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News updated:

Case Study - He said 'Thanks a lot for your ViaGrowth-IV... practice your anal breathing method..' for hard erections and lasting longer for more sex orgasm; on circumcision and penile ballooning method. 
Reader: 11/2/2000>
Dear Dr Lin,

Thanks a lot for your ViaGrowth IV product and the Ginseng Teas. Though the 
Singapore authorities make the whole process of getting the products a 
hassle, I got them eventually.

Now, after trying the products for about one and half months, I'm seeing 
very good results. I got hard erections that can last longer and if I choose 
to can hold them long. I also practice your anal breathing method and it 
seems to work very well too.

But I still have a few questions for you. Would you please kindly reply?

Though I got good results and no longer have fatigue problems associated 
with over-masturbation, I still got quite a bit of pre-ejaculatory fluids 
whenever I masturbate. Was it due to the weakness of Yin?

I think it is probably due to the extra-pressure that you said would exert 
on the prostate because of my circumcision, when I try your penile 
ballooning method.

If measured from the bottom side of the penis, then my fully expanded penis 
has the maximum size you were saying as the lentgth of the middle finger + 
the palm. But if measured from the top or sideway, then it's about an inch 
shorter. So, it appears that my circumcision does not seem to affect the 
size of my penis too drastically but the prostate pressure is another issue? 
What do you think?

I recall you saying in one of your case study that before 25 we still have 
the opportunity to grow our penis and probably grow physically taller? To be 
honest, I started masturbating at 11 or 12 and now I am 23. With so much 
masturbations in the last 10 years, if I stop now or control them to a 
minimum, do I still have a chance to "grow" again?

As for skin grafting for the foreskin, this kind of operation is truly 
unheard of and rare in Singapore. So, I think I may have some problems. But 
I am really curious to know if after the skin grafting, will I be able to 
get back a foreskin (which my former one is too long and that's why I was 
cut)? What about tissue rejections and the stretchablilty of the new skin?

If I choose not to go for skin grafting, will my current conditions, with 
regards to pre-ejaculatory fluids, affect my future sex life? I really want 
to avoid that kind of operation as far as possible. Because with exception 
to the fluids and the pressure to ejaculate, I'm bascially okay now due to 
your gifts.

I know I am asking too much questions, but these are what I sincerely wish 
to know. I hope you don't mind answering them.

Thanks a lot for your products and gifts.

Trully thankful,

Dr. Lin: 11/5/2000>
I would like to let you know that we have produced  a "custom-friendly" label for each ViaGrowth product.

Yes, over-masturbated young men need ViaGrowth-IV to heal the neuro-endocrine and liver damages and re-jump start the neuro-endocrine and liver functions. Glad to hear you get recovery with ViaGrowth-IV. As I know, there is no other medicine for solving the problems resulting from over-masturbation. These problem requires longer time to heal than the midlife menopause does, which requires only one week or less. You can see how over-masturbation can turn a young man life upside down. 

OK! answers of your questions:
1. The pre-ejaculatory fluid is called pre-cum which is a lubricant produced by the bulbourethral glands
for facilitate vaginal penetration. Men have to provide lubrication for the vaginal orifice and clitoris too! 
The Estrogen level is responsible for the production of pre-cum. 
2. Measure the penile size from the penile tip to the pubis.
Yes! Circumcision will shorten the power-up penile size, as I experienced myself in 1993. I has lost about 1/2 inches due to circumcision. But, my wife said she has been more comfortable with my new power-up size after circumcising. Well, what can I say, as long as she is happier? My penis is for her, not for myself!
When the penis is powered up, the elongation pressure will turn to against the prostate due to the restriction of the foreskin. This is very critical to ejaculation control for young men. It may result in premature ejaculation when the elongation pressure against the prostate is too high or when the elongation pressure can not be turned to increase the girth size. But it has less effects on the ejaculation control for middle agers and seniors because the middle and seniors have less erection power and it helps compensate the penile girth size or expand the penis side way. That is, chop the length for the girth. The girth size helps the G-spot orgasm while the enlongated size triggers the Epicenter Orgasm more often. However, aging also shrink the female vagina, as it does the penis. We have ended up with no much change of the orgasm patterns. But, she commented that extra foreskin can provide extra frictional pleasure on her G-spot which in turn accelerates her orgasmic response.
3. Regarding the term "grow", I prefer to using "balloon" in reflecting the nature of the penile inflatable characteristics, rather than the multiplication of the penile tissues. We know that the penile tissues, like the tissues in the other parts of the body, will renew themselves. The problem is, the penile tissues contain very few estrogen receptors for growing the fat tissues. Most of the hormonal receptors are for DHEA testosterone and DHT which are to retain the tissue elasticity and inflatability. The growing process requires DHT to expand the tissues and estrogen for multiplication of the cells. If you have sufficient DHT and estrogen now, like those in your growth age during 10-16, you can still grow your penis. Otherwise, you have to balloon it use the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide and the testosterone-burning product DHT. That is why I prefer "balloon" to "grow." You also may wonder why Chinese sexual medicine uses dog and tiger penises!
4. Foreskin grafting has been used to fix the problem due to over-cutting or uneven-cutting of the foreskin.
Circumcision of a new born baby is very dangerous since the doctor can not estimate how much foreskin should be trimmed. When the foreskin is over-trimmed, the over-exposed glans penis will awaken the boy's sexuality too young, resulting in starting masturbation around ages 8-10. There is a website run by a doctor in dealing with the foreskin grafting. I have forgotten its address. I think you can find it by searching "circumcision." I remember that I had a young reader having this procedure done because his over-circumcision has produced a layer of scar tissues in his glans penis.
5. Pre-cum does nothing with circumcision. Pre-cum gives you a chance to share the lubrication responsibility with your partner. Your pre-cum will gradually dry up after midlife.

