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Case Study - Obsessisive Cumpulsive Disorder and Antidepressants, resulting in sexual dysfunction for no sexual orgasm. sexual orgasm.
Reader: 7/16/2000>
I have been diagnosed with Obsessisive Compulsive Disorder two years
ago. I remember having symptoms as early as five years old. I also have
sexual problems that may be related to this. I never remember having
erections in the morning or in my sleep. I can have erections when I am
awake, though the erection are getting weaker. Even when I have an
erection, I have a sheer lack of sensation in my penis, almost a
numbness. I have to really work hard and concentrate to get that
sensation and ejaculate. Many times, I can't seem to ejaculate. When I
do ejaculate, there is only a small amount of semen and I feel it is not
powerful enough of an orgasm. I have been to an urologist, in addition
to several endocrinologists. They tested me for several things
(testerone, prolactin, TSH, others.), and most of the tests came out
normal. They point to the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as the problem
with my sexual dysfunction. I have switched medication for my OCD many
times. I have taken Pax?l, Pr?zac, B?spar, R?speridal (trade-marked antidepression drug names). Currently my
psychiatrist has pescribed me Celex?a (a SSRI). It has worked better
than the others. It has helped with my mild depression and has helped
lessen the OCD symptoms, though I still continued to have some of them.
However, there is no change in my sexual dysfunction. My problem may be
more complex, but any input will be well appreciated. Thank You
Dr. Lin: 7/20/2000>
SSRIs or SRIs antidepressants are very famous sex busters
These Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors shorten the serotegenic circuits in the brain, resulting in over-discharge of the brain's parasympathetic battery, and blocking or reducing the parasympathetic acetylcholine action in production of the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide and the erectile dilator cGMP in the penile arteries and tissues.
ViaGrowth-VI (item 1-005) can help you out. 
In fact, ViaGrowth-IV can power the parasympathetic acetylcholine system to increase the serotonin and dopamine activities in the brain. The Chinese medicine concept calls it "Use Yin Chi to assist Yang Chi."  Thus, ViaGrowth-IV can produce anti-depression effects, increase mind concentration and let you feel good to get along with people, in addition to powering erection and to increasing semen production. This is because Viagrowth-IV powers the neuro-endocrine function increases the hormone oxytocin level in the bloodstream. Oxytocin is an emotional and passion (happy) hormone, in addition to its main function in initiating orgasmic contraction in the sex organs for men and women during sex. Increasing the production of this hormone by the brain/pituitary any time will promote your positive view of your life.
Recently, we have tested ViaGrowth-IV with 5-HTP (the mood neurotransmitter serotonin's precursor for antidepression) on the modulational interaction between the serotonin activity and the parasympathetic nervous function. We have found that a mini dose (10 mg) of 5-HTP (the suggested dose for antidepression is 50 mg) and ViaGrowth-IV can produce unwanted erection whenever the body or mind is at rest. A 25-mg dose of 5-HTP will double the erection power of ViaGrowth-IV that makes the penis stand up all night long during sleeping! Don't try this! You must have sex to bring the penis down!
If you want to take ViaGrowth-IV, start from 1/2 tablet a day and increase to 1 tablet a day in one week, while, at the same time, you can slowly decrease your SSRIs dosage. Drop SSRIs once you feel good and happy with ViaGrowth-IV. If you want to order it, you must mention your mental condition in the order form. If you don't like ViaGrowth-IV, return it for refund, excluding the shipping and handling charge.
Don't take 5-HTP with any SSRIs or SRIs since it will flood your serotonin synapses with excessive serotonin.

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