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Case Study - which are more common, clitoral or G-spot orgasms? Ageing and Sexual Orgasm!
Reader: 1/16/2001>
I was just wondering which are more common, clitoral or G-spot orgasms? I always thought that the clitorus is the most sensitive part on a womans body; however, my current girlfriend really enjoys g-spot stimulation rather than clioral. I'm not sure if she has experienced a lot of clitoral stimulation or if she just isn't as sensitive there. We have a great relationship and I want to give her the best orgasim possible. Hopefully you can help! 

Thanks :) 

Dr. Lin: 1/17/2001>  
Well, it depends on the nervous distribution on the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter ( between the bladder and cervix), as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/engorge.jpg .
Most of young women and teenagers are likely to have clitoral or Epicenter orgasm because the vaginal lining is too thick to "disclose" the G-spot nerves due to a high estrogen level in the body.
Women after around 30 will start to experience the G-spot orgasm due to the ebbing of estrogen - the increase of the testosterone-estrogen ratio. The coating (vaginal lining) of the G-spot nerve becomes thinner!
Skinny women can experience G-spot orgasm more often regardless of age, due to a higher testosterone-estrogen ratio in the bloodstream.  My skinny wife experienced the G-spot orgasm when you started our lovelife at age 22!  The testosterone-estrogen ratio has a very significant effect on the female capacity of experiencing G-spot orgasm, But the estrogen level does not impact the clitoral orgasm capacity too much, although the clitoral orgasm still need the fuel, testosterone, to burn!  So, most of women can experience clitoral orgasm, except those whose have a very low testosterone level, below 100 ng/dl. 
Pregnant women is likely to shut the G-spot orgasm due to the high estrogen and progesterone surges that thicken the vaginal lining and retains more fluid in the the pelvic tissues - including uterine, clitoral and urethral/vaginal tissues.  But, they can experiences more Epicenter orgasm due to the lowering down of the Epicenter/cervix/uterus by the baby weight.  However, the Epicenter orgasm may cause miscarriage, depending on her progesterone level. The high estrogen level have a only slight effect on the clitoral orgasm for the pregnant women, but they can still enjoy it without worrying about miscarriage. 
Epicenter orgasm is very common for all women since the Epicenter is the female prostate. It usually requires deep penetration and stimulation. Generally, the vagina becomes gradually shallower as women ages, due to the ageing (weakening) uterine ligaments. So, to make young women achieve the Epicenter orgasm, it requires a hard, long penis to reach the deep packet - the Epicenter.  When I was young and before I discovered my 3-point Excitation position, I used my screw technique to make my wife come (of course, I had to screw her very heavily and deeply at a high stimulating rate!). To make senior and middle aged women achieve the Epicenter orgasm, all you need is a hard erection and a 5" penis can do well, but menopause and post-menopause women need ViaGrowth_IV to retain their sexual vitality. God bless middle-aged and senior couples - for more orgasm!

Note: With my 3-point Excitation Method, Women will get all 3 types of orgasm in one shot. What a deal!  

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