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Case Study - Solutions for orgasmic pains and cramps due to deep-vaginal sexual orgasm .
Reader: 7/15/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
This may not sound like a serious problem, but it is something i've wondered about for some time. I have very strong orgasms during intercourse and otherwise, but they have always been asymmetrical--that is, centered on the left side of my pelvis only, especially near where i imagine the ovary to be! (They are what people sometimes call the 'internal, vaginal' orgasm, experienced as very deep; i have never had a 'clitoral' orgasm or orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation.)
Also _sometimes_ afterwards, there is pain in the same area accompanying the contractions.
i'm just wondering how common this is! Could it be a symptom of a problem or trauma? (i had an injury to this area in childhood, although not severe.) Would there be ways of broadening my sexual experience?
Dr. Lin: 7/18/2000>
The orgasmic pain or cramp, due to the inelasticity and inflexibility of the tissues and nervous cells and fibers under the contraction force, is a result of the DHEA and testosterone deficiency in that spot due to a poor local blood circulation, orgasmic muscle fatigue, or/and weak endocrine (brain-adrenal-ovarian) function. 
A tilted or tilting uterus can cause the post-orgasm pains or cramps in the low abdomen and the tail bone muscles. 
Stagnation blood pockets are formed by a local poor blood circulation or blood congestion due to mechanical tissue damage, tissue/muscle fatigue, or over-accumulation of the metabolic waste, resulting in
Fibromyalgia, It is the most common cause that blocks the feeding of the hormones to local nervous cells or fibers for renewal and that compresses the local nerves to radiate numbness and pain signals. The solution for this problem is Vacuum-cupping Massage as described in
Ovarian massage is also very helpful, but the problem won't go away.
Orgasmic muscular fatigue usually happens in the low-left abdomen, around the left ovary where testosterone is mainly produced and burned for orgasm. My wife's Level-7 orgasm (the powerful deep vaginal orgasm) has usually been triggered when the stimulation is focused on her left hand side of the vaginal ceiling from the G-spot to Epicenter along with the upper left of her clitoral shaft. The frequent and constant orgasmic contraction with the same muscle will result in orgasmic spasm pains, due to muscular fatigue without renourishing the muscle with sufficient DHEA and testosterone. This happens more often when the testosterone level runs low in the Luteal Phase as marked the High-temperature period in
The Luteal Phase is also the PMS occurrence time for women. The uterine-support ligaments are weakest and most inelastic during this time of the menstrual cycle. 
Women with a titled or titled uterus can be woken up by the pains or cramps during the Luteal Phase due to the uterine movement in the middle of the night! Strengthening the uterine-supporting ligaments as shown in http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-24.jpg  with sufficient hormones, high-protein foods or supplements, B-6, B-12, and the minerals magnesium and potassium will solve or mitigate the problem. A good blood circulation can improve the supply of hormones and nutrients to the ligament cells and remove the metabolic waste to prevent blood congestion (Fibromyalgia) there. A long-term sitting, which can numb the groins, thighs, tailbone muscles and low abdomen,  is the big enemy of the blood circulation for the central section of the body. 
The orgasmic pains and cramps become more common for women after 35 or 40 when the adrenal and ovarian functions starts to slow down and when the uterus starts to prolase or tilt. A tiled-backward uterus (rotated against the rectum)  will redirect the penis to stimulate the wrong spot, the Posterior Fronix between the uterus and rectum as shown in
http://www.actiontao.com/image/fig6-24.jpg, instead of the Epicenter. The over-stimulation of this spot may not produce orgasm, but pains or cramp in the tailbone muscles. If it does, the orgasm will induce bowel movement. Generally, in the Luteal Phase, the middle-aged women seems to have the severest uterine prolapsing or tilting. 

To deal with this post-orgasm pains or cramps, my wife takes our product ViaGrowth-IV 1 tablet a day to strengthen the local tissues and nervous cells and fibers. At the same time, I have helped her developed the orgasmic contraction in the right-hand side (around 11-12 o'clock positions) of her vaginal ceiling, so that she can has her orgasm triggered the right-hand side triggering zone without overkilling the orgasmic contractile muscle in the low-left abdomen, the old spot. My Finger Pliers Massage method has been used for developing the new triggering zones. It can also help develop the orgasmic triggering zone on both sides of the vagina, around the 10-11 and 1-2 o'clock positions where the deep vaginal orgasm will send the orgasmic power surges down to the legs and feet along the inner side of the legs and feet, via the Kidney and Liver Vessels of the acupuncture network. This can cut down the orgasmic surge running upward.  
To get new triggering zones other than the G-spot, it requires a hormone-enriched blood to help the development of the new Testosterone, DHT and Oxytocin receptor sites in the local tissues.
In this regard, ViaGrowth-IV is very helpful.


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