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Case Study -  Why the glans clitoris disappears? for no sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
All my life I even wondered if I have a clitoris. I have just viewed a picture of a vagina and a fully engorged clitoris from your web site. I still do not see on me what I saw there. I am not easily aroused, nor does direct contact with that area bring much stimulation. This is unless the person I am with fully turns me on. I can masturbate from anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour before I even achieve an orgasm! It took me years to even know firsthand what an orgasmic experience really was. My question to you is this - is there a possibility that my clitoris may be un/underdeveloped. I would think that direct contact on this spot would send a woman into frenzy. For me, it does not nor it never has. I have not ever used
outside things to assist me such as a vibrator or any mechanical device of any kind. Please give me some direction as to what my disorder or dysfunction may be and 
how it can be corrected. I would really like to fully enjoy my sexual experience, but my interest is waning, because I can never be fully aroused unless I fantacize to the point of almost reaching an out of body experience. Help, please!

Dr. Lin: 7/25/2000>
It seems you have an over-developed clitoral hood and inner lips, which are associated with excessive estrogen during your adolescence. Excessive estrogen also thicken your vaginal lining that covers your G-spot nerves. Generally speaking, taking birth control pill or injection in the adolescence will increase the possibility to develop too dense estrogen receptors in the sex organs. As a result, there will be excessive estrogen trapped in the sex organs to grow the clitoral hood, inner lips and vaginal lining, and to shrink the glans clitoris (the same tissues as the glans penis') and the urethral spongy tissues and nerves (including the G-spot and Epicenter). You can become very wetted with a shrunk glans clitoris and a thicker vaginal lining, but experience orgasmic dysfunction!
To make the clitoris and urethral spongy tissues erect like a penis, you need ViaGrowth-IV and frequent clitoral and vaginal massages with my Finger Pliers Method, which is similar to the Natural Penile Enlargement Method. ViaGrowth-IV provides the boy with the liver detoxification ingredients, the brain/nervous/heart nutrients, and the hormone boosters, so that the Finger Pliers massage can become every effective to help the vaginal and clitoral tissues to grow the testosterone, DiHydroTestosterone (DHT, The supper hormone derived from the testosterone burning), and oxytocin (orgasm hormone) receptors, which are essential to cause the beautiful engorgement of the glans clitoris and the swelling of the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues like an erecting penis. Without testosterone, DHT, the brain/parasympathetic nervous (acetylcholine) action, and the liver enzymes to assist the production of the erectile messenger Nitric Oxide and dilator cGMP, the spongy tissues in the clitoris and urethral spongy tissues (for the G-spot, Epicenter, and penis) won't erect like what saw in
The Finger Pliers Massage is the method to help women develop the hormone receptors for orgasm.
Our recently studies have found that ViaGrowth-IV with 10-mg 5-HTP (the Serotonin precursor for the good mood and sexual mind) will result in frequently spontaneous erection of the clitoris, G-spot and penis, which can double the sexual and orgasmic responses and shorten the refraction period to re-arm the love tools (the clitoris, G-spot and penis) for another around of intercourse and orgasm.
In fact, the Verdina Tea in our Heat Tea package produces the similar effect as 5-HTP does.

Reader 7/24/2000:>
Dr. Thanks!
This is so very helpful. I will place an order shortly. Also, I failed to mention that I am overweight and suffer from (undiagnosed) depression. I have pretty much all my life felt downcast and sullen. I had gone to two homeopaths and both did iridology exams. The results were pretty much same. They noticed a sort of "dullness" in the brain activity center and that things can be somewhat confusing for me to understand at times. My question is this - Do you believe that there is a link between obesity and depression which could also inhibit sexual desire/responsiveness? I had not always been overweight, I gained weight continuously from high school now until adulthood. But even as an adolescent, young woman, I never had strong sensitivity nor desire for sex. My depression has been a life long battle. I want to add these details as they may assist in other recommendations from your catalog of products and or techniques you could recommend to assist me for sexual (mental and psycological) excitement and pleasure. I appreciate your responsiveness! Thanks,
Dr. Lin: 7/27/2000:> 

Yes! Obesity and depression are interlinked - in the serotonin (mood and mind) nervous system.
Insufficient serotonin in the brain will cause depression, which in turn, calls for more foods or drinks in an attempt to increase the serotonin synthesis. If you get the right stuff, you will eat less and won't feel starvation. And, the most importance is, you becomes very active in everything.
When you have wrong foods or drinks, you will try to eat more to lift yourself up. Then, the problem is, your liver won't coorporate - it produces more enzymes that turns the junk foods (may also contains a lot of mimic estrogen too!) into fat or estrogen. Fat cells and estrogen are the good old friends that promotes each other. The midsection of the body, breasts, thighs, uterus, clitoral hood, and inner lips contain a lot of estrogen receptors, while the glans clitoris and the urethral spongy tissues, like the penile tissues, are the major sites of testosterone receptors. Your problem is, your testosterone receptors in these major spots are too less, but you have too concentrated estrogen receptors in the key sex organs. 

Estrogen can get into the body system via food, medication or drink intake. The mimic growth hormones and estrogen in the red meat and milk, respectively, can be another factors that triggers excessive estrogen production in the tissues or fat cells by the liver's enzyme called aromatase. Medication drugs and birth control pills/injection generally overloads the liver's P450 detoxification system, resulting in over-production of the enzyme aromatase. You can see why they are so many American are overweighed.

Depression and testosterone deficiency are also related. Testosterone burning charges the entire nervous system, including Parasympathetic, sympathetic and serotonin system. That is, promoting testosterone production can erase depression! Our product ViaGrowth-IV is far beyond the promotion of the brain/nervous system. The most critical one is the liver function. This product is armed with more than 50% of the ingredients for the liver detoxification. If your liver is overloaded by the toxins you eat, drink and take, it won't translate the nutrients into essential enzymes, amino acids, neurotransmitters and hormones to charge your brain/nervous system. ViaGrowth-IV does the dirty laundry for you. In addition, it powers the endocrine and cardiovascular systems at the same time. It seems your nervous and endocrine functions are somewhat weak.
We will have no more depression with ViaGrowth-IV (item 1-005)
The sexual techniques for orgasm are described in my CD-ROM book, that is item 0-001.

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