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News updated:

Case Study -  He said Heat Tea has jumped her sex engine for electrified, earth-movement sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

I managed to sneak your "heat tea" and Viagrowth II past customs here in Norway. (The other products have been returned, and as mentiond I will try to open a mailbox in sweden soon.) Anyway...My girlfriend who lives abroad came to visit, and I gave her the heat tea... Well, I am expecting complaints from the entire neighborhood!!!! From being a silent "dead fish" is bed, having an average of 0.75-1.0 (weak) orgasms, she is now screaming and moaning her lungs out. She can have 10-13 orgasms in less than an hour. She has had some sexual experience before, but this is "not of this world". There is only one "problem"...We recently tried having sex without the heat tea...and the same thing happened!!! 15-20 orgasms within 2 hours!!She went absolutely bananas!!!

This leads me to to ask the following questions:

1. Can the heat tea have long term effects?
2. Can the heat tea open some kind of "mechanism" in her body?
3. Can this super experience without the heat tea just be result of a new technique/position we have discovered (She puts a pillow under her butt, and I screw her deeply as she is not aroused by shallow pumping)
At the same time I grab her hair firmly, pulling her head backwards to allow increased bloodflow to her brain.

Dr. Lin: 7/24/2000>

Unfortunately :-(, your Norwegian Custom requires you to have your doctor's prescription for our dietary supplements.  It seems that the strength of our products is better and stronger than any prescribed drugs. But, our products produce no side effects at all. That is why our products are classified as dietary and healthy supplements which can be freely sold in heath foods stores without prescription in the United State. Of course, I have realized the power of our products because I am taking them too. We have shipped our products to any countries around the world without any problem, except Norway and Sweden.   Luckily, you can sneak some of my products in.  Well, perhaps  our labels contain too many actual, good  ingredients that have "confused" your Norwegian custom. We plan to "solve" this problem accordingly, so that we can continue to take of our customers in your country and Sweden. Obviously,  you need a special label for importation of our products.

Ok! here is the answer of your questions.  

1. Heat Tea has a long-term healing effect.  Since she is young, the healing effect will last for a long time as long as she is not  on medication drugs and birth control pill or injection. It turns on the brain's parasympathetic and serotonin (mood/mind) functions at the same time. The Verdina tea turns on her Serotonin nervous system to doubly enhance her parasympathetic function to engorge her urethral spongy tissues from her clitoris down into her G-spot and Epicenter. Image that she has her powered-up  "glans penis" and "inner penis and prostate" to interact with your pubic bone and  hard penis, respectively.   It is like a jump start for her sexual engine. Once the engine is running, it will recharge the brain/nervous system automatically if she has sex constantly and frequently.  We have found a 10-mg 5-HTP (serotonin) with Heat Tea will double the female orgasmic response, but don't try it with more than  25 mg 5-HTP.
2. Yes, The parasympathetic and Serotonin nervous systems have been powered up to drive the sympathetic nervous system for producing powerful orgasm. The mechanism is, she has erected her gland clitoris, inner penis (the urethral/vaginal  spongy tissues), and "degenerated" prostate all the times when her body or mind/brain is at rest.  It is like she has a short circuit between her brain and sex organs. 
3. It's a combination of the activation of the brain/nervous function and your stimulation on her Epicenter (her "prostate", http://www.actiontao.com/image/trigger.jpg ) by the deep penetration. Screwing with a deep penetration to locking into the Epicenter is very critical in stimulating the pituitary to produce a oxytocin (Orgasm Hormone) burst. This love position is called
the Advanced Coitus Alignment Technique (CAT) as demonstrated in the CD-ROM's video clip, Appendix B-8, listed in http://www.actionlove.com/love/book.htm  

I remember you have my CD_ROM book. The Advanced CAT is also classified as the 3-point Excitation method because it gives the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter a simultaneous stimulation with a lot of pressure, where your pubic bone and hard penis  have formed a powerful pair of pliers to clamp and stimulate her urethral spongy tissues and nerves running from her glans clitoris to her Epicenter. The Epicenter, located between the bladder and cervix as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/engorge.jpg,  is her sexual energy center (her degenerated prostate,  filled with testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors) to make her earth move and her volcano erupt. 

Your aggressive action has geared up her sympathetic nervous function as well.  Usually, my 3-point excitation position does the similar trick to accelerate women's orgasmic responses to Supper Level-7 orgasms. Bending her head backward and stretching her chest and neck can allow her orgasmic energy to run up to her heart and forehead easily. It also compresses her spine cord to promote her parasympathetic nervous function to erect her "inner penis" for popping out her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter.  


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