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Case Study - Teenagers' over-masturbation makes the brain/neuro-endocrine functions age faster for premature ejaculation and impotency - no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/4/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I came across your website recently and was really 
impressed. Well here is my problem that really bothers me.
I have a premature ejaculation problem. To be honest I 
started to masturbate at the age of around 13-14. I used to
do that 2-3 times a day. That kept going till I turned 18. 
I dropped that habit ever since because it occured to me 
that it would result in severe problems. Now I have just 
turned 20. The other night I had sex for the first time.
It was preceded by a fairly long foreplay.
I was slightly drunk and after I got an erection I ejaculated
within a matter of seconds. It took about 20 min to get 
the second erection but I failed to get a hard erection, my penis 
remained pretty soft.
I could not even penetrate the vagina
due to lack of hardness. I am wondering whether that 
difficulty to get an erection was caused by the fact that
I was under the influence of alcohol. But still the problem
is that I have a severe premature ejaculation problem.
I can't take it for more than 20-30 seconds.
Now this bothers me a lot Doc
and I am really amazed by your methods and by how you help
people. Please help me out here, I read about your
miracle products and I would like to try them for myself.
Please tell me if there is any way to help me in this
situation. Tell what products I need and how and how long
it will take. Thank you very much in advance.
Dr. Lin: 12/7/2000>  I am not surprised that you have had this problem.
So, you ejaculated about 6500-7000 times during age 13-18.
With a proper nutrition intake, my suggestive ejaculation frequencies for a mature man (age 18 or old) without producing significant damage on the brain/central nervous system "can" be:
1. 7 times a week for age 16-25 (assuming age 16 is ok.)
2. 6 times a week for age 25-30
3. 5 times a week for age 30-35
4. 4 times a week for age 35-40
5. 3 times a week for age 40-50
6. 2 times a week for age 50-60
7. 1 times a week for age 60-70

(Warning: If you experience sexual exhaustion or low back pain (or feeling cold in the low back) with my suggestive ejaculation frequency above, you need ViaGrowth products to help you out; otherwise, you must reduce your ejaculation frequency. The traditional Taoism suggestive (natural) ejaculation frequency is once per (your age/10) days, that is if your age = 40, your ejaculation frequency is once every 40/10 = 4 days.; if your age =20, your ejaculation frequency is once every 20/10 = 2 days. The Taoism ejaculation frequency has been considered as a good suggestion for longevity and health without dietary/herbal supplements. With our products, we are able to double ejaculation frequency and feel great in our brain/nervous system, and stronger in our muscles and joints,  Of course, there will be no low back pain, and the low back and tail bone are always HOT, so do the penis, clitoris and vagina!)
Note: during age 13-16, you might normally experience wet dreams 2 or 3 times a week, (this is very close to the Taoism's natural ejaculation frequency! ), provided that you didn't masturbated. I had never masturbated until my 18, but I had wet dreams 2 or 3 times a week during my 13-17! To be honest, I hated wet dreams which made a mess in my underwear in the early morning, 4-5 AM and let me feel tired for the rest of the day! 
Accordingly, your prostate and neuro-endocrine ages are about 35-40. 
If we add the excessive damage done on your immature prostatic nerves - sensory/sympathetic and sensory/parasympathetic, your prostate and neuro-endocrine ages are about 45.
That is why you start to experience the middle agers' typical problems - Premature ejaculation resulting from weak erection or impotency, and penile shrinkage.  
Therefore, I consider you experience male menopause.
The solution for your problem should be similar to that for middle agers.
Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9197.htm 
It will take a while to recover the damage.

After year-long testing, we have a mirror version of ViaGrowth-IV, but without DHEA and androstenedione, for teenagers and young adults who are damaged by over-masturbation. This new formula, called MoodMax ( http://www.actionlove.com/herbs/moodmax.htm  ) is to repair the brain/nervous systems and to restore the brain's acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin level for a jump start of the neuro-endocrine function and a balancing of the nervous action on contraction, erection and ejaculation controls in the pelvic cavity. 
This product will be available in 2 or 3 weeks.
Since you are young (age of 20), ViaGrowth-IV is too powerful for you. ViaGrowth-IV will promote you to have more sex. MoodMax is a better selection for you.
MoodMax is listed as Item 1-014 in

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