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Case Study - Tricks for Natural Penile Enlargement and sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/24/2000>
E-mail 1: I have a rather small penis and i have tried jelqing and manual stretching and it is not working, what can i do? Please be specific.

E-mail 2: Im 18 and i've been jelqing and manual stretching for about 9 months. I have seen no special results, i used to have rock hard erections 12 oclock, now only barely 3 oclock! What's happening, what can i do to increase length? Do i have a little amount of hormones or hGH? Jesus, what can i do??? please email me

Dr. Lin: 10/24/2000>

If your body can not produce sufficient DHEA/testosterone to burn into DHT (for hardening the erection) and bioenergy (for elevating the resting and action potential of  your parasympathetic nervous system), and/or synthesize sufficient neurotransmitters acetylcholine/Nitric Oxide/Dilator cGMP (for erecting your penis without hand or oral stimulation), you can not enlarge your penis, no matter what kinds of penile exercises, pumping or weight lifting you practice.
In fact, without these sexual chemistries, you penis will shrink.
The more you work on your penis, the faster it shrinks.
The conditions for the natural penile enlargement are:
1. Your body must be able to pump out sufficient DHEA/testosterone, and acetylcholine => Nitric Oxide => cGMP
via the parasympathetic nervous function from the spinal cords (sacral) S2-S4.
2. Your cardiovascular system must be able pump additional 50-cc blood (a natural erecting penis containing about 200 cc or 15.9 cubic-inch blood @ a penile size of 1.7" x 6.0" !)   from somewhere in your body to fill the penile cylinders.
3. You must be able to hold ejaculation back 3-5 times when everytime you are about to come during a penile stimulation session - intercourse or masturbation. I use intercourse to enlarge my penis without extra "exercise." This is because I have sex every day since my wife and I committed each other. The trick is "hold back ejaculation to balloon the penis to a maximum, and repeat the ballooning process to reach a next maximum, and so on until you feel the penis is about to blow up." When you are about to come, your lady will feel the most stimulation at the moment. Don't ejaculate, pull it out and massage your penis as described in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm 
And then change the love position to have another round. The penis will become larger and larger until you feel an explosive pressure built up inside your penile shaft. You will also feel there is a high blood pressures built up around your pubis, groins and tailbone to push the penis out. 
To hold ejaculation back, you must practice sexual Chikong breathing to keep your body in the parasympathetic mood -
your penis is very hot but your brain is very cool. In this way, you can hold a hard erection and last for 1-2 hours without leaking a drop of semen. 
The trick is to exercise your tailbone muscle where the Central Nervous System and the S2-S4 sensory/parasympathetic nerves are interlinked.  Exercising this special muscle and burning testosterone here to develop more testosterone and DHT receptors and to desensitize the prostate will prolong your intercourse for longer than 1 hour.  I do the tailbone exercise 3-5 times a day, 100 contractions each time. During lovemaking, practicing this tailbone exercise will keep your brain cool and eliminate ejaculation urgency until the penis is ballooned to an extreme size that exerts a pressure against the prostate.

I have discovered this ballooning method based upon my wife's complaint about my penile size in the final stage of lovemaking when I was young. This is because she is used to making sure of my penile hardness before she can have multiple orgasm as shown http://www.actiontao.com/image/checkpn.jpg 
Once my penis reaches this size, it usually takes her about one minute to orgasm once I return my penis to her vagina, and my penis is naturally semi-numbed at this state. That is why she can come multiple times in one love session.  If you want to ejaculate, I will contract my prostate muscle to turn on the prostate's sensory/sympathetic nervous circuit.  

She said my penis has grown too big for her mouth. Well! I could not help myself to limit my penile growth until my age of 40 when neuro-endocrine function starts to slow down. Then, I started to formulate my anti-shrinking dietary supplements to retain my penile size. Well, they works well so far.
This ballooning method can be done by masturbation,
but don't stimulate your urethral nerve in order to prevent ejaculation. THE TRICK in penile stimulation or lovemaking without ejaculation is to avoid stimulation on your urethral nerve; The TRICK to make her come quickly is to stimulate her entire urethral nerve from her clitoris to her Epicenter (the female prostate) via her urethral/vaginal spongy tissues (including the G-spot!)
I term this particular type of masturbation without causing ejaculation, as
Penile Massage, rather than masturbation. This is because I don't want to ejaculate during this practice. I have practiced this penile massage every morning before we start to make love for another 10-20 minutes, yet without ejaculation. The morning lovemaking has been our routine sexual exercises for our sexual muscles for more than 25 years! It is very important to limit ejaculation for growing your penis. Over-ejaculation will shrink your penis, no matter what kind of approaches you practice!

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