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Case Study -  Vacuum penile pumping for erectile dysfunction and no sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/20/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,

Thank you so much for this website. I appreciate the detail 
of your research. I've read several posted cases regarding 
penile damage from pumping, but need to ask you how to treat
my personal problem. I am 46, married, in fairly good shape, 
and until recently awoke nearly every morning with a normal 
erection. Foolishly, I began pumping a month or so ago hoping 
to gain size and straighten a slight curvature to the left 
of my penis. I now no longer wake up with an erection, and am 
able to only obtain a partial erection when stimulated. My 
penis appears slightly longer now when flacid and there are 
no visible signs of damage from pumping. Please explain in 
detail how to massage the penis base, BenGay?, etc., and what 
products do you recommend I order to aid in healing. How 
long will it take for the tissues to heal? Will they heal? 
I am taking Avena Sativa, Sal Palmetto, Ginko Biloba, Zinc, 
a multiple vitamin and stopped pumping two days ago. I hope
withholding my personal information over the internet will 
not hinder your reply. 
Thanks in advance.
Very Worried.

Dr. Lin: 7/22/2000>
I think you have experienced the middle age "menopause."
Pumping is useless.
Unfortunately, you pump it too hard. The parasympathetic nerve ends (Acetylcholine receptors and effectors) in the penile spongy tissues are damaged. The nervous ends are supposed to trigger the synthesis of the 2nd messenger Nitric Oxide, the erectile transmitters. After a hard pumping, your middle-aged penis won't get re-erection in few days  as a result of the nervous damage, and the penis is like a deflected balloon after an extremely inflation that brings the tissues into the non-elastic (plastic or fatigue) range, where the tissues won't return to the original position after the suction force is released. This will give you a false enlargement in the flaccid state as well. In fact, you have damage the penile tissues and nerves. According to Hooke's law, the stretched tissues should be returned to its original position, like a spring.  If not, your tissues have been experienced a plastic deformation, the material fatigue. If you can elongate a wire into the plastic range again and again, it will become thinner and thinner and eventually break. The penile tissues and nerves can be damaged by the same way.  The worst situation is that you blued your penis! Luckily, I had studied the material fatigue of welded joints (K- or Y- joint) in the offshore structures under the cyclic stress loading for 7 years during 1982-1989!  If you want to pump your penis, you should use a low-cyclic, low-stress loading to prevent material fatigue. Our studies have shown that the material won't get fatigue under a low-cyclic, low-stress loading as long as there is no corrosion in the material, even in the salt water environment! Oop! Our blood is very salty too!   Accordingly, vacuum penile pumping may give me a positive effect - promotion of the penile blood circulation!  

The damage tissues and nerves will slowly heal with massage and hormone-replenishment as discussed in
As long as the damage is not severe, it won't leave scars inside the penile sinusoids.  If there are scars in the sinusoids to constrain the erection in one side, the penis will be crocked or bended  The damage of the nervous ends may affect erection power more or less, depending on how severe it is.  The penile massage is given in
The hormone supply to the penile tissues and nerves is very critic for healing.
When you are getting old, our cell renewal and repair are very slow because our body does not produce sufficient hormones (particularly, the human growth hormone) to feed the tissues and nerves. For middle agers, ViaPal-hGH-D  or -X (item 3-012 or 3-009) will restore erection and promote healing!



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