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Case Study -  She wants a lot of sexual orgasm, but he can not make it for her. Solutions!
Reader: 7/20/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I am greatly enjoying the information on your web site. I am a 38-year-old, highly sexual woman in, I feel, the prime of my sexual life. My fiance is 42 years old, in excellent health. My problem is that he doesn't agree with me about the amount of sexual activity we should be engaging in, at our ages. I say we could have intercourse every day, with ejaculation for him happening only 3-4x per week. I also mentioned that we could have 2-hour sessions for those 3-4x and he was aghast! He thinks it's too much. 

Can you enlighten us as to how often a 42-year-old, strong, healthy male can have sexual intercourse per week without depleting his energy and vitality? Also, how many times is optimal for his ejaculation? He is concerned about losing nutrients. 

I also wonder how often is ok for me to have intercourse? I am feeling frustrated because I am not getting as much consistent stroking for my desire level. How many orgasms per week is ok for a 38-yr-old woman?

My fiance has a fairly large organ, which he has difficulty keeping rock hard for me. So we are challenged by semi-erectness and premature ejaculation, as well as his interest level being lower than mine. Oh, he also smokes marijuana regularly. Could this be affecting the erection, premature ejaculation, energy level or interest level? Please help!

Thank you very much.


Dr. Lin: 7/25/2000>
Our traditional Taoism wisdom of sexuality suggests that stronger men of age 40-50, with sufficient nutrients, have one ejaculation every 2 - 4 days (or 1.8 - 3.5 times a week )without depleting health conditions, such as vision, hearing, muscular strength, heart functions, kidney functions and so on, but men of any age can have sexual intercourse every day, that is a loving couple can turn sexual intercourse as a spiritual reunion of two bodies and souls. The brain/nervous, liver and endocrine functions determines the male ejaculation frequency. 
If he gets right nutrients, he can ejaculate 3-4 times a week. I have gotten this conclusion from the test of our formula ViaGrowth-III and -IV. We have found that ViaGrowth-IV can double ejaculation frequency and, at the same, power the entire body like 20's young men have. ViaGrowth-III can increase 1.5 times of the suggested ejaculation frequency. Oddly enough, orgasmic ejaculation can re-power the endocrine and nervous functions with these products. That means, orgasmic ejaculation can increase the body strength. I think, we have achieved the old taoism wisdom "recycling Sexual energy to power the brain." Our strange products are armed with the detoxification ingredients for the liver and sex organs, that automatically help tune up the body with a powerful orgasm. 
The main problem is he is afraid to have sex due to his weak erection and premature ejaculation, both of which are the typical problem for middle agers. In fact, his weak erection causes his premature ejaculation. This is because weak erection during sex has force him to contract his prostate (the so-called Kiegel Exercise) to assist his erection. Once he practices the prostate contraction, he turns on his prostate's ejaculation controller - the sympathetic sexual never. In addition, he is afraid of losing his erection during sex. This will preset his brain function in the sympathetic mode which is ready to execute the "Flight or Fight" command. The "Flight" means "Erection withdrawal", while the "Fight" means "Shoot it out - Ejaculate."
With this problem in his mind, he is afraid to have sex every day since he will lose ejaculation control in each love session. In his mind, intercourse means ejaculation. He can not separate ejaculation from intercourse.
The solution for his problems is ViaPal-hGH-D (item 3-012) which is a 60-70 day supply for him.
He will become very confident to have sex with you.
On the other hand, he to learn my sexual tricks that can trigger your orgasm without ejaculation.
He is a lucky man to have a sexy woman like you. In fact, he can make you come every day, but limit his ejaculation within his health capacity. The trick is based upon a combination of my Finger Pliers Method with my screwing technique. The Screwing Technique is a deep-penetration, but gentle, 3-point Excitation Stimulation Method which can prevent his ejaculation, but will make you very horny since his glans penis kisses your Epicenter/Cervix while his pubic bone massages your clitoris. Then, apply the Finger Pliers Method to continue the stimulation of your Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter at the time. You can achieve the earth-movement or volcano-eruption orgasm in less than 1 minutes. Then, he replugs his penis into you to continue your orgasm for another minutes. In this way, he can prevent his ejaculation and at the time, you can enjoy your powerful orgasm. How about my suggestion. The trick is to use the Finger Pliers Method to break your orgasmic break, that is, to open your orgasmic energy gate, so that his penis can take over the job to continuously drive your orgasm to your limit.
Smoking marijuana alternates his brain/parasympathetic nervous function to slow down his endocrine function. The testosterone burst and burning driven by his liver and endocrine functions is very critic for the erection power of men after 30. Young men with a high testosterone can smoke pot to reduce the testosterone burst rate during sex for prolonging intercourse, but men after 30 does not have such conditions to produce a high power testosterone burst no more. As a result, smoking pot results in weak erection and impotence.
You can have sexual intercourse every day, as we have done since we started our sexual life 26 years ago.
As long as you have a powerful orgasm (level-6 or 7, feeling like earth-movement and volcano eruption) every time you have sex, your orgasm demands will be around 3-4 times a weeks. Generally, one powerful orgasm can give you a good feeling (due to the increase of Oxytocin in your bloodstream) for 2 or 3 days. In fact, too many powerful orgasms will consume too much DHEA and testosterone in the ligaments of your pelvic cavity, resulting in post-orgasm pains and cramps. Of course, you can increase your orgasm frequency to once a day, but you need ViaGrowth-IV to prevent orgasm pains or cramps in your low abdomen or tail bone areas. 
if the orgasm intensity is less than 5 cycles, you can have orgasm twice a day every day. The more less orgasm power you experience, the more orgasm frequency you can have.

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