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Case Study - He said 'taking Moodmax for a week now, works well' for the premature ejaculation problem; how to make erection harder for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/23/2001>
Thank you so much for your prompt response. I understand that you get tons of mail every day but please be so kind to answer a few questions. I have been taking  Moodmax for a week now, works well. I said that normally I should take it for 2-3 months to cure premature ejaculation.
What if I stop taking it after 3 months?
Next, how can I make my penis harder, what should I take for harder erections, because for now my penis is not rock hard and I am not sure if it is the way it should be?
When I practice Chi-Kong breathing how hard should I contract my abs? Also it is hard for me not to breath in air right after I exhale it?
And last but not least, I try practicing penile ballooning, exactly the way it is described in your book, should I ejaculate eventually, or is it going to worsen my premature ejaculation problem. I also noticed that my erection tends to get weaker even though the penis expands. What can be done to improve that? I want to thank you for your past comments and advices, that was really valuable, Thank you very much in advance,

Dr. Lin: 1/23/2001> 
MoodMax is to help balance the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and
serotonin levels and prevent the over-conversion of dopamine to
adrenalin (the stress hormone) in the brain and adrenal medulla during sex. This will induce calm during lovemaking and suppress the sympathetic nervous function of the spinal circuits T10-L2 from the brain to the urethra and prostate in eliminating the mind-driven premature ejaculation. It also cleanses the prostate hormone receptors - unbinding testosterone, DyHdroTestosterone (DHT) and estrogen for restoring the normal prostate size, and allows more phytoestrogen (isoflavones) to bind into the prostate tissues against the prostate tumors or cancers.  MoodMax is a very multifunction  formula for health of prostate and uterus/cervix where are the major hormone receptors sites of the body.
Healing the nerves requires more time than healing tissues, particularly the over-activated prostate nerves.  To solve premature ejaculation requires heal both prostate nerves and tissues!
Usually, it will take 2 or 3 months to repair the damaged nerves.
What I suggest is to prepare a transition for a prolonging sex now, so that I can get your parasympathetic nerves of S2-S4 worked for you without MoodMax after 3 months
You have to start practicing my anal breathing method to channel the
sexual energy back to your brain from your prostate. 
Once you get used to this breathing method during sex, you can avoid
over-stimulation of the urethral/prostate nerves during sex.
To make your penis harder, you need a low dose of ViaGrowth-II or -III with a standard dose of  MoodMax, in conjunction with my Penile Ballooning method.
Don't contract your abs. Put a little pressure against your bladder with
a slight expansion of the abdomen.
You should read
When you contract your anal/tailbone muscle, you must hold a light
pressure against your bladder; otherwise, you will contract the prostate
muscle! This is very tricky!
You need a lot of practice to smooth your breathing. You need a harmonic breathing during sex. Use the lung function to suppress the sympathetic nervous function. My Sexual ChiKong Breathing uses the lung function (the parasympathetic Vagus Nerves CN-X) and the low-abdomen/bladder/tailbone's parasympathetic nerves circuits S2-S4 to counteract the sympathetic nervous circuits of T10-L2 - the orgasm/ejaculation circuits.
Don't breath too hard or too quick. Breathing too hard and too quick will turn the lung sympathetic functions. Inhale slowly and digitally with expanding your low abdomen. Contract your anal/tailbone muscle in each inhale. You should feel you sucking air into your anus/ rectum.

You should not ejaculate if your erection is weak. Over-ejaculation will weaken your erection.
To make your erection stronger, you need ViaGrowth-II or -III to work with MoodMax.
When your penis expands (grows), you need more blood to fill the enlarged penile cylinders.  Your body have not pumped sufficient blood to power it ups. You need more hormones - testosterone and DHEA to help you out.  MoodMax is a hormone-free formula.

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