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Case Study - The extreme of over-masturbation practices for no sexual orgasm, impotence and premature ejaculation; even the erectile drug won't work. Solutions!
Reader: 8/23/2000>Dear Dr. Lin,

I have a patient who is 40 years old living in Atlanta. He has been taught how to masterbate at age 12 by some older male friends. He got addicted to masterbation ever since. He reached his puberty at 15 1/2. From age 12 to 25, he masterbated 3-8 times per day. From age 26-31, he started to reduce to about 2-3 times per day and felt less desire.
At age 32-36, he has major erectile problems. From then on, he used all kinds of sex tools to help prolong his erection but only last less than one minute. Recently, he used shots, accupuncture, v?agra (the erectile drug) and all types of Chinese formulas, but they were useless to him. In taking V?agra (the erectile drug), he has to masterbate continuouly after one hour to have an erection
that last only seconds. He never has one chance to insert his penis fully into the vigina, then ejaculated--he put it "there goes my $10-dollar V?agra pill!" Right now, he wants to get marry and have a kid. He only wish to improve his erectile by 5-7 minutes. 
Moreover, he is planning to do surgery to have his penis enlarge. This is an extreme case, we believe your expertise and products will help improve his sexual life.
Please respond to us or to him directly ASAP.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Lin: 8/24/2000>
Boy! This is an extreme case! The over-masturbation damages are very extensive. It will take a while to repair the damage.
If the erectile drug can not accumulate the erection dilator cGMP in the penile spongy tissues to initiate erection, his liver won't produce sufficient the essential enzymes to convert L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide (NO) and then to cGMP, or his parasympathetic nervous system and acetylcholine action are to weak to support his liver function and the production of the erection neurotransmitter NO at the parasympathetic motor nerve endings in the penile spongy tissues.
Generally speaking, powering erection will solve premature ejaculation for men after 30, since their sympathetic/dopamine (particularly, D2 receptors for ejaculation controller, D1 receptors for erection and good mood) systems are degenerated: instead, more dopamine is converted to norepinephrine and finally to epinephrine (adrenaline), the stress hormone, by the adrenal medulla, where the stress hormone is broadcasted through the blood circulation. The stress hormone triggers the kidney's blood pressure controller - the renine-release mechanism, and blocks the acetylcholine receptors and effectors which forms the bioelectric communication between the brain/parasympathetic system and sex organs.
Thus, the liver function must be powered up with ingredients for P450 detoxification. The brain's parasympathetic battery (bioelectric level) must get recharged to above -70 mv. The organic anions from tonic herbs, amino acids (and neurotransmitters), and hormone precursors are used to elevate the bioelectric level in the neurons. Calcium should be added to improve the condutivity of the synapses in the inter-neurons. Herbs should be used to reduce the conversion of dopamine into the stress hormone adrenaline and to block the binding of adrenaline to the acetylcholine and NO effectors in the prostate and penile spongy tissues. 
In this regard, ViaPal-hGH-D (3-012) is the package he needs.
In addition, he needs 10-25 mg 5-HTP (the serotonin precursor for mood and calm enhancer) to reduce the Dopamine D2's activity, so that the parasympathetic system can save bioelectric energy to actuate the motor nerves to the liver (the production of essential enzymes for the ultimate production of cGMP), heart (the blood pumping for erection) , adrenal glands (for DHEA production!), kidney (for the regulation of blood pressure!) and sex organs (erection, naturally). Our experiments have shown a low dosage of 5-HTP with ViaGrowth-IV can reduce the sympathetic energy consumption, leading to frequent spontaneous erection for middle agers and seniors, and elevate the histamine level for a power full orgasm - a burst of oxytocin (orgasmic hormone).
Too much 5-HTP will affect the Dopamine D2 receptor, responsible for erectile muscle relaxation, in conjunction with the Acetylcholine action.
Adding a low dosage (25-50 mg) of L-Glutamine will help neuron repair and excite the acetylcholine and dopamine systems. Too much will induce headache like the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" caused by MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG).

Penile surgery will be the end of abusing his sex organs and his sexual life. 

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