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Case Study -  The ultimate solution for depression, sexual exhaustion, impotence, frigity and better sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
Dear DR Lin or whom is concerned,

I wish u would reply to my problem!
I am 26 years old!
2 years ago, i had a series of Panic Attacks accompanied with OCD , i had 
obsessions about masturbating which ended by complete depression and 
fatigue. I went to a Psy who put me into Pax?l (SSRI) with some anxiolitics.
Anxiolitics were stopped but i m still since then on Paxil.
My mood was very good after a while. But now i rehave the same feeling as 
before : When i stay for 1 week without masturbating i feel very energetic 
and i have a very good mood.After i masturbate, i get very tired and down 
and i still have the feeling that if i masturbate again, i will get better.
Pain in my stomach begin to appear and i feel very disturbed.
I always had the feeling that sex had to do with my mood and my strength.I 
like sex a lot!
I am very powerful in sex, i had a relation 3 years ago where i would make 
love for about 8 times per week with feeling the same stress as now 
masturbating once per week.
Can u help me please and can u advice whether i could stop Paxil and how?

Thank u !
Very Worried.

Dr. Lin: 7/24/2000>
Your depression is caused by over-masturbation, resulting in over-discharge of the brain's parasympathetic battery. The serotonin (mood transmitters) synthesis is modulated by the parasympathetic nervous function.
SSRIs blocks the reuptake of serotonin in the synapse. It does not increase the production of serotonin, but, in fact, slow down the serotonin synthesis by the body. It also interferes with the production of the parasympathetic neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. As a result, your parasympathetic action on the adrenal and testicular functions becomes too weak, leading to deficiency of DHEA and testosterone productions. Generally, SSRIs will weaken erection and result in impotence, that is, it force the brain to shut down or to weaken the parasympathetic link (acetylcholine action) to the testicles, prostate and penis. Erection requires a continuous action acetylcholine on the nervous ends of the penile tissues and arteries to produce the erectile transmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) and then the erectile dilator cGMP with two liver enzymes that translates the amino acid L-arginine to NO (with the enzyme NO synthase) and then cGMP (with the enzyme guanylate cyclase). The testosterone burst during sexual encounter will charge the parasympathetic sexual nerve for a higher action potential to produce more NO and cGMP to hold the erection and power up the penis.
If your brain-testicular function can not produce a testosterone burst. You will lose the erection in the middle of the sexual act, and ejaculation will result in sexual exhaustion. 
If SSRIs overloads your liver P450 detoxification system, your liver may produce less and less NO synthase and guanylate cyclase, resulting in impotence!
The ultimate solution is to take ViaGrowth-IV and to slowly reduce the dosage of SSRIs drug at the same time. Within a weak, you can drop the SSRIs antidepressants, and feel good and energetic. Of course, you will have a much better erection, and feel energetic after sex and ejaculation. ViaGrowth-IV is item 1-005 in
To have more frequent, spontaneous and powerful erection any times, you can add 5 - 10 mg 5-HTP (the serotonin precursor) to your ViaGrowth-IV very other day. The reason I don't include 5-HTP in ViaGrowth-III and -IV is, it can cause a full erection of the penis all night long during sleeping. Even after sex or ejaculation, you won't feel tired and the erectile penis won't go down! This combination will make the penis or the clitoris/G-spot erect all the times once your body or brain/mind is at rest. I have discovered this secret when we were working on the solution for the mind-driven premature ejaculation problem in which ejaculation occurs within 2 minutes after vaginal penetration. I have found that the serotonin action can strongly modulate the parasympathetic sexual function to an extreme for as a powerful erection to reduce the transmission of sexual stimulation from the glans penis to the prostate via the urethral sensory nerve.

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