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Case Study - Solutions for Youth Impotency and hair loss- restoring sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/19/2000>
Hello Doctor,

I'm in my early 20's and have been suffering from impotence (erectile dysfunction). I sometimes can get a erection but it's just not the same length or same solid strenght of my passed healthy erections. I also noticed recently that I have been not having any moring erections. I was really trouble when this started to happen to me, I thought these problems only happened to older guys or people with blood illness. I frantically searched the internet for information on youth impotence and your website was really the only site I found!! I want to thank you for your website. I have been taking gingseng to try and rest my body but it really doesn't seem to be making that much of a difference. I have some other questions for you---

Can all cases of youth impotence be cured?
A few weeks ago my doctor suggested that I take Pr?pecia (the hair growth drug which causes impotence) for my thinning hair. I haven't got the perscription filled yet because I want to get this impotence problem out of the way. If I do take Pr?pecia with your drugs will but of them serve their right purposes?
Do you know of any other website or books that talk about youth impotence?

Dr. Lin: 12/20/2000> 
Your impotency and hair loss results from the same cause - over-masturbation / over-ejaculation.
Although hair loss is associated with genes, the binding of DHT on the head skin tissues is the major factor.
In the past, you overdrive your liver to produce enzymes for hormone production and burning to satisfy your masturbation and ejaculation habits.
Your liver tends to overproduce the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase to burn testosterone into DHT and some enzymes to bind DHT into the tissues. If excessive DHT is bound  into the prostate tissues, you will get prostate enlargement (go to restroom very often). If it is bound into the hair tissues, you get hair loss.
But, you need testosterone to burn into DHT to charge your nervous circuits - the parasympathetic S2-S4 (sacral nerves) circuits for erection, or the sympathetic T10-L2 (spinal Cord nerves) circuits for ejaculation and orgasm. Which nervous circuit will be get charged depends on the presence of the parasympathetic neurotransmitter Acetylcholine and the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide.
Excessive testosterone burning into DHT will make you become very horny, and requires the liver detoxification to expel it out of the body.
Once your liver is overloaded by these tasks, it will produce less the enzyme that converts L-arginine into Nitric Oxide (NO), the erectile neurotransmitter, which is produced at the parasympathetic nervous endings under the action of neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Synthesis of acetylcholine requires the liver enzyme Choline Acetyltransferase! No acetylcholine, no brain/nervous functions.
No Acetylcholine, no NO and then No erection, but you are very horny!
You may experience the symptom that you are very horny and like to ejaculate, but can not erect your penis.
Your body is very sympathetic.
You have to bring your brain/parasympathetic and liver functions back to the right track. 
MoodMax (1-014) can help you out.
To "re-grow" your hair, take extra Saw Palmetto extract (500 mg), Pumpkin Seed extract (80 mg), Pygeum Bark (100 mg) and grape seed extract (100 mg) although MoodMax contains heavy dose of these ingredients for helping control hair loss.
The hair growth drug will worsen your erectile dysfunction.
No other websites or doctors understand the side effects of masturbation on the brain/nervous/liver/cardiovascular functions.
In fact, the western doctors and sexual therapists encourage masturbation and ejaculation, while the oriental doctors discourage masturbation and ejaculation. My theory on this issue is to follow "a regulated ejaculation or masturbation frequency that synchronizes the rhythm of the brain's testosterone/sperm Negative Control Feedback Controller" as a function of the DHEA, acetylcholine, and dopamine levels. That is, the DHEA (the Kidney Yin), acetylcholine (master Yin Chi), and dopamine (master Yang Chi) levels will change the regulated ejaculation or masturbation frequency which helps keep the neuro-endocrine function unlocked. 
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