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Case Study - Solutions for sympathetic misfiring - unwanted Fight/Flight, associated with Over-Masturbation or Over-Ejaculation for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/18/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I apologize for bugging you again. But I was hoping you could specifically address the fight/flight response issues. Why does my body become so nervous easily? (heart racing, short of breath, adrenaline, jittery) Can you please explain why my flight/fight response is so sensitive? Does it have to do w/ my frequent masturbation as a child, my sexual exhaustion, and other current problems like soft errection?
How is it all related?

Thank you!
Dr. Lin: 9/19/2000>

The deficiency of DHEA, Acetylcholine, Serotonin and GABA will promote sympathetic nervous function.
When these hormones or neurotransmitters are low in the brain, the sympathetic nervous system will frequently fires to convert dopamine into adrenalin. It happens in your brain and adrenal medulla. When it happens in the brain's epinephrine (adrenalin) neurons in the brain stem (just above the neck and near the rear brain), adrenalin will spread over the neck and shoulders, resulting in pains or cramps in the upper body. When it occurs in the adrenal medulla due to a lack of DHEA, adrenalin will be broadcasted over the entire body through the blood circulation.
The sympathetic nervous function is responsible  for your heart racing, high blood pressures, and premature ejaculation (if any). It burns too much acetylcholine in the adrenal medulla where about 80-85% of adrenlin is produced. The production of adrenalin in the adrenal medulla requires acetylcholine and dopamine.
We have associated acetylcholine with Yin Chi, Dopamine with Yang Chi, and Adrenalin with Defense (Wei) Chi.
Over-masturbation or Ejaculation, which over-discharges the acetylcholine and dopamine systems  , will leads to the misfiring of the sympathetic nervous function when the liver function becomes sluggish to supply the essential enzymes for the syntheses of acetylcholine and dopamine. In fact, it is like a automobile charge system which requires the battery (the acetylcholine and dopamine systems) to start the engine and the charge system ( the neuro-endocrine and liver function). Over-masturbation or over-ejaculation is like keeping the headlight on to empty the battery and then the empty battery can not start your engine and re-charge system! Then, there is a loosen wire frequently grounding the charge system too,  that is, the sympathetic nervous misfiring!  . 
You will feel exhausted and tired very frequently.
When Serotonin and GABA are low, the sympathetic Fight/Flight action becomes hyperactive.
Only Serotonin and GABA can help suppress the misfiring of the sympathetic neurons. 

Magnesium (200-250 mg) and Kava Kava (500 mg) can reduce the sympathetic misfiring as well.  

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