Reader: 11/06/2000>
Dear Dr.Lin,

Thanks a lot for your patience and kindness in answering my questions and 
I'm truly grateful. Right now, I guess I won't do any skin grafting because 
I'm quite satisfied with the status quo of the whole thing, thanks to you.

And I agree with you with regards to overmasturbation problems and actually 
a Chinese physician once told me that if a young man stops that for half a 
year to one year and not to lose any Yin Jing agian, things will heal 
themselves and the system will sort of boots itself up again. He reprimanded 
me to do that before I decide to get married.

As my supply is running low, I'll probably order your products again. Do you 
have any to recommend? Because your ViaGrowth IV is too powerful sometimes 
and thus produce the urge to masturbate very often. It's been like that for 
the past one and half months. It's like you're taking something good for 
health but then make you drain on your health again. Sort of like pumping in 
more water into a tank only to have the tap not tightned and loose. Can be 
quite frustrating sometimes because my aim is to curb masturbations and to 
get well again befoe I decide to marry the girl of my dream.

Anyway, if I were to purchase herbs from you again, would you please e-mail 
me the ingredients and labels you'll put on the products because the officer 
at the Drugs Administration Department under the Ministry of Health was 
telling me that I'd need to declare that every time I purchase herbs or 
supplements from overseas before they will issue a permit to collect the 
stuffs from the Custom and Excise Department. At the custom, the immigration 
officer wants to see the receipts and will normally questions us again, 
saying that it's better to purchase locally and things of the sort. Can be 
quite cumbersome actually.

Okay, I got to go to school now. Thanks again, Dr. Lin.

Sincerely yours,

Yes! I had healed my sexual exhaustion due to too many ejaculations in each lovemaking session,  with Chinese Medicine when I was 22-3. I have realized that ViaGrowth-IV is too powerful for young men, but it is very useful to re-jump start your bioelectric system when you have a very severe sexual exhaustion. We have produced a mirror product of ViaGrowth-IV, called MoodMax for young men and women. ViaGrowth-IV is the gold for married men and women. MoodMax, which contains no DHEA and androstenedione, is to cure young men's impotence and premature ejaculation, and young women's PMS and intercourse pains. MoodMax is mainly to power the brain's acetylcholine (Yin Chi), Dopamine (Yang Chi), Serotonin (Yang and Yin Chi preserver), and GABA systems. This product is to take the advantage of the young people's stronger growth hormone production to naturally straighten up the neuro-endocrine functions, while ViaGrowth-IV is a jump start formula for a faster cure and rejuvenation, even when the neuro-endocrine function (battery) is dying.
ViaGrowth-IV uses DHEA (Kidney Yin Chi) and androstenedione (the precursor of testosterone or Kidney Yang Chi) to turn on the neuro-endocrine jumper, where we assume that the adrenal and testicular functions are almost dead! 
If you continue to take ViaGrowth-IV, you can only take 1/2 or 1 tablet a day. Or, you should wait for MoodMax which will be available in the beginning of Year 2001. Yes, we can supply you a "custom-friendly" label for your Health Department to review.
We have acknowledged that DHEA is classified as a  drug in your country and many other countries while it's a naturally-occured substance, classified as a dietary supplement in the USA .  

Our product labels for exportation will be very custom-friendly. 
As I know, our "VitaLife" label works very well.  I think Your health Department have already had our 'VitaLife" record. I don't think your custom will give you any troubles with our new labels  similar to "VitaLife".  Particularly, MoodMax contains no DHEA. 

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