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Case Study - Lessons of Over-Masturbation for young men - impotence and no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/24/2000>
hi Lin,
Finally, I found the best website of yours to discuss my problem. I am suffering from this disease, exactly as in one your case studies, resulting from Over masturbation.
First of all, I have gotten into very bad habit of masturbation like many normal people. I have been doing it in excessivelly from long period of time, almost when i was 15. When i was in high school, i used to hear from many places that sperm is a very important liquid of our body. For example it provides strongness to the bones, so if gets leser and lesser one will become weak and unhealthy.
Since, i was very young with no knowledge, when masturbated at the time of ejaculations tried and tried again to stop the sperm to come out. Like most of the time i masturbated on the bed, i mold my penis and face it downward between my legs and and press it hard with the help of my stomach.
Some times i even tried to press my hand around it forcefully at the veins, to stop it. Some times it worked and some times not.

Anyways, I got into this habit after watching the adult movies and reading adult litrature. I dint have sex with anybody becuz in our country sew without marriage is not allowed and also its not allowed in out religion. So still I am virgin and i guess i am atleast proud of that.

But now i have lost my health. I weight about 119 lb. My eyesight has become weaker and also i have started the backpain problems. I cant play or run for a long time. My stamina is very low. I am very sensitive to hot son. It gives me headache. My eyes become tired. Some times i get cramps easily. 

The worst thing i am worried about since last year, i have started having weak errection. When I masturbate in the bening it gets errection but in a few minutes it subsidies and doesnt come again in that duration. But after an hour or so I can again regain the errrection. Also in the morning when i get up i feel errection. But i cant keep it that way for more than a few minutes. My penis seems to be have become smaller and weaken too. 

Now please!! after a long search of few days, i have found you here. I need your help here. I read one of your case studies, where you suggested some medicines such as ViaGrowth and Ginseng etc. Plese tell me what I should take and where can i get those medicines. I am planning to marry next year so i want to be healthy by than.

I hardly masturbate anymore and have learnd my lesson.
I havnt been to any doctor yet also. You are the first person i am discussing this with.

I will wait for your response

Dr. Lin: 9/27/2000>

Our body is like a battery and its recharge system. The brain's/parasympathetic acetylcholine system is the battery. The liver and neuro-endocrine systems forms the chemical recharge system. The battery becomes less and less rechargeable when you have fully drain it very often. Suppose that you let your car battery fully discharge 2 or 3 times with headlight on. The battery will become non-rechargeable unless you overhaul the battery electrodes and replace the electrolyte. 
Over-masturbation fully discharge the brain's/parasympathetic nervous systems responsible for the bioelectric biased potential for all the organ functions, burns out testosterone and DHEA, and over-drains the essential nutrients for the  prostate, such as zinc, L-Glycine, L-Alanine, and L-glutamic acid, resulting in premature ejaculation and prostate enlargement.  The must critical ones are associated with sex are the liver, neuro-endocrine, and cardiovascular functions.
The indirect and most sensible impacts by over-masturbation are the mind concentration, mood, vision and hearing which are associated with the brain's acetylcholine and dopamine levels. The brain's/parasympathetic acetylcholine systems have to provide the bioelectric potential for the liver where the essential enzymes are produced to help the body produce the key neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA, glutamine, nitric oxide, carbonate monoxide, and the driving hormones by the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and testicle (ovary) glands, from the foods you eat. 
Weak eyesight is a result of acetylcholine deficiency in the vision acetylcholine neurons (the bioelectrical biased potential for eyes, the vision sensors). The vision over-sensitive to sunlight indicates the deficiency of dopamine and the excessive adrenalin (epinephrine) in the visible nerves (color discriminators, signal receivers and amplifiers) since over-masturbation burns too much dopamine into adrenalin in the brain and adrenal medulla. With a high level of adrenalin and low levels of acetylcholine and dopamine, the sensory vision system have a low signal-noise ratio and then amplify the noise more than the signal. This situation also applies to the ears which give you more buzzing.
ViaGrowth-IV and Ginseng Power Max 4x can help you restore your brain's acetylcholine and dopamine level and then turn on your spinal cords S2-S4 interneuron switches to the parasympathetic motor nerves for promoting your erection. In fact, it help the interneurons of the entire spinal cords to provide a proper function of switching the sympathetic to parasympathetic mode - when your body and mind is in the relaxation (or sleeping) state, the interneurons connect the brain/central nervous system to the parasympathetic nerves to bioelectrically charge all the parasympathetic-linked organs (including the sex organs). They can also reduce the dopamine-adrenalin conversion and block the adrenalin receptors in the organs.
ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005) and Ginseng Power Max 4x (2-007) are listed in

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