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Case Study - Neurophysiology of erection and Sexual Orgasm, and hysterectomy.
Reader: 10/3/2000>
I'll outline: I am a 54 yr old with complete hysterectomy 8 yrs ago. I use transdermal patch (.6)Smoker, low voice, small but sensitive breats no ovaries, uterus
Married @ 21/no orgasms so dr opened skin to expose clitoris-
Masturbated w/vibrator to achieve 1st orgasm, but never had one w/husband 
vibrator use continues today-still not orgasmic except w/vibrator but am multiply orgasmic (don't stop at 1 or 2-one time had 16 in one vibrator session)
divorced husband recently, new relationship and sexual activity w/very caring man still doesn't result in orgasm
Is it all in my head or can I be helped to orgasm with this special person. Have I used a vibrator too long to achieve orgasm in intercourse? Thank you for any suggestions you can give me. 

Dr. Lin: 10/4/2000>
Hysterectomy may have destroyed some of sensory and sympathetic motor nerves coupled in the spinal cords T10-L2 where the brain/spinal nerves (central nervous system - the brain stimulation input and sexual response/orgasm output commander), sympathetic sexual nerves (for orgasmic contraction), and sensory sexual nerves (sensing sexual stimulation) are interlinked by interneurons, 
like the multi-way electric switches: 
1. sexual stimulation  => brain (producing a burst of testosterone and oxytocin); 
2. sexual stimulation  => sympathetic nervous fiber ( clitoral orgasm response or erectile withdrawal/intercourse pain, this is the Fight/Flight response); 
3. brain response  => sympathetic nervous fiber (for vaginal/uterine orgasm).
Different sympathetic nervous fibers from these spinal disks contract the different parts of muscles in the pelvic cavity, clitoris, vagina, tailbone and so on, that produce different levels and types of orgasm.  As long as you still has one of a pair of nerves, you can make yourself come. It seems you have at least one pair of them from T10 - L2.

Orgasm is driven by the sympathetic nervous function which release epinephrine (stress hormone) and norepinephrine (happy/pleasure hormone) from dopamine (happy and mood-hightening hormone). If there is sufficient intensity of the stimulation signals relaying to the brain, the brain/pituitary first release the orgasm hormone oxytocin to initiate the orgasm contraction of the vaginal muscles and uterus (also the tail bone muscle, depending on orgasm level) in the pelvic cavity, and then the orgasm inhibitor prolactin to stop orgasm after the brain's dopamine and testosterone runs low.
First, You have to erect your urethral/vaginal spongy tissues (like the penis in your vaginal ceiling) to have vaginal orgasm. The erecting spongy tissues will get more testosterone from the hormone-enriched blood flow and then burn testosterone with enzyme 5-alpha reductase to increase the sensitivity of your G-spot nerves and further dilate the erectile tissues to trigger a burst of oxytocin (requiring the brain chemical dopamine and male hormone testosterone) and the sympathetic function for orgasm. Obviously, your testosterone level is too low for powering up the sensitivity of your G-spot nerves and for the release of orgasm hormone Oxytocin from your brain/pituitary. Without a burst of this hormone to initiate the contraction of the vaginal (or/and tailbone) muscles and/or uterus (oop! you don't have this one!), you won't have a vaginal orgasm. 
Clitoral orgasm requires no oxytocin. If there is a burst of oxytocin, orgasm contraction will be extended to the outer section of the vagina; if not, it will be limited to the clitoral shaft and base and the vaginal orifice area, without going into the vagina. Most of clitoral orgasms is a direct reflexion of the sympathetic sexual nerves at the spinal cords L1 and L2 (L2 couples L1) to the intensive clitoral stimulation via the General Somatic Afferent (GSA) nervous fibers. When the stimulation is too intense, the bioelectric interneuron switches between the GSA fibers and sympathetic fibers are on, without routing to the brain for the oxytocin release which requires sufficient neurotransmitter Dopamine and hormone testosterone. It is like a Ground-Fault Switch (used with the outlets near the sink and pool and in the bath or rest rooms) to ground the electric current to prevent electric shocks (similar to the orgasm shocks to the brain) when the circuit current is out of the limit. 
Vaginal Orgasm is a large scale contraction under the sympathetic action from T10-L2. The sexual response pathway is
sexual stimulation => brain => sympathetic fibers, via the multi-way switches in T10-L2.  
Erecting your clitoris and your inner penis and tenting up your vagina, which are essential for vaginal orgasm,  is a response of the parasympathetic sexual nerves in the Sacral spinal cords S2-S4 to the sexual stimulation from another GSA nervous fibers from the sex organs, low abdomen, pubis, groins, thighs and tail bone muscles. There are also multi-way interneuron switches in S2-S4 for the stimulation-response control circuitry.  At the parasympathetic nervous endings, the parasympathetic/acetylcholine action help synthesize the 2nd neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) to signal dilation of arteries in the smooth tissues for erection. As a result, you will feel hot with a high blood pressure building up in the pelvic cavity including the low abdomen, pubis, groins, clitoris vagina, and tail bone area. The clitoral glans and inner penis become full erected, and the vagina is tented up. If your nervous system can not produce sufficient acetylcholine and/or NO, or if you have some damage of the S2-S4 efferent and afferent fibers due to hysterectomy, you won't experience the erection of your clitoral glans and inner penis.  If you can not erect your inner penis and tent up your vagina during sex,  you will experience intercourse pain, without orgasm.

All bioelectric interneuron switches require neurotransmitter Acetylcholine to produce a response signal from the stimulation, and all the nervous sensors requires a burning of testosterone to increase their sensitivity. 

You need ViaPal-hGH-D (3-012) to help you charge the brain's acetylcholine and dopamine system, erect these tissues, and increase the sensitivity of your G-spot. 
Then, apply The Finger Plier Massage on the both side of your urethral/vaginal spongy tissues to increase the blood circulation of your vaginal/urethral tissues for your inner penile erection.
It will requires 5-10 practices to initiate vaginal orgasm. Once you get it, you and he will understand how to make yourself come vaginally.
Finally, learn how to achieve orgasm by intercourse,
You sjould learn how to contract the vaginal and tailbone muscles to increase the sexual and orgasm responses to the sexual stimulation inside your vagina.

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