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Case Study - Vasectomy, Downsizing and Upsizing of the penis, clitoris and G-spot, and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/24/2000>
I am a 34 year old male who has 4 kids. I had a vasectomy about 2 years ago and have noticed a dwindling of sexual energy ever since. 

I am of, from what I can tell, average size of 5.75 inches and sort of thin, and have always had some trouble with premature ejaculation. I would like to know what I can do/take to solve these issues. 

I would like to pump up my size to 7 inches and be able to have multiple orgasms and to be better able to stimulate my wife (multiple orgasms for her and a larger penis for her vagina that has seen 4 children being born). 

I have been around your site and cant quite tell exactly what I need to be able to solve these problems, can you give me a list of things to do and/or take to achieve these goals?

I too have also seen other sites that promote the jelqing technique for pumping up the penis and the amino acid called l-arginine for more erections and more ejaculate. What about these methods? What do you have that will really work if these dont?

Thanks very much in advance.

Dr. Lin: 9/272000>

The side effects of Vasectomy on the brain/neuro-endocrine functions have been dicussed in many articles such as
I can not comments on the other products or methods.
Our studies have found that if the brain/neuro-endocrine functions can not pump out the parasympathetic and erectile neurotransmitters acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide (NO), respectively, and sufficient hormones DHEA and testosterone, the penis will shrink, no matter what kinds of penile exercises you have.
No acetylcholine and NO, no erection. No testosterone burning into DHT, no penile growth and expansion (power-up). Acetylcholine is essential to turning on the parasympathetic erection of the interneuron switches in the spinal cords S2-S4. Insufficient acetylcholine in the synapses of the interneurons will flip the S2-S4 switches to the sympathetic nervous function for Flight (erection withdrawal) or Fight (premature ejaculation). Once the S2-S4 interneurons are flipped to the parasympathetic mode, the parasympathetic motor nerves in the pelvic cavity and penile tissues will produce the erectile neurotransmitter NO to dilate the local arteries for an abrupt blood flow that corrupts the returning veins, resulting in a penile erection and a high blood pressure in the pelvic cavity and perineum. L-arginine is the precursor of NO. However, without the parasympathetic nervous function in S2-S4 with the sufficient acetylcholine action, L-arginine does nothing for erection at all, that is no L-arginine will be converted into NO. 
The penile ballooning effect (enlargement) requires more than the parasympathetic nervous functions which are for turning the penile erection circuit on only. The penile ballooning effect needs a burst of testosterone burning into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), accompanying with a burst of an liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase during sexual stimulation. DHT is responsible for the penile and clitoral growth during adolescence. The DHT concentration in the penile or clitoral/urethral spongy tissues reflects the size of the penis, clitoris and G-spot in the flaccid and erection state. If there is too much DHT being bound to the prostate hormone receptors, the prostate size will increase, that is the prostate enlargement. You can increase the DHT concentration in the penile (clitoral and G-spot) tissues without enlarging the prostate. The solution is to use the Soy protein and isoflavones (the phyto/plant Estrogen) and plant sterols (phyto/plant hormones) to "cover" the prostate hormone receptors up! 
For this reason, I have formulated Viagrowth-IV to power up brain/neuro-endocrine, liver and cardiovascular (blood pumping and piping) functions for the penile/clitoral/G-spot erection and enlargement.
Your Premature Ejaculation is a result of weak erection - there is deficiency of acetylcholine in the Interneuron Switches (synapses) in S2-S4. Once your erection is weak, you will contract your prostate muscle for assisting your erection. Once your prostate is stimulated, the semen emission switches from the seminal vesicles to the prostate are turned on. At the same time, you become panic and your S2-S4 Interneuron Switches are flipped to the sympathetic nerves for the Flight or Fight execution. With the emission switches are standby and the sympathetic motor nerves signal the prostate for "Fight". Then, your semen shots out.
If you can hold a hard erection, that is the S2-S4 is flipped to the parasympathetic motor nerves, you won't ejaculate unless your prostate is stressed out due to a temporary prostate "erection" or over-pressured by the penile over-ballooning. In fact, a hard erection can create a high blood pressure inside the penile cylinders due to the corruption of the returning veins. The penile blood pressure will interrupt the nervous transmission of the urethral nervous fibers from the glans to the prostate, resulting in numbing the penis and prolonging intercourse.

The trick to balloon the penis is to hold ejaculation back 3-5 times in your masturbation or love session. When you are about to come, your penis is expanded to a maximum under which your partner will experience  the most pleasure moment.  Hold it back, take a break and repeat the sexual stimulation on your penis to expand your penis to another extreme size.  In each ejaculation holding back, your penile tissues are stretched and fed with testosterone, DHT, estrogen, hGH (human Growth Hormone), and DHEA. Yes, you need a balance hormone spectrum including hGH, estrogen and DHEA to "grow" (balloon)  your penis. Your penis will be ballooned like what you try to inflate a balloon by pumping  your lung.  After each practice, your penile size will be increased a little bit. If your neuro-endocrine function can not pump out the essential  hormones, your penis will shrink, no matter how hard you exercise. As we age, our body shrink, so does our sex organs.

ViaGrowth-IV is item 1-005 as listed in

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