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Case Study - Childbirth, prolapsed uterus, intercourse pain and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/20/2000>
Dr. Lin,

I am concerned about a lot of things about my love problems however maybe you can help.
First of all, at first it seems like my uterus has been a little lower due to my first child. I don't know if it is normal for your uterus to be this low or not. Now that I have my second child it seems to be even lower or somewhat the same but the cervics is kinda open a little and I'm concern that when we make love, "can the penis go up to my uterus? Is there any medicine that i can take to help my cervic go up? 
Secondly, I've seen to lost my sensitivity for love making since my second child is there anything you can help with that? I read your articles about the ChiKong Style in lovemaking and I try to tighten my PC muscles but it seems when we do the CHIKong Style I can feel my cervics coming down or my spouse penis hitting it and it feels uncomfortable. what should i do? 
Lately in the past few months after my second child he just doesn't seem to be wanting to make love to me as much as when we got married or had the first child. IS it me? Or has he also lost the ability to perform. I think he also needs help. It seems like he can't stay potent long enough to get me to have an orgasm. I don't think that I can reach any orgasm with him he is somewhat small sometimes. What should we do?
Also can watching porns do anything to you? I am really afraid that he maybe doing that and mastubating by himself that's why he don't come to make love to me anymore? 
Also sometimes everytime we make love I get pain or cramps and bloated all the time. Why is that?
Also, i know that some of your medicine is only for 30 yrs and up...can we take any of your medicine? 
Please write back as soon as possible. I would like to tighten up my PC muscles and to do anything to get back in shape and to make my husband happy. Also i would like to help him to be in shape as well so that we can have a wonderful love life. I even thought about surgery but it is too risky and I read a few things in your article about it, so that will be the last thing i do. But I'll be waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

Dr. Lin: 11/21/2000>
1. You have a moderately prolapsed uterus due to the weak uterine supports as shown in
To strengthen the uterine supports, you need Sexual ChiKong Intercourse and take ViaGrowth-IV to elevate your DHEA and testosterone levels.
You cannot increase your muscular strength without DHEA and testosterone.
Use the love positions to allow you to lay your back on the bed or floor, to pad a pillow in your butts to raise up your vaginal orifice, and to bend your legs toward your your should. Periodically Contract the vaginal and anal muscles with a long, deep (continuous) inhale that contract the low abdomen muscles. When you exhale, push the uterus out. This Sexual Chikong Sexual intercourse will allow you to move your uterine and exercise your uterine support without gravity. You can do it yourself without lovemaking.
2. After Childbearing can change the neuro-endocrine function, it may take 6-12 months to resume its function. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can produce too much prolactin (orgasm inhibitor, milk-production hormone) to override oxytocin (orgasmic and milk-pumping hormone).
Sometimes, it may alternate its function forever, if the system is to weak to jump start itself.
Traditionally, new mothers have to have a lot of Chicken wine soups with Ginger Roots, Ginseng and other tonic herbs to replenish the body, at least in the first one month.  This will help the uterus shrink back to the original size and position. Re-jumping start the neuro-endocrine function after childbirth for balancing both prolactin and oxytocin, and both estrogen and testosterone, is very critical for women's health and love life. It affects the testosterone and DHEA production. 
If your testosterone and DHEA levels are too low, you can not tighten your PC muscle. Obviously, you testosterone and DHEA levels are not high since your cervix has been lowered too low. You need ViaGrowth-IV to help you out. Please read
You have to use the love positions that allow gravity to retreat your uterus back toward your stomach to prevent from his penis bumping your cervix. And, he must have a hard erection to guide his penis into the gap between your bladder and cervix, instead of striking your cervix.
3. It seems that he has worn out. During your pregnancy, he might over-masturbated himself. He can regain his erection power with Endura (3-006) or simply share ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) with you like the loving couple in case8889,
Over-masturbation and over-ejaculation can help the penis shrink more quickly, leading to impotency. He needs a jump-start for his penis.
It seems he lost his confidence of lovemaking. This is the main reason that he avoids sex with you and tends to do masturbation more and more. He can regain his sexual confidence for intimacy with help of our products.
To resolve the sexual problems, to heal a damaged brain/nervous function due to dugs, alcohol and smoking, and to re-jump start a sluggish neuro-endocrine system, there is no age-limitation in our products. The suggested user age is under the assumption that the health or sexual problems result from natural aging processes.


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