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Case Study - She said 'I am getting the side effect of feeling my g-spot and clitoris engorged, erected and my vagina tinted up too high' for sexual orgasm
Reader: 1/4/2001>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I recently received your product and tried it. It seemed to work well the first night i used it. However, the second time i took the pill I am getting the side effect of feeling my g-spot and clitoris engorged, erected and my vagina tented up too high..is it normal? I'm a little scared to continue with it. I also want to tighten my vagina and get that narrowing effect that you mention. WHen i squeeze my vagina it feels uncomfortale and i get the feeling like i might be sucking air into my vagina and causing me to be bloated or something. what should i do to help with this process so that i can provide my husband with that wonderful suction feeling when we make love,like you mention on your web site.

I also wanted to ask about the fibra tea that came with Via-Growith IV...should that be mix with cold water or warm water? And how many times a day should my husband take this tea? Can you take the ViaGrowth pill and then take the fibra tea at the same time? 

Well i know I've asked alot of confusing questions but I do really appreciate your advice and the time to answer me back so hope you don't mind. Thanks so much for your help..

Please respond soon...!

Dr. Lin: 1/7/2001>  It seems you have taken too much Heat Tea, perhaps due to the accumulation of its firing power and effectiveness.   Having  too much Heat Tea will let you feel over-engorging your clitoris and G-spot and over-tenting your vagina if you did not experience that much before.  You should experience the same engorgement/erection pressure as the man did  in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8517.htm .  This is the major side effect of our products. Our suggested effectiveness of Heat Tea is to triple the size of the clitoris and G-spot.  You may get 5 times in the size. When the clitoris and G-spot sizes become oversized,  your sexual orgasm may become too powerful and you get scared and panic.  This is the same way as that in growing or powering up the penis.  When my penis is powered up to a absolute maximum with taking my products,  I always feel my penile shaft is about to explode, as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/pwr-pc.jpg , but the glans penis is numbed! When my wife's glans clitoris is powered up to this stage (about 5 times of the original size) as shown in pwr-pc.jpg or http://www.actiontao.com/image/clitpwr.jpg , she also feels an explosive orgasm pressure inside her pelvic cavity. Therefore, I think you have experienced the same explosive orgasm pressure inside your pelvic cavity as we always experience in the power-up stage (the pre-orgasm stage).  With this situation, my wife achieves orgasm in less than one minute with a very light stimulation! The effective  power  and duration of Heat Tea is detailed in
http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9091.htm .
Don't underestimate its firing power and the resulted long-term healing effect inside your body.  You have accumulated the Heat Tea firing power for several days, so that you experienced the unusual clitoral/G-spot erection and vaginal tenting. Please read the long term healing effectiveness and healing power of Heat Tea in
http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8949.htm and
Well, Heat Tea is used to grow the clitoris and G-spot.  You should grow it gradually, so that the testosterone, DHEA and DHT receptors in the clitoris and  entire urethral tissues can multiply step by step.  When the hormonal receptors becomes double, your erectile size will be about doubled or tripled.
Therefore, you won't have to rely on Heat Tea to triple your clitoral/G-spot size any more, as long as your body can produce sufficient hormones to feed the receptors in the clitoris and urethral spongy tissues.  The Heat Tea's job is supposed  to erect your clitoris, G-spot and the entire urethral spongy tissues and tent up your vagina for orgasm. No Clitoral and G-spot erection and No vaginal tenting,  No Vaginal Orgasm. If you are forced to orgasm without erecting your clitoris/G-spot and tenting your vagina, you will experience orgasm pain and cramp. That is why Heat Tea comes in. My Finger Pliers Massage can also help create this pro-orgasm condition in 3-5 minutes, but you may experience erection or tenting pain and cramp if your neuro-endocrine function is too weak to produce a boost of DHEA and testosterone and to bioelectrically  charge your parasympathetic nerves of spinal cords S2-S4. If you combine both the Finger Pliers Method and Heat Tea, I will not be surprised that you will experience 10-20 cycle orgasm 3-5 times in one love session and you may end up more than 50 orgasms in one night.  
