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News updated:

Case Study - Diabetes causes sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/23/2000>
Does diabetes affect my lovemaking? I seem to have a problem with ejaculation. it feels like my prostate is enlarged but it is not. I just had an examination of it.

Dr. Lin: 12/24/2000>
Yes! It causes impotency and dryness (less semen for men and less vaginal lubrication for women).
The problems caused by diabetes are:
1. The Out-of-Control blood sugar (glucose) triggers the adrenal medulla to overproduce the stress hormone adrenalin (epinephrine) and limits the adrenal cortexes underproduce DHEA. Thus, it damages the brain/nervous, adrenal, and testicular functions. You can expect a sluggish hormonal production system that produce less and less semen (or vaginal lubrication for women). Diabetes patients will get dried up in sexual function quickly. 
Obviously, less ejaculation let you suspect the prostate problem. 
2. The overloading of adrenalin in the blood streams extensively affect (deactivate) the liver and kidney functions and blocks the synapses, sensors and effectors of the entire nervous system, resulting in numbness and insensitivity. The liver must provide enzymes to translates diets into useful chemicals such as hormones, amino acids and neurotransmitters, and are responsible for detoxification. The liver function are a part of bioelectric charge circuitry directly associated with the parasympathetic nervous functions. The kidney functions are responsible for waste excretion and blood pressure control associated with the sympathetic nervous functions.
3. Diabetes deteriorates the brain/nervous functions by producing less neurotransmitters acetylcholine/nitric oxide (NO)/carbonate monoxide (NO) and less DHEA and testosterone, but more adrenalin. Particularly, diabetes may experience a lot of numbness or insensitivity in the nervous ending areas such as finger/toe tips, glans penis, glans clitoris, and so on.
4. Diabetes damages the cardiovascular system and blood vessels in many ways - overloading of adrenalin, blood sugar and insufficient of arterial dilation neurotransmitter NO and CO, resulting in insufficient cardiovascular output and deterioration of arteries/capillaries.

The damage resulted from diabetes depends on how long have gotten it. The longer you have, the more damage you get. The damage can be very extensively if you have been there for longer than 10-20 years.
We have developed a formula called DeToxia to work with our existing product ViaGrowth-IV. DeToxia is to deal with most severe chronic health problems.   DeToxia is loaded with detoxification ingredients for the brain/nervous system, cardiovascular system, pancreas, liver, lungs, adrenal glands/kidneys, colon, prostate/uterus.  It is to power the function of all associated organs, to help normalize the blood sugar level, to repair the damaged nervous cells, synapses, sensors and effectors, and to reverse or mitigate the sexual dysfunction and health deterioration  due to  the chronic use of the  medication/street drugs, alcohol, nicotine (smoking), birth control pills/injection, sport supplements, hormonal (testosterone, estrogen or progesterone) replacement therapies, and so on.
For just increasing semen production, ViaGrowth-IV and Ginseng Power Max 4x can work well. It will take more than 2-4 week (generally, within a week or 2-3 days for middle agers and seniors)  for you to notice the improvement of the semen production and the erection power due to diabetes. This is because it will take a while to repair the damaged nerves and arteries/capillaries.  For the best result, a glucose control herbal formula should be included. That is why we have developed DeToxia (
to be available in March, 2001) to work with ViaGrowth-IV.
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