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News updated:

Case Study - He said ' Thanks to Penisos & Viagrowth IV, Viagrowth III, Verdina & Energia' for his Penile Power-up (enlargement); now how to power libido of his 55-year-old, chronic drinking and smoking wife for sexual orgasm - Entropy reduction for the Thermodynamic Sex Engine!
Reader: 8/15/2000>
Thanks to Penisos, Viagrowth IV, Viagrowth III, Verdina, and Energia I have noticed a remarkable change in my ability to powerup. I have been taking these products for about 10 days. However my wife libido needs improving. She is drinker & smoker which does not help. She is also 55 years old. I have ordered heat tea package, but can she also benefit from Penisos & Viagrowth IV and if so can you recommend herbs for her to retain her youthful sex drive. 

Dr. Lin: 8/16/2000>
Yes! ViaGrowth-IV and PeniSOS can give her a lift.
Since she is a drinker and smoker, it requires 2 tablets of ViaGrowth-IV, one in the morning and another one in the evening to repair her liver.
The best result is to drink Heat Tea with ViaGrowth-IV. Alternate ViaGrowth-III and -IV after the first week with ViaGrowth-IV. 
Generally, for women older than 45, I recommend ViaPal-hGH-D (item 3-012), instead of Heat Tea (item 3-001).
Particularly, she is a chronic drinker and smoker who has a damaged or sluggish liver.
ViaGrowth-IV of ViaPal-hGH-D is to reverse aging and power the neuro-endocrine, liver and cardiovascular functions.
Naturally, the healing process is a little slower for seniors. According the thermodynamic 2nd law, our body entropy (degree of chaos or sympathetic function) increases as we age. ViaGrowth-IV is to promote the parasympathetic nervous function to help regulate the sympathetic function for reduction of the body entropy. On the other hand, Verdina of the Heat Tea will promote the serotonin nervous function to reduce the sympathetic function and to assist the parasympathetic nervous function for restoration of bioelectric energy and healing power, a must for health, healing and orgasm.  Taking a low dose ( 5-10 mg) 5-HTP, and Kava kava (200-500 mg) will be very helpful too for middle agers and seniors.   Our body is a Thermodynamic Sex Engine. When the body entropy elevates high, sexual function go down to the drain and we age fast! To live longer, love longer and last longer, we have to reduce the body entropy. That is how our products work for loving couples.

>News Updated (8/17/2000): Taking a dose of 5-10 mg 5-HTP with 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV or ViaGrowth-III may help the the hypothalamus/pituitary produce a lot of histamine and oxytocin (orgasm hormone). Men and women may have to sleep with an erecting penis, where the female penis consist of the clitoris (the glans penis!) and the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues including the G-spot (the penile shaft! The G-spot is the same as the male trigger zone as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg  and the Epicenter is the prostate!).  If you take more than 15-25 mg 5-HTP (depending on the body weight) with ViaGrowth-IV, you will have a big chance to experience "SEX FLUSH" in the face, neck, shoulders, chest, sex organs and other areas, in 30 minutes due to a burst of histamine.  The excessive histamine release will also causes secretion of mucus in the mouth and sex organs, enhancing your response to sexual activity.  I wonder it can result in female ejaculation!  The peak SEX FLUSH response duration is about 30 minutes, 30-60 minutes after taking 5-HTP and ViaGrowth-IV at the same time. However,  for some people, this may be an allergic response, requiring antihistamine (anti-allergic) drugs to dampen this reaction (in about 30 minutes.)   In fact, what you want is a little SEX FLUSH to enhance the sexual and orgasmic response.  This will solve female intercourse pain and VAGINISMUS, and reduce the possible orgasmic pain and cramp.  For therapeutic purposes for  women with titled/pro uterus and experiencing PMS pain/cramps, takes 25-50 mg 5-HTP during bedtime and 1 tablet of ViaGrowth-IV at least 2 hours prior to having 5-HTP, in order to prevent the SEX FLUSH reaction.  

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