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Case Study - Please No Sex under age 16; Otherwise, no sexual orgasm for the rest of life.
Reader: 10/13/2000>
I wanted to ask a question for my little brother who is 14. He and his girlfriend would like to have sex, but he's not sure if he can sexually perform. He can get erections but says that he believes he ejaculates when he tightens penis region during his hardest erections. 
He was open enough to come to me with this problem so i thought i'd do this for him so he doesn't have to talk to our parents. He says he has masturbated often since he was somewhere between 7-8 years old he thinks, he can't quite remember. He didn't masturbate often until he was 12 or so, but he would masturbate sometimes 1-2 a day, then not for a few days, and so on in periods of attraction or whatever. He would like to know if he will be damaged sexually (i.e. poor sexual performance, incapable of sexual performance in the future) by what i think are extreme masturbation habits at a young age. I know he should eat sea foods, soy, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits, but can anything else be done for him? I also saw the other listed cases on your site but they do not address anyone his age. Will he be all right at such a young age? or will it severely damage him? I've already instructed him to abstain from masturbation, but will his young body be able to repair naturally? I'd love to buy something from your site but i can't give it to him without risk of some1 finding out, and i'd like him to be ok without use of drugs of any kind.
Thank you so much for your time, i hope you will be able to answer his question.

Dr. Lin: 10/14/2000>
No! the damage is well done. He has experienced sexual exhaustion, premature ejaculation, and impotency.
If he can recover 70-80% of his neuro-endocrine-testicular function, he is considered lucky.
The neuro-endocrine-reproductive system kicks in at age 7 (Girls) or 8 (Boys), further build up at age 14 (Girls) or 16 (Boys), reach the sexual peak at age 21 (Girls) or 24 (Boys). The artificial growth hormones, producing mimic actions of human growth hormone on the young body, make young body grow fasters, particularly, in sex and, naturally, age faster too. They change the natural growth and aging patterns of the body. 
He didn't give himself a chance to establish his sexual function - the brain/neuro-endocrine-reproductive axis. Having sex under age 14 (Girls) or 16 (Boys) is the most destructive practice, resulting in impotence and frigid before age 20. No Sex under age 16 please, and don't over-masturbate or over-ejaculate at any age.

It will take a long time (1 or 2 years) for him to get some, but incomplete, repaired.
Eating sea foods, soy, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables and fruits can help, but he need more than these. He need herbs to help his body repair itself, such as American Ginseng, Fo-Ti, Dong Quai, Milk Thistle, Schizandra, Wild Yam, Deer Antler, Bee Pollen, Saw Palmetto, Kava Kava, Black Cohosh, Licorice, Nettle Root, Pygeum Bark, Astagallus, Spirulina, Mullcin, Soy Isoflavones and Isolated Protein. Also Drink the young/tender chicken soup cooked with American Ginseng (2000 mg), Dong Quai (1000 mg) and Moilk Thistle (1000 mg) 2 or 3 times a week. 
Saw Palmetto, Kava Kava, Black Cohosh, Licorice, Nettle Root, Soy Isoflavones and protein, Pygeum Bark, and Zinc can help his prostate heal.
Well, it is the time for repairment and interior remodeling.


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