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Case Study - Conditions for the Penile Enlargement and  sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/4/2000>
Hi Dr.Lin,
You are the only one that I hope can help me out here.
I started to use the natural penile enlargement method from other website about a year ago. The method is basically including with stretching and milking. I'm not sure how to explain this term, but basically the strecthing part is strecth the penis with slightly pull out the penis to some direction for period of time ( for example, pull it out slightly to left for 30 seconds and stop for 30 seconds and do this repetition for 16 times. It applies for front, left, right, upward, and downward side) and then milking is almost like your balloning method where i need to use some lubricant (such as baby oil) and massage from the base of the penis to the head with thumb and index finger formed like an "OK" sign. I'm not really sure how to explain my problem because of my limited english, but let me try to explain. For past couple months, I notice that there is a somekind like a "stone" pimple (it might look like a pimple without its eyes, but we can feel that something like a small stone inside the pimple) on the left lower side of my penis's shaft. Well, perhaps you got confused with my problems, let me try to give some illustration on what happen to my problem. If we use to write a lot, one of our finger ( one after middle finger, not the index finger ) would have a small... hmm... I'm not sure what's the english word for this... a small blister like a stone pimple with harder skin surface comparing to others. I hope you can understand what I meant. So, Is this normal? will it be gone? (since it's already there for couple months) should I stop this exercise?
Also, I have some questions about your balloning method. Do i have to use some kind of lubricant to do this method? (since it might sour if no lubricant at all)
Do you have any more details instruction on how to do your balloning method? Honestly, I still do not understand on how to perform this method eventhough I read your article and pictures about this method soo many times.
Please help me out Dr. Lin. Thank you very much.

Dr. Lin: 8/5/2000>
It is like a dead tissue or scar in your penis.
You should use Vitamin E oil to massage the dead or scar tissues. This may crook or curve your penis eventually.

You won't be able to enlarge your penis, unless your neuro-endocrine function can produce sufficient hormones of hGH, DHEA and testosterone, your liver function helps generated the sufficient parasympathetic neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide, and the erectile dilator cGMP, and your cardiovascular function pumps a supper high-pressure blood flow to balloon your penis.
The penile enlargement method requires these basic internal body functions. 
Remember that there is no muscle in the penis to excise or to grow, and the penis consists of three cylindrical balloons with inflatable, spongy tissues.
The penile enlargement method is to create the neuro-endocrine function to burn testosterone into the bioelectric power (for erection power and cardiovascular pumping) and the super hormone DHT (the tissues expansion stimulator) to balloon the penis to an extreme size. 
The graph in http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case7648.htm 
shows the stimulation procedures and steps to achieve it, but your internal body functions must support the ballooning stimulation.
It will take few months to get the result. If your internal body functions won't support it, if you can not hold ejaculation back, or if you can not spontaneously erect your penis without hand or oral jobs, you will never get it.

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