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Case Study - Thickening your penis - Chapter 2 of Dr. Lin's Natural Penile Enlargement for powerful sexual orgasm (s)
Reader: 12/23/2000>
Dear Sir,
I do really thoroughly enjoy your website. ITS GREAT!!
But i have one question for you. I've recently been practicing your penile massage techniques with excellent results but I've noticed my penis is not as thick as I would like it.I'm currently almost 8 inches long but I need it to be thicker very much thicker.My fiance needs a very thick penis more than a long one.
Please help.

Dr. Lin: 12/24/2000>
Yes, you can help the penis grow side ways.
Thickening the penis is different from elongating the penis which is a result of popping the 1-2 inch hidden section out of the body.
To thicken the penis, it requires the penile tissues to expand side ways without hightening the exposure of the surperficial dosal veins as shown in. 
The hightening of the superficial veins indicates there is a deficiency of estrogen in the penile tissues.
Therefore, to grow the penis side ways, you must have a well-balance of testosterone, DHT (the super hormone, dihydrotestosterone derived from the burning product of testosterone) and estrogen in the penile tissues. DHT and estrogen are responsible for thickening the penis during erection.
DHT won't stay in the penile tissues, but estrogen will. To prevent the side effect of estrogen and DHT, phytoestrogen (soy isoflavones or plant hormones) are preferred. Androstenedione (rich in pine seeds and animal testicles), with some herbs rich in plant sterols, can provide a well balance of testosterone/DHT/estrogen to thicken the penis. Since androstenedione and DHEA are a hormonal metabolic pair to each other, it is preferred to bath the penile tissues with DHEA and androstenedione. The reason of enriching the tissues with DHEA is to prevent the backward conversion from androstenedione to DHEA. I have found MoodMax, ViaGrowth-III and -IV are very effective to help thicken the penis and develop firm muscles. 
The next step is to translate androstenedione to testosterone and DHT.
To achieve this in the penile tissues, you have to "exercise the penile tissues" like what you do to build your muscles. But, you can not do it when your penis become rigidly hard. Unfortunately, a rigidly hard penis is essential to force the penis to expand side ways. when the penis becomes extreme hard and elongate no more, it will naturally expand side ways. When your penis elongates to an extreme, your prostate will respond to an reaction pressure which may trigger ejaculation with orgasm. To prevent ejaculation, you must release the excessive blood pressure side ways in the penile shaft. 
The first penile zone you have to expand is the your glans penis.
The glans neck is a restrict zone. You must massage the penile neck to let the hormone-enriched blood to get into the glans and hold the hard erection for more than 30 minutes at least. Generally, in the state of an extremely hard erection, the sensitivity of the glans is very low, close to numbing, but the prostate pressure is very high. So, you have to massage the groins and both sides of the prostate to re-direct the blood pressure into the penile shaft.
Use the thumb and index fingers of both hands to massage the penile footing and base and then the penile shaft, all the way up to the glans. Do it slowly and firmly and repeat the massage. The best lubricant for this purpose is our new product, VIP cream (the Vaginal-Interacting-Penile Cream) which can directly feed the erectile tissues of the penis, G-spot, and clitoris with Isoflavones, Androstenedione, and DHEA, plus herbs. VIP cream is to localize the hormonal effects on the erectile tissues since the veins in the erectile tissues are corrupted in the hard erection state and the ingredients of the VIP cream will be trapped inside the penile cylinders to fuel the side-way expansion of the local tissues. 
Overall, you need MoodMax, ViaGrowth-III and/or  -IV to power the brain/neuro-endocrine, liver and cardiovascular functions to initiate a hard erection and then apply the VIP cream to increase the concentration of DHEA, testosterone, DHT and estrogen in the penile tissues. Finally, the massage helps the hormones feed the tissues and burn into a dynamic expansion force to expand  the penis (or the clitoris, G-pot and urethral/vaginal erectile tissues and nerves). Note: The VIP cream will be available in March, 2001.
You have to realize the role of the brain/neuro-endocrine, liver and cardiovascular functions in penile enlargement. They have to help the body pump a lot of extra blood into the porosities (sinusoids) of the erectile tissues and dilate the arteries (the blood pipe lines) to an extreme. No blood pressure built up in the pelvic cavity, no penile enlargement.
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