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Case Study - Solutions for sexual exhaustion, weak erection, premature ejaculation and sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/14/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin, I Recently received your response and it said to consume more soy products because I have over killed myself do to over-masturbation. What products do you recommend?

I am 19, 5'7, 140lbs, Masturbated since about 12(maybe younger), Noticed poorer vision, hearing, consentration, focus(especially during meditation), Premature ejaculation during intercoarse(within 1-2min.), shrunken penis(about 1 1/2' in lenght when not erect).

1. Can you help me get my vision,hearing and consentration back to normal?
2.Can you help stop my premature ejaculation so I can last longer?
3.Can you help me with enlargening my penis size? It's 6in. when erect but it used to get up to 7or8in.

By the way I am very interested in Eastern culture. Especially the power of the Eastern mind, I study Eastern philosophy,art,history; If it happen I want to know about it. But I am really intrested in the Martial Arts and have many books on them. Can practicing Qigong and Wing Chun help in any way with my problem? I know it will help with the consentration. Thanks Again :)

Dr. Lin: 10/18/2000>
You have deficiency of acetylcholine (Yin Chi) and dopamine (Yang Chi).
Acetylcholine is essential for all the sensory and motor nerves. 
Increasing the acetylcholine level in the brain, synapses, affectors and effectors will promote alertness.
No doubt, it shapes your vision and hearing.
On the other hand, dopamine will help nerves to filter out nervous noises and give you more concentration and focusing.
When you have too much ejaculation, your acetylcholine and dopamine are burned out to reach a very low level. Furthermore, dopamine can turn to epinephrine (adrenalin) that blocks the acetylcholine action in the sensory and motor nerves, when sympathetic function over-ride the parasympathetic one. Then, you will experience all the symptoms associated with sexual exhaustion.
Premature ejaculation is one of the side effects of over-masturbation which trains the sympathetic (orgasmic) nerves (in the spinal cords T10-L2) to ejaculate in direct response to sexual stimulation, instead of parasympathetic nerves (in the spinal cords S2-S4) to power up the penis for blocking the sexual sensory nerve in the penis. It is like the martial art to train your legs or hands to directly react to any attack. Similar to the martial art training, the masturbation can short the reflexion circuit in the spinal cords T10-L2, that couples the sexual sensory (physical stimulation), central (vision, hearing and mind), and sympathetic motor nerves (orgasmic nerves).
1. Yes! To restore vision, hearing and concentration, we have developed a new formula called MoodMax for male Premature Ejaculation and female PMS. You have wait couple months for this new formula. 
2. Premature Ejaculation can be solved by (A) Sexual ChiKong Breathing to restore the parasympathetic reflexion of sexual stimulation, (B) Powering the Acetylcholine/parasympathetic function and blocking stress hormone production by one of our products such as LoveLonger, LastLonger, or MoodMax (including Acetylcholine and dopamine precursors, Serotonin precursor 5-HTP and GABA). 
You have a sever problem of sexual exhaustion at this age of 19. You can take LoveLonger to gradually restore your nervous function since you are young. This will also help your erection too. 
3. You can not enlarge your penis when you have a weak erection and premature ejaculation problem.
You must restore your erection and you can hold ejaculation back 3-5 times in each love or masturbation session for expanding your penis. Yes, your can restore your penile size back to 8" if you have 6" now.
Learn the principles of martial arts and Chikong (qikung) and apply it to sexual intercourse.
So, you have to retrain your prostate to hold ejaculation back for longer than 30 minutes at least!
ChiKong is to switch the nervous function from sympathetic to parasympathetic for charge your parasympathetic sexual nerves and circulate your sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain via the spine and the Governing vessel of the acupuncture network, that is, to preserve Yin and Yang Chi in the brain.


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