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Case Study - Neurophysiology of Female ejaculation from vagina or urethra, and sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/18/2000>
I think I have vaginal ejaculations when I alternately stimulate my clitoris and G-spot. After a while of stimulation and play, i start to deeply moan, then I will gush out a clear liquid as I orgasm over and over. Sometimes there is a lot of the liquid. I'm not sure, however, if it is urine. It sort of smells like urine, but I will empty my bladder both before and after this experience. How can I tell if it is urine?

Dr. Lin: 10/19/2000>
Definitely, it is not urine. Urine is yellowish, but this is a clear fluid. My wife have ejaculated vaginally when I gave her multiple-cycle orgasm with my Finger Pliers Massage. I have seen her vaginal ejaculation spraying on my face and I have tasted it. It is not urine.
You can collect the fluid and let it expose to air (oxide) for one or two hours. If it is urine, it will turn to yellow and release ammonia. Smell it. You will find No ammonia (urine smell) being released.
It is said some women can have urethral ejaculation during sex, even without orgasm. However, vaginal ejaculation requires a powerful multiple-cycle orgasm to squeeze out the clear fluid from vagina/uterus porosities. The physical conditions for vaginal ejaculation are (1) both testosterone and estrogen levels in the bloodstream are very high, (2) the external and internal genitals are swollen to an extreme (the clitoris and g-spot are popped out; the vagina is tented up; the labia are swollen like a pregnant woman's), (3) the orgasm is triggered in the G-spot or Epicenter (Epicenter orgasm produces more ejaculation; the 3-point Excitation orgasm, the level-7 orgasm, results in vaginal flooding.) 
The vaginal orgasm is fully controlled by the sympathetic nervous functions in the spinal cords T10-L2; while bladder urination fully controlled by the parasympathetic nervous function in the spinal cords (Sacral) S1-S4.
When a powerful orgasm strikes the pelvic cavity, all the T10-L2 sympathetic motor nerves pace the contraction of all the associated muscles, like a earthquake inside the body. Generally, Level-7 orgasm will result in vaginal ejaculation, more or less; if not (it is a very dry orgasm), it may cause orgasmic or post-orgasmic pain since the ejaculation fluids, in fact, work as orgasmic shock absorbers (cushions) in the pelvic muscles and ligaments to absorb the orgasmic shocks. They are in release-and-recharge cycles during orgasm to absorb the orgasmic impact on the sensory nerves. In the release half cycle, there is a vaginal ejaculation; then the drained porosities are quickly re-filled by the body fluid from the surrounding, undrained porosities, until the static fluid pressure in the pelvic muscles becomes too low (even) or the orgasmic shocks are over. This is what the vaginal ejaculation is all about.
For urethral ejaculation, orgasm is not required. The bladder is mainly controlled by parasympathetic motor nerves from S1-S4 for bladder contraction, but S2-S4 nerves to the clitoris, urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, and uterus are responsible for engorgement (expansion) during sexual stimulation. It is possible that the interneurons in S2-S4 have cross talks to cause the contraction of the bladder muscles to squeeze clear fluid as ejaculation during sexual stimulation (without orgasm). Also, there is a L2 sympathetic motor nerve to the bladder, which has been experimentally found no role in the bladder control by cutting this nerve. I suspect the L2 sympathetic motor nerves being responsible for the female urethral ejaculation during orgasm. 


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