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Case Study - Aging, Vibrator and icy freezing  desensitize the clitoris and kill sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/10/2000>
I am a 53 years old woman and I have been experiencing clitoral numbness for quite awhile. I'm sure it's because I am postmenopausal. I started to feel this way from the time I turned 50 but as I have been getting older the sensitivity to my clitoris has decreased and it was extremely hard or impossible to come to an orgasm, even with a vibrator. I have gone to a gynecologist for this problem and they put me on hormones, Premph?se (trade marked drug name). I have also been rubbing testosterine cream on my clitoris and vaginal area about 4 times a week. I am on 0.25% of the testosterine cream. The feelings to my clitoris were returning very nicely and I was having no problem coming to an orgasm. I started the testosterone cream in July. Another problem has come up last Friday. My husband put ice on the pubic hair area and let the ice water drip down the entire area for about 10-15 minutes. We have never done that before. The ice was never put directly on the clitoris. We also used a vibrator and everything was fine. I had no problem coming to an orgasm. On Saturday, I masturbated with the vibrator and I came to an orgasm. That evening I masturbated again and the sensitivity was very little. I did come to an orgasm but the intensity was dull. On Sunday I didn't use ice at all but I used the vibrator twice to masturbate. Once in the morning and once at night. Friday and Saturday during the day, the feeling was extremely good but I felt a difference on Saturday night. From that time on the feeling has gone back to the way it was in the beginning...... No orgasms and a feeling of numbness on my clitoris. I've had some success from the hormones but I've had the most success from the testosterone cream 0.25%. Please let me know if I did any damage to my clitoris by letting ice water run down my clitoris and virgina area. Also let me know if I did damage to that area because I used the vibrator so many times. One other question I have is could I be going into full menopause? I am still taking Pr?mphase and using the 0.25% testosterone cream so why is this happening to me and is there anything I can do about getting my feeling back?
Thank you.

Dr. Lin: 10/11/2000>
The sensitivity of the nerves (sensory nerves - receptors; motor nerves - effectors; interneurons / integrators) depends on the level of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine the nervous synapses/receptors/effectors, the resting potential( DC voltage) of the nerves, and a good local blood circulation to carry sufficient essential enzymes and hormones to burn for maintaining or elevating the resting potential of the sensory and motor nerves. 
A high-speed vibrator can damage the receptors, effectors and the capillaries around the clitoris, resulting in the local nerves.
Ice water causes contraction of the local blood vessels to decrease the local blood circulation volume and the conversion of the nervous resting potential (voltage) to heat in an attempt to maintaining the cellular temperature. That is how ice stops pain. Repeating the application of icy water to the same spots can freeze out the local receptors, effectors and capillaries, resulting in numbing the local nerves.
Aging decreases the body ability of synthesizing acetylcholine and hormones due to the weakening of the liver function which is supposed to provided all essential enzymes for the chemical conversion of foods we loaded into our digestive system. That is why aging decreases our action and reaction to stimulation.
Your Hormone Replacement Therapies help you elevate your testosterone level that in turn charges your nervous bioelectric system - the translation of testosterone into bioelectric potential in the cells. They are very helpful, but maybe insufficient when you have to burn out so much acetylcholine, dopamine (the another neurotransmitter responsible for production of testosterone and oxytocin - the orgasm hormone and for suppression of prolactin - the orgasm inhibitor), and testosterone.
Acetylcholine is responsible for erection/engorgement and orgasm (both clitoral and vaginal); dopamine is the essential chemical for orgasm, particularly, vaginal. When the erecting clitoral or urethral nerves (g-spot and Epicenter) stressed out, a large amount of dopamine in the brain and adrenal medulla is turned to norepinephrine and then epinephrine (the stress hormone), and the sympathetic function pulses the action potential, in conjunction with a burst of oxytocin in the brain, to the autorhythmic fibers in the sex organs to pace orgasmic contraction. When the brain's dopamine level becomes too low (the brain runs out of gas) and the sympathetic function becomes weak, the pituitary release a burst of prolactin to suppress orgasmic contraction. The dopamine level is very critical for orgasmic contraction since it is associated with the balance of oxytocin and prolactin. When dopamine is insufficient, prolactin is dominant over oxytocin - resulting in no orgasm. If You can enjoy orgasm daily, you have to keep both acetylcholine and dopamine levels high. Note that acetylcholine is essential for all nervous function - including sensory, somatic, parasympathetic and sympathetic. No acetylcholine, No nervous functions. 
A deficiency of acetylcholine in the brain results in memory loss and Alzheimer's disease; a deficiency of dopamine in the brain leads to Parkinson disease. Orgasmic people usually have more abilities to produce more acetylcholine and dopamine. When you burn them too much and too often, your aging body can no longer catch up the demand. 
Therefore, I formulated ViaGrowth-IV (1-005) to help middle agers and seniors (and some young people) to retain their health and orgasm capacity.  To accelerate the restoration of the nervous sensitivity in your clitoris, you need ViaPal-hGH-D (3-012) to keep the capillaries in your clitoris dilating - that is, to frequently erect your clitoris.

Taking this product will let you feel your clitoris very warm. 


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