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Case Study - How to Reverse aging for erection and sexual orgasm - the stress-hormone busters and the parasympathetic nervous power generators! And the effects of ChiKong breathing on the production the neurotransmitters NO and CO.
Reader: 7/9/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
First let me congratulate you on your excellant site and your noble aim to bring happiness in bedrooms around the world.You have remarkably fused eastern practices with western science.Carry on the good work.

Until two years ago I have had no problems as such and was having a satisfactory sex life.Now also I do but there are some areas that needs improvement due to aging. last two years I find that my libido is excellant and arousal thru stimulation is fine but I am not getting spontaneous erections as before and eventhough the top and middle part of the penis is hard the base or bottom part is soft.Surprisingly there is greater penile enlargement and balooning than before due to pressure massaging but the base is soft.I suspect this may be due to aging and vascular degeneration since blood coming in seems to be alright.Can it be also due to nuero transmitters via nitric oxide is also defecient.

At present I enjoy three ejaculations per week and also learning to have non-ejaculatory sex to conserve.I am having gradual success in it.

Can you suggest herbal medicines from your herbalchest to get back spontaneous and strong erections as before on long term basis under toaist principles.

kindly clarify on anal breathing and sexual kungfu breathing
whether ascending the mind to the third eye is on the exhale and whether you can still practice tail bone contraction on inhale when spoon breathing(On every inward thrust)
Kindly also comment on the efficacy of Jack Johnson's valley breathing and transfer of energy thru sound on exhale.
I also wish to add that I do not suffer from any major ailment though I have started to take saw pelmatto as a precaution.
Upon your valued advice I will purchase the relevant supplements and the CD-Rom.
Thanks for your cooperation,

Dr. Lin: 7/11/2000>
For better erection, ViaPal-hGH-D (tem 3-012) can lift you up and make you erect hard.
My advice for men of 50's is, please limit your ejaculation frequency no more than 2 times a week. You have over-discharge your parasympathetic battery that provides electric biased voltage for all your organs to function and to actuate. The penis is an actuator which needs a lot of DC pulsing potential and biased voltage to erect. The liver needs an sufficient biased voltage to detoxify and to produce good enzymes for its downstream organs to synthesize the life-support chemicals from what you eat and breath. The heart needs the DC biased potential for the autorhythmic fibers to pace the heart beat and to  maintain the normal blood circulation.  And so on. Your body can not function properly without the sufficient parasympathetic nervous potential. 
The problem is, aging taxes your liver system first. Once the liver system can not provide the good enzymes for your body to synthesize amino acids, neurotransmitters and dilators such as cGMP, your parasympathetic function (acetylcholine action or we call Yin Chi) may become too weak to provide healing power for all the organs and then your body starts to experience common aging "diseases". Erectile dysfunction is one of them.
The body function follows the Thermodynamics 2nd Law - the increment of chaos. Luckily, we can reverse the aging process to certain degrees by recharging the parasympathetic nervous system. This is what my products can do for you. That is, our products can rebuild your thermodynamic engine.
In fact, penile erection is actuated by the supercharge of the parasympathetic sexual nerve which generates the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) under the Acetylcholine action. The final product is the arterial and penile dilator cyclic Guanylate MonoPhsphate (cGMP) upon NO binding to an enzyme called Guanylate Cyclase. You can see that if your liver is worn out, your body won't have sufficient enzymes for the production of cGMP. Production of hormones and neurotransmitters also require liver enzymes too.
For the Sexual ChiKong Breathing, please read http://www.linplaza.com/love/chikong.htm 
For the Anal Breathing Method, please read http://www.actiontao.com/image/anal.jpg 
In the application of ChiKong breathing to sex, the mind focus should be in the tail bone, like you want to wave your "tail." Focusing on the third eye is 2ndly important.
I can not comment other expert's work.
Sexual Vocal responses can release sexual tension and stress and change the brain/mind action on the nervous system.
But, The Anal Breathing and Sexual Chikong Breathing Methods are to channel the sexual energy back to the brain from the prostate via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel. The deep, slow inhaling in my breathing method is to allow more gaseous neurotransmitters Nitric Oxide (NO)  and Carbon Monoxide (CO) to be generated in the body by increasing the compressing air dissolution in the lung arteries.  Note that NO is mainly synthesized from the amino acid arginine via the enzyme NO synthase.  Both NO and CO, which are poisonous gases in the air, are the neuromodulating 2nd messenger that activates Guanylate Cyclase for cGMP. The production of NO and CO, under the  acetylcholine/parasympathetic action,  requires the liver's cytochrome P450 reductase, a necessary electron donor for the CO production enzyme heme oxygenase and the NO production enzyme NO synthase. In other worlds, don't mess up with your liver P450 detoxification system; otherwise, your body won't produce sufficient NO and CO to power your erectile, cardiovascular, renal (blood-pressure regulating), pulmonary, endocrine, and immune functions.  A combination of the ChiKong deep, slow haling with the liver's P450 enzymes will produce help your brain to drive your parasympathetic nervous function  produce more healing power, regulate cardiovascular functions, and power up endocrine, immune and erectile functions. High doses of medication/street drugs, sport nutrients, birth control pill/injection, alcohol and smoking  will mess up the liver P450 system, leading to impotency and frigidity.  
During sex, when the sexual energy is too high in the prostate area, a combination of the breathing technique and vocal release is essential. This combination has been discussed and demonstrated in my CD-ROM version, where the video clips shows the applications of both techniques to the actual intercourse to orgasm. 
Saw Palmetto is an excellent herb to cool the prostate for prolonging sex. All my products contain high doses of this herb.

To make your brain/parasympathetic nervous system to communicate with your organs more effective, you have to reduce the stress hormone production and to block the stress-hormone receptors. The stress hormones also occupy the acetylcholine receptors that provides the parasympathetic links for the organs. The concentration of acetylcholine in the organ's receptor site is a measures of the circuit electric resistance between the brain/parasympathetic nerve and the targeted organ.  The stress hormones act like the rusts or dusts in the electronic connectors or pins, that increase the contact resistance between the plug and receptacle. When stress hormones  flood the acetylcholine receptor sites, the organ won't get a sufficient biased DC voltage (the basic power supply for the organs, sensing units, actuators,  or amplifiers)  and an acting potential (the DC pulsing voltage as an electric massager)  to do its work. Fortunately, ViaPal-hGH products also arm with the stress-hormone busters, in addition to the parasympathetic power generating ingredients.


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