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Case Study - Solutions for powerful sexual orgasm with PMS - PreMentrual Syndrome.
Reader: 11/18/2000>
Dear Doctor Lin,

I am a 32-year-old woman. I recently found your web site and have many
questions I would like to ask you. I tried to e-mail you from the site
but it would not go through.

Thank you for your quick response.

Recently I was discussing female orgasm with a friend, a man. He told me
about the contractions of the uterine wall and increased heart rate. He
said without this response orgasm has not occurred. He also said that
all the women he's been with have had this happen. He could feel it. 
This started me thinking. I have an awful time reaching orgasm. And the
few times I "thought" I did I'm not so sure about now. My friend also
told me that when we were together he felt no such response from me. In
addition to this, he asked me if I was faking. I was floored. I'm still
pretty upset. I thought things went well. He feels different. I'm so
put off by this that I do not want to be with him again. All I can think
of now is that the must be something wrong with me.

With that said, let me tell you a little about myself.
I was medicated with Pr?zac (the trade-marked antidrepressant)  for many years. Last year I took my self off of it. I felt that it was destroying me. Instead I have been taking St. John's Wart. I helps with the PMS. Yes, I still get sad and well,
bitchy, but at least I can feel again. [Total years on Pr?zac -6]

I am extremely sexually attracted to this guy. When we are together I
have small orgasms. Nothing like what you write about, probably a 3. 
But he said that he can't feel anything, contractions and all, could I
not be experiencing sexual climax? I have once, a long time ago had an
orgasm that was ,well like none I've ever had again. It was VERY wet and
intense. I thought I was having a heart attack. That was a long time

What I want to know is how can I, what can I do to reach orgasm? 
The last time we were together I called out his name, he answered by
saying "yes", like he was answering a phone call. It so distracted me
that I had to stop. I totally lost my concentration. Sex that night was
over. We have not been together again. And, quite honestly, I'm not
feeling like I want to be with anybody. I feel defective.

You mentioned the Epicenter, the area between the bladder and the cervix.
If my friend's penis is around 6 inches or so, is it possible that we
are not approaching this at the right angle? I was on top. He like it
that way. I don't mind but I get tired quickly. And after a few of the
little orgasms I'm beat. What should be done?

Thank you for your time and advise.

Dr. Lin: 11/20/2000>
Yes! A high-level orgasm (Level 6-7) is mainly driven by the uterine contraction, extended to the entire pelvic area including the clitoris, vagina, uterus, anus and tailbone muscles.
My 3-point/4-point excitation methods will result in a full-body orgasm.
The major trigger point of Level 6-7 Orgasms is the Epicenter. This type of orgasms let you feel earth movement in your head and an earthquake occurring in your pelvic cavity, that send a sequence of body waves to pond your conscious control center. It will blacken you out or numb your body for few minutes. You will feel a little death and hug him very tightly after the orgamic contraction dies down. 
But, Level 3-5 orgasms are more with the vaginal muscular contraction and less uterine contraction.
The main trigger point of Level 3-5 orgasm is the G-spot. The type of orgasms will produce involuntary cries. You becomes a different person at the moment. He can see/feel your face and heave breathing responding to the orgasmic contraction waves at a rate of 1.25 cycles/second. 
Level 1-2 orgasms are very week orgasm. You won't feel much, maybe a heat flow released from the Epicenter, Since the heat flow hardly reach your heart, so the orgasm waves are too weak to drive heart pumping. He hardly detects your body responses and any difference in your face, although you feel this is heat released from your pelvic area. You still become very conscious at the moment of releasing the orgasmic heat flow. The major trigger point is the clitoris or the vaginal orifice. 

With orgasms above Level-3, the orgasmic contraction is powerful enough to produce orgasmic waves at a rate of 1.25 cycles/second that modulates the lung breathing rate and the heat pumping (at a rate of higher than 2 cycles/second). All your body function during orgasm will be controlled by the orgasm waves at the rate of 1.25 cycles, which is paced by the action potential of the sympathetic motor nerves in the spine cords T10-L2.
But, the sympathetic nerves are chained together, the orgasmic effect can be very extensive through the whole body, depending on the orgasm intensity. The pupils of your eyes will dilates and They becomes very visible when you experience Level 6/7 orgasms. And, Your head and neck will be involuntarily bent backward and, with a supper Level-7 orgasm under the 4-point excitation method, the spine will be straightened like a little death, which will allow a partial orgasm energy to travel along the spine into the rear brain. My wife said the bending of the head and neck is to allow a part of the orgasm waves to run up to her forehead and to release some energy from crying, as shown in
To reach a supper Level-7 orgasm, she will contract her vaginal and tailbone muscles during my sexual stimulation on her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the same time. Upon reaching her orgasm, her vagina becomes so narrow that it can suck up my finger of 1/2 inches. Either the 3-point Excitation Position or Finger Pliers Method can trigger the supper Level-7 orgasm. The Finger Pliers Method can allow her to tell me the shifting of my stimulation focus from the shallow G-spot to the deep Epicenter. The 3-point Excitation Position will allow her to relocate the stimulation focus in each sexual break. Generally, the stimulation focus will gradually shift from the shallow urethral/vaginal nerves to the deeper urethral/vaginal nerves, finally ending up at the Epicenter ( the female prostate), the gap between the bladder and cervix. The Finger Pliers Method also allows us to control the orgasm level by simply locking a stimulation point to trigger an orgasm. The 3-point Excitation Position always trigger a higher level orgasm.

You have to get ride of the antidepressant if you want to experience an orgasm beyond Level-3. PMS can be resolved by a combination of ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) and 5-HTP (2-001) with Magnesium 300 mg ( or ViaGrowth-IV +  MoodMax (1-014)) , 
both of which will also heighten your orgasm response.
The SSRIs antidepressant, a friend of impotence and frigidity, is a biggest enemy of orgasm and erection for both sexes. There is no way you can have a vaginal orgasm with any antidepressants. The most you can have is between Level-1 and 2 if you are lucky. I think you have a powerful orgasm if you get rid of the antidepressant. This is because you can still get Level-1-2 under the influence of the antidepressant.

The deep of Epicenter is around 3-6 inches, as shown in
I can use my 3.5-inch finger to reach my wife's Epicenter very easily. I have noticed that her Epicenter is about 4-4.5 inches deep since I have to compress her vaginal orifice very hard to have my middle finger to get there. Generally, aging will shrink the vaginal depth due to slightly uterine prolapse and thin the vaginal lining to expose the urethral/G-spot nerves for stimulation. That is why women after 30 can reach orgasm much easier than younger ones, as long as they have sufficient testosterone to power the erection of the urethral and clitoral spongy tissues.


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