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Case Study - Stomach cramping and bloating - one of the Side effects of multiple sexual orgasm (5-6 orgasms in 3-4 hour lovemaking) Solutions!
Reader: 9/29/2000>
I experience extreme stomach cramping and bloating after long lovemaking sessions (3-4hrs/5-6orgasms). Could you please tell me if there is anything I can do or take to minimize these occurances so that I can continue to enjoy these sessions? It gets much worse if the sessions are repeated daily!

1) I consider myself extremely lucky to have such an incredible partner. He can stay hard or regain hardness for hours.
2) I have an intense sex drive, and I believe I am very orgasmic. I have never had any problems reaching orgasm. I can achieve many clitoral or vaginal orgasms with (and sometimes without) direct stimulation.
3) I experience female ejaculation. I do not believe it is related to stress incontinence because I have never experienced any problems with coughing or laughing even when I was pregnant. I am not overweight. The incidence of ejaculation decreased heavily while taking oral contraceptives.

Is the cramping associated with gas? Is it from air by intercourse or oral stimulation?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. 

Dr. Lin: 10/2/2000>

Obviously, you have a lot of testosterone, DHEA, acetylcholine and dopamine to burn, but you used it up with 3-4 hour lovemaking and 5-6 orgasms.
Orgasm converts dopamine to norepinephrine and then epinephrine (adrenalin, the stress neurotransmitter and hormone), in addition to discharge the parasympathetic nervous resting potential (also associated with the acetylcholine level in the synapses) and the brain's acetylcholine system by lowering the acetylcholine level in the brain and central nervous system (and thus the parasympathetic nervous function).
Lowering the dopamine level in the brain will increase the production of prolactin in the pituitary.
Too many orgasms will produce too much adrenalin and prolactin to increase the resistance of the parasympathetic motor nerves and their synapses. The parasympathetic/acetylcholine action on the internal organs is to inhibit contraction. 
When the resting potential of the parasympathetic nerves in an orgasm is too low, the organ will be much easier to be agitated by its sympathetic motor nervous functions. This happens in your stomach after you experienced many orgasms within 3-4 hours. When the orgasm occurs, the brain/central nerve system (CNS) relays the contraction signals to the sympathetic motor nerves coupled each other in the spinal cord T10,T11,T12, and L1/L2, mainly targeting the uterus, ovaries and vaginal muscles, but minorly affecting stomach, small intestine, kidney, large intestine, urether, urinary bladder, rectum, tail bone and lower limb. This is because these nerves are branched to their associated organs and muscles.
Since the CNS couples the sympathetic motor nerves to the stomach, small intestine, kidney, lower limb, uterus and vagina at T10, the orgasmic signals that drive orgasmic contraction in the uterus and vagina will also disturb the stomach and other associated organs. When the resting potential of the parasympathetic stomach nerves is too low to suppress the sympathetic disturbances due to orgasm, the disturbances will be amplified in the involuntary muscles, leading to orgasmic contraction cramps and after-shocks in the stomach.  This problem is a result of the deficiency of the parasympathetic bioelectricity in the stomach (or  the deficiency of Stomach Yin Chi).  Don't make love when your stomach is full. It happens to the other parts of the body too since the sympathetic nerves are chained into the sympathetic trunk, depending on the local resting potential of the associated parasympathetic nerves. 
You can prevent this after-shock cramps in your body by taking one tablet of Viagrowth-IV a day to elevate the brain's acetylcholine and dopamine levels and power the parasympathetic nervous function. 

Note: I have issued a warning about the problems associated too many orgasms in one love session or one day in http://www.actionlove.com/love/2orgasm.htm  I am afraid of giving my wife more than 3 times a day,  particularly after her 45.

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