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Case Study -  Solutions for midlife transition -  more erection, penile enlargement, and sexual orgasm
Reader: 8/1/2000>
Dr. Lin,
I really enjoy learning from your website and your CD. However, I need some advice. I'm 37 and in good health, but I don't perform the way I used to. My penis has lost about an inch in length, is not as firm, and does not stand at between one and two o'clock the way it once did. I don't last near as along either, sometimes only 10 minutes and have some groin discomfort after an erection. This has been very frustrating. I did noticed that after a 10 to 15 minute low back massage that things were much better that night during sex. What causes these issues? Could masterbation, which I have done to some degree since the age of 14 and a couple times a week recently because of a divorce, be a reason? What must I do to fix my problem? Which of your products would be best to use? Will I need continuous use at the same dosage? Do any of these products have substances that would act on the body similar to caffine? If so, I must avoid them. I notice your power-up as well as other performance techniques are best used within a relationship. Going through a divorce, at this point I don't have a consistant partner. How can I be at peak performance now so I have confidence for my next relationship?
Thank you for your help.

Dr. Lin: 8/3/2000>
1. You have experienced the midlife transition. The neuro-endocrine and liver function is start to slow down.
This life transition produces emotional instability and performance decline that can cost your job and marriage - your job in the workplace and bedroom. You need Endura (item 3-006) or ViaPal-hGH-D (item 3-012) to help you out. ViaPal-hGH-D is more cost-effective. For you, 50% of the suggested dosage will be enough to get your erection power back. Our products contains no caffeine that can exhaust your parasympathetic nervous system responsible for erection. Our products mainly power the brain/parasympathetic (acetylcholine, or Yin Chi in the Chinese medical concept) nervous function to assist the sympathetic (dopamine, or Yang Chi in the Chinese medical concept) and Serotonin (mood/mind) nervous functions. The brain/parasympathetic nervous system is the bioeletcric battery that provides the resting potential (the biased voltage for the sensors, actuators, and amplifiers of electronic circuits) for our internal organs and sensors. It is also the source of the healing and repairing power. Our products are formulated to power the brain/parasympathetic nervous, cardiovascular, liver and endocrine functions at the same time to produce a harmonic and balanced enhancement of the organ functions. These formulas are derived from the thousand-year old Chinese Emperor/Empress Medicine which naturally consists of tonic herbs and animal glandulars. Today, we have discovered that the animal penis, testicles, prostate, and adrenal glands contains a lot of hGH agents, DHEA, androstenedione (testosterone precuror) and testosterone, and that the animal ovaries, uterus and placenta have a lot of female hormones (estrogen and progresterone). These organs are the main hormone receptors sites in the body, that trap a lot of hormones and hormone-building substances. So, we take advantage of these natural, tonic ingredients to power the our body. ViaGrowth-IV is evenly more advanced, taking advantage of the natural-souced DHEA, androstenedione, tonic herbs and amino acids, without using animal glandulars, to rejuvenate the aging and aged body. Yet, A combination of Fibra and Ginseng Power max 4x is a powerful stress-homone buster that can minimize the bioeletric resistance of your parasympathetic nervous circuits and increase the acetycholine action and electric pulse levels across the synapses - the bio-chemo-electric linkages of the neurons. This will allow the brain/mind to actuate the penis (clitoral and urethral/vaginal spongy tiissues) to erect and expand for the balloning (enlargement) effect. 
2. Massaging the low back (the spinal cord) can help produce bioelectric energy to charge the parasympathetic nervous system. This is called the Piezoelectric effect. The bone acts as the piezoeletric generator and the DC voltage rectifier. The spinal cord under alternative stress cycling can produce a rectified DC potential to charge the brain/nervous system. The cycling stress on the tail bone and pubis can bioelectrically charge the parasympathetic sexual nerves via the pelvic acupuncture points along the Conceptive, Governing, Gallbladder, Kideny and Liver Vessels. We use the cycling stress on the pubis to power up the penis, clitoris and female "inner penis" - urethral/vaginal spongy tissues. 
3. To ensure your peak performance in your next relationship, you must practice the sexual chikong breathing for ejaculation control and the Penile Ballooning Massage every morning upon your wakeup, as described in
CD-ROM, or outlined in
Massage the groins, pubis, penile base/footing and scrotum/testicles to induce the blood flow and testosterone burst for erection, and then use two thumbs to massage the posterior (upper) size of the penile shaft, but avoid stimulation on the urethral nerve and trigger zone. This will take 5-10 minutes to heat up your perineum and penis. Squeeze the blood toward the the glans. Also use two hands to pulse the pubis between the pubic bone and the penile base to vribrate the penile shaft up and down and left and right for 3-5 minutes until the penis becomes very hot and ballooning. And hold the ejaculation for more than 3 times at least. Although, you are allowed to ejaculate no more than twice a week, optimal ejaculation is essential to unlock the brain's Hormone Negative Feedback Controller (HNFC). The HNFC lock-up cycle is about 3-4 days. That is, if you don't ejaculate for more than 4 days, your neuro-endocrine function will be slowed down by the HNFC. You may experience premature ejaculation without a good erection. The reason is, your pelvic area is congested by excessive testosterone and DHT leading to ejaculation urgency, but your neuro-endocrine (brain-adrenal-testicular) function can not produce a testosterone burst and burning to support a continuous erection that requires a continuous burst of the erection neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (driven by the parasympathetic bioelectric pulses to the prostate and penile tissues) for more and more dilator cGMP to balloon the penis.
For the best result with this practice, you should take ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV daily. You should also practice the Sexual ChiKong Breathing (particularly, the simple Anal Breathing Method) while you are doing the Penile Ballooning Massage. This allow you to emulate the Sexual ChiKong Breathing for intercourse. 

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