It seems you have never had such wonderful experiences before, so that you are a little sacred. A lot of lovemaking couples don't know this is a pre-requirement, in conjunction with the orgasmic triggering techniques of my 2, 3 or 4-Point Excitation Methods, for vaginal orgasms. You are not the only one who has never experienced this phenomenon before. Please read
When you are at a pre-orgasm state, where your inner "penis" will erect out into your vagina about 1/2-inch protrusion (your inner penile size is about one inch in diameter!), as shown in
then the vagina will naturally narrow down to grip the glans penis without your artificial squeezing on the vagina. 
Intercourse means that His Penis interacts with Your Penis inside Your Vagina!  Women who can not erect their penis (= the clitoris + the urethral spongy tissues or the inner penis) are frigid! The vaginal physical change during the pre-orgasm state is "Vaginal Tenting up (stretching) and Expanding first" followed by "Vaginal Narrowing Down" starting from the Epicenter/Cervix area to the G-spot area once your "inner penis" is erecting. 
If he gives you a little Finger Pliers Massage, you will feel your vagina starting to squeeze his finger out. When his finger (his penis) thrusts in very hard from the G-spot toward your Epicenter, it may induce a high-amplitude stress-strain wave  against your urethral/Epicenter nerves to break your orgasmic barrier and initiate your orgasm.
I use the erection degree of my wife's clitoris and G-spot (urethral spongy tissues) to determine when I should trigger her orgasm, so that I can save my sexual energy to make her come multiple times without producing her orgasm pains or cramps. This is my trick of giving my wife multiple orgasms without ejaculation.
The expansion stress and strain on the urethral nerves due to your "inner penis" are the driving force to trigger vaginal orgasm with a little stimulation. If you feel Heat Tea give you too much erection and engorgement on your clitoris and G-spot (urethral tissues), then reduce your dosage. Taking one tablets of ViaGrowth-III and PeniSOS daily and having the Fibra + Verdina + Energia (1 full dropper from each) will erect clitoris and G-spot all the times. You are ready for love thrusting any times without foreplay. With Heat, You can have sex 3-5 times a day at this 20's age. That is why we named this package as "Heat Tea". The purpose of Heat Tea is to triple the erectile size of the clitoris and G-spot at least and stretch the vagina up to a maximum so that the tented vagina becomes very narrow.  That is, "
Tenting  = Narrowing." Obviously, it works too well for you. Men will get more excited when they see the triple-sized clitoris and G-spot (urethral tissues). I have always made sure that my wife has her clitoris and G-spot popped out 3-5 times in size as shown in 
When she reaches this stage, it only takes me less than a minute to make her erupt like a volcano.
This always produces the deep-water soliton-type multiple orgasm
With Heat Tea or ViaPal-hGH-D (for middle-aged and Senior women), women can experience a powerful orgasm with the orgasmic waves generated by the uterine contraction up to  50 cycles or several minutes without feeling exhaustion or blackout, that depends on whether their men can hold back ejaculation or not.  If a man can hold ejaculation back with a powerful vaginal gripping force, his partner will experience a powerful, endless orgasm.
To tone your vaginal muscles, you should perform Sexual ChiKong Intercourse. If you have sex every day, you can have at least 30-minutes sexual exercises. In one month, your vaginal muscle will become powerful enough to grip his penis. 
Every time when you thrust each other or when his penis is inside you, you perform a slow deep breathing with contraction of your low abdomen, vagina and anus - depressing your low abdomen and pulling the entire vaginal and anal muscles toward your spine.
When you use my 3-point Excitation Position, do it like the pictures shown in Sequence.jpg
If you want to exercise your vaginal muscles yourself, please read
Take these products with the vaginal exercise as detailed in
Overall, my advice of vaginal size reduction is given in
About the use of Viagrowth-IV/Fibra for him:
I assume he is a young people, take one table a day in the evening. He don't have to drink the Fibra Tea daily, unless he wants to enlarge his penis or have sex. Generally, drink Fibra tea once a day, but he can have it 2 or 3 times a day for sex dates. He can take ViaGrowth products with Fibra tea at the same time.  To enlarge his penis, he should have sex with you every morning, but without ejaculating. 
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