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Case Study -  Conditions for electrified, earth-movement or firework sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
Dr Lin, I am a 24 yr old female and have had only 1 orgasm, a real rogasm were it feels like electricity and waves and you see stars, after that i haven't been able to achieve orgasm with any other partner, even when i masturbate I cant achieve the same level, maybe I don't know what I'm doing. please send me some tips. I am very frustarted as you can imagine.

Dr. Lin: 7/24/2000>
Yes, it is like an earth movement, a volcano erection, an electric power surge through the body, a sequence of pleasure waves pounding the head, a fire work, a space shuttle launching into the sky, and ....
That is why I call the female sexual energy center "the Epicenter" which is the female "prostate" consisting a lot of testosterone and oxytocin receptors to make an earthquake or volcano in the female body . 

First, you have to examine yourself if you have sufficient fuel to
produce the orgasm surge.
The fuel is testosterone. 
During the sexual stimulation, you must be able to to erect your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. The clitoral and urethral spongy tissues, formed the female penis embedded inside the pubis,  must be swollen like the male glans penis and the penile shaft, but the female "penile shaft" is on the anterior vaginal wall (the vaginal ceiling). The expansion of your inner "penile shaft" will narrow down your vaginal height and generate a power stimulation on your urethra nerve to the Epicenter when your vaginal ceiling is stimulated by a hard penis or a pair of Finger Pliers as described in

Your inner penile tissue expansion will force the G-spot to protrude out of the vaginal ceiling as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/engorge.htm. The vaginal/urethral tissues is swollen like an upside mountain ridge on your vaginal ceiling, which is as hard as a powered-up penis.  This will also tent up the Epicenter against your cervix, leading to a oxytocin (Orgasmic hormone) burst to cause the earth-movement or volcano orgasm.  The expansion of the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues, or the erection of the "female inner penis" is initiated by the action of the parasympathetic acetylcholine, its 2nd (erectile) neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide and its final erectile dilator cGMP, but the parasympathetic sexual nerve must be charged by a testosterone burst during sexual encounter or a dream/mind action.

If you can not erect your inner penis, you need ViaGrowth-III or -IV to help you out. If can  hold the engorgement long enough to further tent up the Epicenter, you need ViaGrowth-III or -IV too, or have a direct stimulation on the Epicenter with a hard penis or a finger to orgasm as soon as possible. But, the forced orgasm without naturally tenting up the Epicenter against the cervix may result in orgasmic pains and cramps.

Sometimes, the problem is due to the weak erection from from your partner(s). It requires a lot of stimulation action on the urethral nerve. A soft penis, no matter how huge or long, can not provide a sufficient stimulation on the female urethral nerve to drive female orgasm. Generally, you will feel nothing inside you.  If he or they have such problem, they need Endura or ViaPal-hGH packages to power the penile erection. In fact, my Finger Pliers method can drive women to orgasm in less than one minute, when the brain-endocrine function is producing a testosterone burst.  The Finger Pliers can do a better job than a penis, since they can clamp up the female urethra and perform a "dog-fight" type stimulation on the urethral nerve.  So, the keys for your orgasm are your ability of producing a testosterone burst, his penile erection power, and the pressure stimulation and speed on your urethral nerve from the clitoris to the Epicenter.  Lovemaking positions and the trusting method are very critical in focusing the stimulation pressure or speed on your urethral nerve. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm      for detail.


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