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Case Study - Difference between vibrator and lovemaking sexual orgasms.
Reader: 12/10/2000>
This is not necessarily a problem, I'm just wondering if I'm normal. I feel like my orgasms during intercourse and my orgasms during lovemaking are total different. With a vibrator, there is a thrusting feeling, receiving no sensual feeling, but with lovemaking, there is a sensual feeling and a tingling feeling with wetness (that I don't get with using the vibrator)and then I get chills allover, but no thrusting feeling. Why are these two different types of orgasms different, and are they both orgasms?

Dr. Lin: 12/11/2000> 
The Vibrator gives you a 100% mechanical orgasm - reflection of the sensory-sympathetic circuits at Spinal Cords T10-L2.
The Vibrator is very sold and stimulates you at a very high speed which your brain can not respond. The thrusting feeling is due to the high stimulation pressure acting on your entire urethral spongy tissues/nerves. This is what a penis can not provide, unless it becomes fully powered up. 
After you achieve orgasm, the vibrator is acting on your urethral spongy tissues and nervous, non-stop, until your urethral spongy nerves are irritated or you are exhausted. That is why you feel thrusting after orgasm. 
Lovemaking produces a 50% emotional and 50% mechanical orgasm. The emotional part is generated by the motoring division of the brain's cerebral cortex as shown in 
Both emotional and mechanical responses mix at T10-L2 to drive the sympathetic nervous signals to pace the uterine contraction. Since the brain are highly involved in lovemaking, which produces a powerful testosterone burst and burning when your emotion runs high, your sexual energy is slowly peak up and up and your Epicenter autorhythmic fibers and sympathetic nerves get a full charge of sexual energy from both mechanical stimulation and testosterone burning. That is, you have more sexual energy stored in your Epicenter during lovemaking. As a result, the lovemaking orgasm, triggered by his ejaculation in the most events, releases more concentrated sexual energy in the first few orgasmic waves, but it dies down quicker because the penis becomes soft and the stimulation pressures is gone.
The first few powerful orgasm waves can be high enough to knock down the brain's cerebral cortex, resulting in blackout, shaking, chilly feeling, chilly sweating, goose bumps, and so on.
If he is still hold his ejaculation back and continue thrust you with a full power-up penis once you achieve orgasm, the powerful orgasmic waves will start to numb your pelvic cavity and then head, legs and hands, extensive to your entire body. If your orgasm is not so powerful, but his thrust is continuing, you can still feel thrusting after orgasm unless your urethral nerves are numbed.
That is, you can enjoy a long, moderate orgasm with feeling thrusting if you don't ejaculate.
The long, moderate orgasm can be achieved with a high-pressure, low-speed (1.25 cycles per second) stimulation by my 3-point Excitation Method. 
The short, but extremely powerful, orgasm can be easily achieved by a high-pressure, high-speed (2.5 cycles per second) stimulation by my 3-point Excitation Method. However, the orgasm produced by a high-pressure, high-speed stimulation, will numb your entire body if the uterine contraction sends more than 15 orgasmic waves pounding your brain and heart. 
Here are my tips for you to have both chilly and thrust feelings during an orgasm:
1. With a "warm" vibrator: Watch a porn movie and Bring yourself to sexual fantasy for producing a powerful testosterone burst and burning; let him keep petting/tearing your body and give you emotional stimulation during your vibrator's stimulation. 
2. In a lovemaking: Elevate your testosterone level first and keep it burning continuously and emotionally; He must hold his ejaculation back and continue thrusting you after you break your orgasmic barrier. 

Warning: Frequency use of  high-speed vibrators can damage your sexual nerves in the clitoris and G-spot for no more orgasm.


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