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Case Study - Growing the muscle at the expense of shrinking the penis - no erection, no sexual orgasm. Solution!
Reader: 9/13/2000>

I'm a 39 year old male in good health. Recently I have begun weight training to restore hardness to my body, but I was intrigued by your comments on hardness of the penis as it relates to the pleasure a man's partner receives (in my case, it is my dear wife, who happens to be female...). I have three main problems. 
First, I've noticed that my erections are less fierce. I have no problem getting them, but I'd say they're less fierce. I think this problem relates to hormones or liver function. I eat a good diet and take vitamins to supplement, but I'd be interested to hear what you say about a "normal" 39 year old man. FYI, I am not balding nor am I overweight. I'm merely a bit softer than before. 
My second concern is with premature ejaculation. I read with interest your comments on duration (i.e. going beyond 30 minutes to the 40 - 60 minute mark for bringing the woman to orgasm(s)). I have noticed two main things: if there is not a lot of oral stimulation to my penis beforehand I can last long during intercourse, and if I have a full bladder I can last longer. Also, if I have had enough alcohol, I can last longer. But I'd rather not depend on alcohol. The other main thing I have noticed is that when I'm not vigorously pumping, especially if I'm on top or behind her, I can last longer. If I lie on my back and just passively allow my partner to 'do the work', I can last 20 or 30 minutes, and I suspect longer. Oh, a third thing. I can rejuvenate and have intercourse a second or third time and that is ALWAYS a longer lasting "session". But what I really want is to have a really hard boner, pump as vigorously as I want, and last for 45 minutes to one hour, without having to do it two or three times in order to acheive the long lasting "session"!! 
As an aside, I heard recently (Reader's Digest Sept.'00 issue) that muscle growth from weightlifting stimulates the body to produce more testosterone in males. What is your comment on this? I also heard that Zinc in a man's diet helps to ensure adequate testosterone levels.
My third problem is with length. I am near end high end of average (which I've heard to be 5-7 inches) in penis length, but, I think having even one more inch would open up new possibilities sexually, even excite my partner a bit more! I don't think there are many men out there who would not say the same thing. I was absolutely ASTOUNDED at your claim to have increased your own length by 2 inches!! I'd be quite formidable with another 2 inches and if there is some way to do it, then let's rock 'n roll! Life is too short to miss an opportunity like that. While I've characterized this as a "problem", I will also say that I don't consider this as a pressing concern like the above two. 
One last question. Would increasing the length significantly impact girth proportionately? Just curious.

Best regards,
A mildly frustrated lover 

Dr. Lin: 9/16/2000> Mild exercises burning of testosterone and unlock the brain's Hormone Negative Feedback Controller to stimulate hGH and the regeneration of testosterone, and sweat out the stress hormone adrenalin. With more testosterone and less stress hormone, you get a harder erection and lasting longer!
on the other hand, Violent Exercises consume more testosterone than the body produces, so that you have to eat steroid supplements to shorten the recovery time; after the broken muscles recover and grows, so does the testosterone receptors, which becomes the major competitors of your penile and prostate testosterone receptor sites. Thus, You need more testosterone than what your body can produce. In addition, Violent exercises produce too much stress hormone adrenalin which blocks the acetylcholine action at the parasympathetic nervous endings of the penile tissues, where the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) is produces. Therefore, with insufficient testosterone to feel your penile and prostate tissues and a lack of NO production in the penile tissues, you grow your muscle at the expense of shrinking your penis!
If you are a muscle builder, you need ViaPal-hGH-D to increase your hormone levels, to promote your brain's and parasympathetic nervous function for the production of NO, and to reduce the stress hormone production. 

Zinc is essential for the prostate health. Ejaculation discharge a lot of zinc. Over-ejaculation leads to a deficiency of zinc in the prostate tissues - that is, prostate enlargement!

Increasing the length won't decrease the girth; instead, it increases the girth. Why? the penis is made of three blood balloons (inflatable cylinders) and their tissues are isotropic (Expanding at the same proportion in any directions).

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