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Case Study - General Solutions for premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm. 
Reader: 11/2/2000>
First of all Dr. LIn , thank you for all the advice and help you are providing
to people with this very sensitive problem.

To give you a brief background on myself, I am a 30 year old male and have been
plagued by a premature ejaculation problem for the past 4-5 years. Just this
year, my first serious sexual relationship with a girl I really cared about fell
apart because I could not last long enough to satisfy her and she got fed up .
She was a person with an impatient character and did not have the nerves or
patience to "baby me" through my problem. I very much hope that you can help
me as this episode as it has cost me a lot. I have a few questions, and would
appreciate it you bear with me.

I have read a few books on this subject and they all basically say either use
the Start-Stop technique to train your penis, the Squeeze technique , Keigel
exercises or Deep Breathing. I have found all of these to be of very minimal
use and effectiveness for me. When I receive any audio or visual stimulation,
(ie a good porno scene) or realize that I am engaging in an activity that will
lead to sex or a sexually related activity, I find that I get very excited and
find it extremely had to stop a premature ejaculation. Sometimes it only takes
10 to 20 moves. I find that when I masturbate or try to train using the start
stop technique I can somewhat control my ejaculation, but when I have actual
sex, the limited control that I thought I had gained goes out the window and I
ejaculate quickly. Is using my hand and getting my body used to that
stimulation causing more harm than good? In addition , sometimes I do not get
a full erection during sex without hand stimulation unless I am extremely
excited. I think this only started to happen when I started thinking about my
problem. I also find that I have to urinate immediately after sex and
frequently whenever I drink liquids, especially coffee. Is this normal? Lastly
what amount of masturbation, if any is healthy or useful.

I know you promote many products, but I am looking for a long-term solution and
am very hesitant to take vitamins, potions or pills as I firmly believe that
after a while your body gets used to them and the benefits diminish. I used to
train with weights for a brief period and found that many people in the gym used
to cycle their intake of proteins and vitamins as continuous use would negate
their effectiveness and be absorbed by the body. In the case of sensitivity
creams, I have heard that many of them cause irritation and more often than not,
make premature ejaculation even worse and the penis even more sensitive that it
was to begin with when you stop using them. Lastly, is this a genetic,
morphological problem or is brought about by lack of sex, experience and other
such factors.

I would like to thank you and would very much appreciate any advise and help
you can give me on this matter. Also, if you could, can you keep the medical
terminology to a minimum as it can get quite confusing to understand at times.


Dr. Lin: 11/7/2000>
Your problem is called "mind-driven" premature ejaculation.
The problem is from the response circuit from the brain/central nervous system to the sympathetic sexual motor nerves at the interneuron switches in the Spinal cords T10-L2.
What you learn are to mainly fix the plumbing problem rather than the brain/nervous control circuit. 
Deep breathing is an attempt to cool down the sympathetic nervous function. The problem is, it doesn't teach you how to direct the sympathetic nervous pulses from the intereurons of T10-L2 to the other parts of the body. If you can not diffract the sympathetic bioelectric action from T10-L2, you won't get it.
When your sympathetic nerves from T10-L2 is directed to your prostate, you will experience premature ejaculation.
In replacing the deep breathing, you should practice the Tai-Chi Yin-Kong Breathing (the deep Chikondg Breathing Method; 

Kiegel exciseses during sex are to promote orgasm (turns on the T10-L2 sympathetic circuits), that is premature ejaculation for men.
When your erection is weak, you will practice Kiegel exercises to assist your erection, but you will come in seconds for exchange a temporary erection. You can hold ejaculation and erection up when your body is in a sympathetic state for either "Flight or Fight", where "Flight" means "erection withdrawal" and "Fight", "ejaculation." 
The solution in replacing the Kiegel exercises is the Anal Breathing Method - the fundmantal sexual chikong breathing method to circulate the sexual energy back to the brain.
The Squeeze technique is to promote erection before penetration. A hard erection will block the neurotransmission of the sexual stimulation along the urethral tract to the prostate. The problem is, you will stimulate the urethral nerve to help erection. This means, you are in an attempt to stimulate the sympathetic nervous circuit for erection. 
To replace the squeeze technique, you have to practice the penile ballooning method to expand your penis to an extreme size during sex. There are many helpful articles in
To power your erection, you need a lot of acetylcholine and DHEA/testosterone to burn and help synthesis of the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide and dilator cGMP during sex. That is, you have to power your brain's acetylcholine and parasympathetic systems. Men with a long history of over-masturbation will have a low acetylcholine and DHEA levels in the brain. Don't expect a hard erection without acetylcholine and DHEA.
To reduce sexual stress and anxiety during sex, you have to power your serotonin system and practice sexual chikong breathing to reduce the conversion of dopamine to stress hormone. If your serotonin level is too low and/or the DHEA level is too low, the sympathetic nervous function will broadcast the stress hormone epinephrine (adrenalin) over your body, heat up your brain and prostate, and trigger your mind-driven premature ejaculation. Elevating the serotonin level can reduce the sympathetic nervous function in preserving the acetylcholine and dopamine levels for better ejaculation control. The serotonin level to the brain/body is the entropy (the degree of chaos) to the engine.  
Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation have helped the prostate to develop too many testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) receptors. The excessive binding of testosterone and DHT in the prostate over-stimulates the prostate and frequently increases the prostate stress that turns on the sensory-sympathetic nervous circuits in T10-L2. The result is that erection triggers ejaculation. The response of men who have a long history of over-masturbation and over-ejaculation, to erection is ejaculation.
They considers ejaculating is like peeing in the brain. To solve this problem, it requires a re-training of the brain, not the penis, with ChiKong Breathing to circulate sexual energy back to the brain from the prostate via the sensory-parasympathetic circuits and central nervous system, that, S1-S4 nerves, tailbone and spine. 
As you have experienced, ejaculation has burned a lot of hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients/waters, resulting in a sexual exhaustion state. Thirsty is the first reaction of the excessive sympathetic function during orgasm. A lot of people sweat a lot at that moment. It is a violent exercise in the bedroom!

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