Yang Chi (brain's dopamine system) is very weak and your Yin Chi (The brain's acetylcholine system) is slugished. Without a regulated ejaculation, the brain/pituitary-testicular axis will be locked. Therefore, your bioelectric (autonomous nervous) system won't get a proper recharge from your endocrine function. You have to uplift your brain's dopamine and acetylcholine levels to re-boost your neuro-endocrine function. In this regard, MoodMax can do the job for young men.
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