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Case Study - Reduction of Masturbation for prolonging intercourse and  sexual orgasm - Solutions.
Reader: 8/20/2000>

Reader 1: hey doc ,,i recieved my saliva hormone test the other day, and my testosterone levels were sky high, my dhea was on the high side, my progesterone level was vertually non existent and my dht level was double that what it supposed to be. i emailed you before with this, if you remember. i have been lifting weights now since i was 13 years old. im not on any supplements, i masturbated excessively until about 1 month ago and i stopped. i started to lose my hair about 3 years ago. im currently on pr?pecia (hair grower) and saw palmetto 320mgs a day. what are your thoughts on me stopping masturbation at this point. im currently not in a sexual relationship. could this help with excessive hair loss or can the stopping the masturbation worsen it. thank you very much. 

Reader 2: Greetings from England Dr. Lin,
First off, I would like to say that you have done a superb job with the site, it's very informational and solved many of my problems, so I would personally like to thank you for that. 
Dr. Lin, I remember I read one of your posts referring to the fact that masturbation can turn into an addiction, I totally agree with you on this matter, I feel that I have fallen prey to this addiction, I masturbate once a day and have realized that it's very difficult to try to change my masturbation routine. Usually the most I can stop for is one day and then fall back to my usually masturbation pattern. Can you give me any advice on how I could stop this addiction and masturbate less?

Dr. Lin: 8/22/2000>
To solve your problem, we have to go after your nervous system. The problem is associated with the unbalanced acetylcholine (Yin Chi) -dopamine (Yang Chi) relationship, in favor of the dopamine system, in the brain.
Stop eating cheese and red meat which containing too much Glutamine which is an excitatory neurotransmitter.
Sea foods, particularly seaweed, oyster, shrimp and lobster, contains a lot of Glutamine too. 
Instead, have more fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and soy products. 
You don't have to become a monk or nun to cut off meat or sea foods. 
You need a lot of plant sterols to balance you testosterone and DHT production.
Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Pygeum, Red clover, grape seed and black cohosh are typical herbs for this purpose.
Some animal products such as uterine and ovarian tissues and Placenta Extra can increase progesterone and estrogen level to prevent your sex engine from overheating by testosterone and DHT. Estrogen can also increase the production of prolactin (orgasm and libido inhibitor) and low down the resting potential of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to slow down the brain/pituitary-adrenal-testicular axis. 
You have a hyperactive adrenal function that turns all progesterone into DHEA which is converted to testosterone by the testicular function.
If you slow down the adrenal function, you will solve the problem.
To do it more effectively, lowing down the rest potential in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system  can be enhanced by increasing the intake of the mineral Mg and the amino acids Methionine, Taurine and GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter). Note: increasing the Calcium level  will increase the bioelectric conductivity of the nervous synapses (the inter-connector between two neurons). You should limit your Ca intake.  
Calming the brain's dopamine system can reduce the sympathetic activities. Dopamine is the inhibitor of prolactin and the promoter of oxytocin and libido. This can be achieved by increasing the serotonin level in the brain with 5-HTP + St. John's Wort + B6, Kava Kava, Chamomile Flowers, and Passion Flower. The serotonin system will promote Yin and suppress Yang,  acting like a Yin-Yang Chi (bioelectrity) control valve..  
Actually, we are developing a product for this purpose and the young men's (mind-driven) premature ejaculation problem - due to overmasturbation. 
The hair grower will slowly knock down your testicular function. At the state of your current testicular function, you will get some benefit from it.
By the way, Methionine, uterine/ovarian/placenta extract, and plant sterols will benefit your hair growth and skin too. 

Violent Physical Exercises are another way to burn testosterone and to discharge the resting potential in the nervous system. You may have to consider them for your good, but be careful about the exercise safety and the sufficient supply of mineral liquids.

Excessive exercises or dosage of the ingredients will affect the parasympathetic acetylcholine action which is responsible for erection too. If this happens, no problem! and we have the parasympathetic acetylcholine or erection promoter for you to take together. 

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