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Case Study - A lack of Nitric Oxygen, estrogen and testosterone, due to aging, results in irritating and cutting the tissues in the vaginal orifice and labia minors, for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/9/2000>
Over the last few years I began with a problem of getting a cut
right under the opening of the vaginal area. I do
realize that as a woman reaches this age, the vaginal tissue
begins to thin and not be as soft as during her prime. Each time my
husband and I have intercourse, I get the cut in the same place.
It is a fine thin line and you can see it even when it does not
cut. It usually has slight bleeding. I have talked to the gynecologist
and other doctors. I have also tried Pr?mpro, the C?mbi patch, Pr?marin (traded names are not allowed her) cream, and some progesterone cream. I have not had any success
with any of these things. The doctors all seem puzzled. I am
beside myself over this and feel less of a woman since I know
if we have sexual intercourse I will always have this problem.
I am wondering if Testosterone cream might be of help to me in small
doses to rub in that area, but I also don't want to grow any 
body hair from using this. Any help you can give me on this matter
would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lin: 10/11/2000>
This is very common for women after 40 to get this irritated problem. My wife had this problem before. It is like a cutting lines on the left labia minor and the strip between the labia minor and major
After age of 40, the skins in the labia minor and vaginal entrance become very tender, too frigid and too thin, less inflatable/elastic. A small friction on these area will irritate the skin tissues. 
This is due to insufficient estrogen/testosterone and Nitride Oxide (NO) in the local tissues.
NO is the 2nd neurotransmitters of the in the parasympathetic nervous endings to induce erection/engorgement of the penis, clitoris, labia minors and majors and urethral/vaginal spongy tissues. Without sufficient NO generated in the spongy tissues to dilate the local arteries, no matter how much estrogen and testosterone you add to your blood stream, the hormone-enriched blood is hardly to reach the tissues of these love tools, and the local tissues still get insufficient estrogen and testosterone for cellular regeneration and rebuilding. A minor love friction will break the skin and result in cutting lines.
You needs Viagrowth-IV (1-005) to help you out. 

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