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Case Study - He graduated from the Orgasm Research Center, the School of Love, majoring in Sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 9/8/2000>
Hey Dr. Lin,
According to a friend of mine, I'm the expert on sex, but what she really does know, I have great sources of information. My question to you is; How do you compare a woman vaginally to her anally and can a woman achieve the 7 levels of orgasm anally?

Dr. Lin: 9/8/2000>

Glad to hear I have a lot of Excellent Students, including you. Welcome to the School of Love!.  
Level-7 orgasm from anal sex?
NO! Anal Sex can stimulate the "tailbone" orgasm only.
More or less, the tailbone orgasm (the male-type orgasm) sends the sexual energy back to the brain via the spine and the Governing Vessel (the Yang-Chi Master) of the acupuncture network, as shown in

This type of orgasm is completely different from the G-spot or/and Epicenter(female prostate) Orgasm , but it can enhance the vaginal orgasm to an extreme. The simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter, the 3-point excitation method, will drive women to a Level-7 Orgasm (like earth movement and volcano eruption in the body). Adding the tailbone orgasm into a Level-7 orgasm, it is like the earth explosion in the female pelvic cavity.
There are two ways to adding the tailbone orgasm to the Level-7 orgasm:
1. 4-point excitation with Double Penetration in the vagina and anus and with a simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris. She can pass out if you really get her clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and tailbone physically stimulated at the same! No funny!
2. 3-point excitation ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm ) with the female sexual chikong ( http://www.actionlove.com/love/chikong.htm  ) by contracting the vaginal and anal/tailbone muscles - another type of the 4-point excitation. We have enjoyed this type of Supper Level-7 orgasm very much.
But, some of extreme Level-7 orgasms in the female Luteal Phase ( http://www.actiontao.com/image/cycle.jpg  ) will result in post-orgasmic pain and cramp in the pelvic cavity from the low abdomen to the tail bone via the perineum and anus, particularly, for middel aged and senior women. 

Anal Sex may causes a lot of problems that threaten anal/rectum health. Avoid it if possible.

Reader: 9/8/2000>
Hey Dr. Lin,
Thanks for responding to my question in regards to anal orgasms.
I personally have only had anal sex once and it didn't excite me as much as I thought it would. Funny thing, I can fantasize about it and get all turn on, but the act its self is disturbing to me (there's something just not right about it). I need to work with a friend of mine on achieving a faster orgasm (multiple level 7's)(smile), it takes her a long time to get there or I need to work on extending my orgasmic window. I do remember reading somewhere on your website about exercises to help promote easier orgasms. Thanks again for all your great advice....Teacher or should I say Chi-Kong Master. Will write again soon. Your Faithful Student.....Mr. Man. 

Dr. Lin: 9/9/2000>
1. My main concern is health. You don't want to penetrate her vaginally after performing anal sex. Of course, you can wear condom for anal sex and replace or remove it for vaginal sex. To stimulate the tailbone anally, it requires a deep anal penetration that can create a mess for a romantic moment.
Personally, if I want to perform oral sex, I have to have my mouth washed. I don't want food bacteria getting into her urethra and vagina. In addition, frequent anal sex may loosen her bowel-controlling muscle, resulting in bowel incontinece. 
2. Women can get tailbone self-stimulated by performing anal breathing like men do during sex.
We call it Sexual ChiKong Intercourse as described in
Or, you can compress her tailbone with you fingers when she rides on you.
The pictures on
show how can you use your hand to massage her tailbone during sex.

We want both health and sexual orgasm!

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