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Case Study - Hypothyroidism and the Mechanism of Sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 8/13/2000>
Please Help!!!! I am a 39 year old woman who cannot have an orgasm with a partner. I can only seem to have them on my stomach using my hand on my clitoris. I'm tired of faking them. I have recently me a very sexual man who love sex as much as i do, but still cannot achieve orgasm either from oral sex or vaginal sex.
I probably should have been frustrated long before this..but I just use to take care of myself if you know what I mean. Men get frustrated with me and it makes them feel bad. I know it's me what can I do? 
A little history. I had a hystrectomy in feburary, but the problem came way before the surgery. I am also on thyriod medication for hypothriodism. Please help, I really like this guy an dwant to have great sex with him. 

P.S.....I do get the tingiling feeling in my toes by never quite get there.


Dr. Lin: 8/18/2000>
The problem is hypothyroidism which results in producing too much prolactin - the orgasm inhibitor,  too less oxytocin - the orgasm hormone for vaginal/uterine contraction,  and insufficient Acetylcholine (the parasympathetic neurotransmitter - the chemical linker to turn on the interneuron connection) in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous ganglions ( the one-way conductor/linker - like the diode in the electronic circuit) and adrenal medulla. Acetylcholine is the key driver for sexual erection/engorgement and for the brain's dopamine system that motors the sympathetic function to execute the "Flight or Fight" command, that is, "Erection withdraw/Vaginal drying-up, or ejaculation/orgasm" in an intercourse session.
Without sufficient acetylcholine, the bioelectric communication between the brain and sex organs is de-linked.
The parasympathetic nervous function won't erect your clitoris and inner penis (the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, although your testosterone level is high enough to drive your libido high. Similarly, the sympathetic nervous system won't electrify (pacemake) the autorhythmic and contractile fibers in your vaginal muscle, where oxytocin must be presented for initiation of orgasm contraction. The clitoral orgasm is a transient response of opening the energy window (termed as the Earth Gate). The clitoral orgasm is like the transient power surge of turning on a light switch. In your case, it is like the light bulb burning out upon turning on the light switch! In the full orgasm, we have to turn on the clitoral switch by opening the energy window, followed by vaginal/uterine orgasmic contraction. In the record of our (my wife's) orgasmic vocal response as shown in
where the first orgasmic wave peak, right after she broke her orgasm barrier (opened her Earth Gate for the resonant wave energy to radiate out of her pelvic cavity (the orgasmic wave resonator) from the vagina/uterine autorhythmic/contractile fibers), is the clitoral transient orgasm response, followed by a sequence of vaginal/uterine contraction at a rate of 0.8 second. 
This means, your man has to open your Earth Gate (the clitoral switch!) first. Most of men don't know this trick! For more detail, please read
This sexual energy switch can be turned on by direct clitoral stimulation, or indirect stimulation around the clitoral base and on the G-spot across the urethra, or with the pressure waves along the urethral spongy tissues from the G-spot to the Epicenter. However, the subsequent vaginal orgasm requires the direct stimulation (synchronous to the vaginal/uterine contraction is recommended)  of the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues with a sequence of rhythmic pressure waves. This is why we create our 3-point Excitation Method for Sexual Orgasm Excitation.  

The ability of the subsequent vaginal orgasms depends on your brain's acetylcholine and dopamine system - the parasympathetic-assisted sympathetic nervous function - the "Fight" command. The parasympathetic-assisted sympathetic nervous function is termed as "Promoting Yin Chi to Assist Yang Chi" in the Chinese Medical Concept.  In this regard, you need ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005) plus a little (5-15 mg) 5-HTP (The precursor of the neurotransmitter Serotonin) to power your brain/hypothalamus/pituitary axis. 
Note that Thyroid-Releasing Hormone (TRH) can elevate Acetylcholine level more than 10 times in a hour based up an animal experiment. This shows the interaction between the thyroid and acetylcholine system. and You need a TRH therapy! Acetylcholine is the power driver of regulating all the hormone production  in the body (and organ functions too!).  In term of our bioelectric (Chi) concept, the parasympathetic bioelectric resting potential is the biased voltage for all the organs (like the DC voltage for motor/pumps, amplifiers, sensors and actuators in the electric circuits) to function.  
When your libido is high, but can not release the sexual energy in your pelvic cavity, you experience the pelvic congestion phenomenon like men do. It is very frustrated. In this regard, you ask him to use my Finger Pliers Method to make you come.

On the other hand, you may have to examine his erection as well, according to 
A weak penis can not make women com.
If his erection is insufficient, he needs ViaPal-hGH-D (Item 3-012) to help him out!

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