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Case Study - Solutions for tissue and nervous damage by a vibrator or electric toothbrush that kills sexual orgasm.
Reader: 7/18/2000>
When I was about seventeen I found that when I used an 
electric toothbrush on my clitoris, I could have an intense 
orgasm. I would reach orgasm in like 1-2 minutes. As time
went on, however...it took longer and longer to reach 
orgasm. Sometimes up to even an hour or maybe longer.
I remember it would even start to hurt sometimes and I 
would have to put a T-shirt or something over the 
toothbrush to make it less intense. It would burn 
sometimes afterwards and I knew I must be causing damage. 
Well, I'm almost twenty-three now. I find it hard -- if not
impossible -- to have an orgasm by using just my fingers.
I can't even have one with a regular vibrator because it's
not as strong as the toothbrush. And sadly, I can't have
one during intercourse with my fiance. I noticed 
yesterday that my labia minora on the right side is a little
black almost. This is the side I always held the toothbrush
on. I am guessing I damaged the nerves in that area. I
was wondering if there is any way at all to heal that area?
Or is it permanently destroyed? I noticed that touching
the darkened labia minora is a little painful as well. I 
haven't used the toothbrush in a few months, as I've been
trying to "train" myself to have an orgasm without it. 
Do you know of any way to heal this area? Is it possible
for it to return to the pink color it once was? What caused
the color change? Sigh. I am highly-stressed about this...
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Dr. Lin: 7/19/2000>
1. Woo! This is a very destructive masturbation that develops a thick scar tissues into the subsurface of the clitoris and labia. The scar layer works as a protector of the tender sublayer tissues and nerves. The more you stimulate, the deeper it grows. This is how the high-speed vibrator or the electric toothbrush "abrases" the sensitivity of your clitoral and labia nerves.
The restoration of the nervous function down there can be done by frequently gentle massage with a sufficient hormone-enriched blood flow circulating the genital area. The Hormones needed for your neuron renewal are Human Growth Hormone (hGH), DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. Since you are young, you have sufficient hGH and estrogen. All you need is ViaGrowth-III to elevate your DHEA and testosterone levels. In fact, it will also increase your hGH and estrogen levels at an proportional ratio. ViaGrowth-III will also increase the sensitivity of your G-spot as well. Ask your body friend to give you a Finger Pliers Massage to orgasm, as described in
You should have vaginal orgasm to release the sexual tension in the genital area.
A powerful orgasm will allow you to avoid the intensive clitoral stimulation for 2-3 days, so that you can use gentle massage to help the restoration of the damaged tissues and nerves. Do the massage every morning when you wake up. Apply Vitamin E oil to the clitoral shaft and use your 3 fingers - the middle finger on the clitoral shaft and other two on both sides or labia majors - to massage until you feel the heat penetrate into the skin sublayer. Repeat it 3-5 times. Also use two hands massages your groins for 3-5 minutes before and after the clitoral/labia massage. Groin massage can be done with a muscle rub gel for a better result, but the ingredients of the muscle rub may get into the urethra to produce irritation.
2. The blackening of the labia is an indication of the poor blood circulation in the tissues.

It is very naturally to have darker inner lips as women ages.
Over-stimulation will accelerate the blackening of the major minors (inner lips).
The color of inner lips without masturbation or sexual stimulation is pink. Aging will slowly change the inner lip color. Increasing the masturbation and sexual stimulation frequency will deepen the skin color to black around the edge of the inner lips in a short time. I believe the color change is associated the trapping of metabolic waste due to the poor circulation in the inner lips which rely on the capillary to circulate the blood. This is like the blood congestion in the lips, as described in http://www.actionlove.com/love/massage.htm  
There is no way to reverse the color change since you can not apply a vacuum massage cup to the tender inner lips, although it can work for improving the blood circulation in the groins and pubis to increase the erectile size (power) of the clitoris and shaft (the penis, too!). 
The color of the inner lips is a measure (a marker) of women's sexual experience, but it is very difficult to tell how often a day the women have sex. 

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