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Case Study - She has enlarged her Clitoris and G-spot with ViaGrowth-IV and Finger Pliers and Penile Screwing massages for more intensive sexual orgasm; but how to continue the practice without him.
Reader: 11/24/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

Being a single person and not having my boyfriend with me all the time 
to apply the finger plier to my clitoris and vagina, engage in screwing
and generally warm me up as you suggest he do every morning,
can you give me any suggestions on how I can stimulate myself, similar
to the ways you describe with a partner? Without the use of vibrators? 
I am trying to keep from using it, as you say they can desensitize my clitoris
and I would definitely like to avoid that! I have been taking Via-Growth IV with Fibra
and a Panax Ginseng (cannot find Ginseng Power Max 4x here)and have noticed I am 
experiencing lubrication like I've never seen before, increased sexual desire, my G-spot
is enlarged, and have had more intense orgasms, but since I do not have my
partner with me every night, do I just follow the breathing exercises and such, and 
wait until I am with him before any stimulation? Please help! With my desire increased,
I have the urge to use my vibrator and dildo as a replacement. According to your advice, 
I shouldn't. What do you think?


Dr. Lin: 11/26/2000> (Note:  The ingredients for the Clitoral and G-spot enlargement are the same as those for the natural penile enlargement described in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9186.htm , http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9104.htm , and other lists in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/enlarge.htm ). In principles, the Finger Pliers and penile screwing massages for the clitoral and G-spot enlargement are the same as that for the natural penile enlargement as described in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm . Technically, you have to know how to stimulate the penile/urethral spongy tissues. Consider the clitoris and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues (including the so-called G-spot) as a complete female penis and the Epicenter - the pocket between the bladder and cervix, as the female prostate. That's it!)

Yes, you can continue to enlarge your clitoris and G-spot ( the entire urethral spongy tissues from the clitoris to the deep inside Epicenter - the "female penis") by benefiting from these products and the vaginal exercises even when your partner is absent. To effectively tune the vaginal muscles and enlarge your inner "penis" which will narrows down your vagina upon erecting, you can do the vaginal exercise by moving a vaginal (plastic) egg in and out every morning (or evening 1-2 hours after taking ViaGrowth-IV and having Fibra/Ginseng Tea) without a partner. The trick is to help the G-spot and urethral spongy tissues develop hormone receptors for testosterone (for the sensitivity of the G-spot/Epicenter/urethral nerves), DHT ( DiHydroTestosterone for the female penile enlargement and vaginal narrowing), oxytocin (for powerful orgasm) and estrogen (for vaginal orgasmic ejaculation). The urethral/vaginal muscular exercises allow  you to convert the ingredients from ViaGrowth-IV/Fibra/Ginseng to feed the urethral spongy tissues and nerves and the vaginal muscles when your hormonal levels reach their peak of the day (generally when you wake up in the morning, or 1-2 hours after having ViaGrowth-IV/Fibra) and your parasympathetic nervous circuits are fully predominant. The vaginal exercises are to perform the Jing-Chi (testosterone-bioelectricity) translation as described in
for supercharging the nervous circuits to dilate the local arteries and for stimulating the urethral spongy tissues to enlarge with the burned-testosterone byproduct DHT.
Move the vaginal egg in and out as shown in the video clip of the CD-ROM, at a rate of 9 or 18 cycles per minute with a deep  breathing (Tai-Chi Yang-Kong breathing as shown in http://www.actionlove.com/love/chikong.htm ) and a periodical contraction of your low-abdomen, vaginal and anal muscles to control the egg movement. After 10-20 minutes, your urethral/vaginal spongy tissues and nerves will become very hot. Then, try to move the vaginal egg at a rate of 72 cycles per minute with certain stimulation of your clitoris. Once you achieve a powerful vaginal/uterine orgasm (Level 6-7) ,  the vaginal egg out will be expelled out of your vagina which becomes so narrow that it can hold a small pen, as small as less than 1/2 inches in diameter. Following this vaginal muscular exercise, you can easily achieve a powerful orgasm  within one or two minutes when you give your clitoris a little extra stimulation ( the 2-or 3-point excitation principles) to open your sexual energy gate (The Earth Gate) for orgasmic wave radiation out of the pelvic cavity. If you apply a vibrator to your clitoris for intensification of your orgasm in the 1-2 minute duration, the vibration duration is too short to damage your clitoral nerves and tissues. That is, it is OK to use a vibrator for a short (1 -2 minute) stimulation, particularly when you are having ViaGrowth-IV and Fibra which provide your clitoral and urethral tissues and nerves with sufficient hormones and neurotransmitters Acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide. Thus, You can stimulate the growth of your "female penis" from the clitoris to the Epicenter via the G-spot without a partner. 
You can use a dildo (preferring the one for the G-spot stimulation) to replace the vaginal egg. Again, in the first 10-20 minutes, do the vaginal muscles exercise with the dildo to perform the Jin-Chi translation. Then, use the dildo and vibrator to get your clitoris and G-spot stimulated at the same. You will achieve a powerful orgasm in 1-2 minutes. You will retain a lot of DHT and oxytocin in your urethral tissues that will keep your sexual nerves activating for clitoral and G-spot enlargement.
It is important to limit the duration of applying the dildo and vibrator to the sensitive nerves and tissues within few (2 or 3) minutes in each love or masturbation session before they start to numb the sensory nerves. Their main purpose is to help you break the orgasmic barrier for a powerful orgasm. 

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