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Case Study - She has experienced sexual orgasm during urinating with a full bladder.
Reader: 9/8/2000>
I have written a few online experts about my problem. And i have never recieved a response. I don't think most people belive me. I have even asked my uriologist about the problem and he told me it must be in my head. Ever since middle school when i feel the urge to urinate, my vaginal muscles seem to become aroused and contract. If i have to hold my bladder, orgasm is inevitable. It seems as though the longer i hold it the more intense the contractions become until finally i orgasm. Although the orgasm i experience can be slightly more painful and is differnt than the orgasm i experience during sexual intercourse. What causes this ? Is it normal? Should i be concerned. My boyfriend thinks at some point i experinced sexual arousal at the same time i needed to urinate and have associated the two together. And while association can cause arousal. I dont think it can cause orgasm. And i really have no memory of associating sexual arousal with the urge to urinate. I find the two to be a strange combination. 
I have been wondering about this for a very long time. Please let me know what it's all about. 

Dr. Lin: 9/12/2000> I believe you! I encourage women to retain urine in the bladder for a
quick orgasm. 
Here is why?
The urine in the bladder will produce a hydrostatic pressure against the
Epicenter (the female prostate) and cervix, where the pressure (stress!)
relays a signal to your brain for production of the orgasm hormone
Oxytocin that can initiate the orgasm contraction in the uterus. That is
why male and female wet dream occurs in the early morning (3-5 o'clock
AM) when the bladder is full and the testosterone level is at it
absolute maximum of the day. Under this situation, a small disturbance
in the sympathetic nerves in the urethral, bladder, prostate (men) and
Epicenter/Cervix/uterus can ignite the orgasm contraction. In fact, the
urethral nerve runs across the Epicenter, Bladder Orifice and G-spot to
the end point, the glans Clitoris
This is also why contracting the vaginal muscle can accelerate and
enhance sexual and orgasm responses of the urethral (sexual) nerve to
the penile stimulation. This is what the female Sexual Chikong exercise
is all about.
Obviously, your urethral spongy tissues contain a lot of testosterone
receptors that make your urethral sensory nerve very sensitive to the
hydraulic pressure of the bladder. Women with a lot of testosterone
receptors in the urethral tissues can erect the "inner penis" and the
glans (clitoris) very easily for achieving a powerful orgasm. You are a
lucky women. 
Generally, women who hold urine during sex will also experience more
powerful orgasm due to a hydrodynamic pressure (Sloshing Wave) against
the Epicenter, cervix and uterus, in addition to the stimulation of the
G-spot and Epicenter by the penis.
For both men and women, the urethral sensory nerves are the hot wire to
ignite sexual arousal and orgasm (and create sexual stress locally to
turn on the sympathetic sexual, motoring nerve). Sometime, the
over-stimulation of this nerve by the G-spot stimulation will produce a
urination urgency during sex and urethral or bladder

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