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Case Study - Teenage girl can not achieve sexual orgasm with a vibrator - solutions!
Reader: 7/8/2000>
Hi, I'm an eighteen (nineteen in a month) year old female
who has never had sex. It's just a personal choice. I guess 
I'm saving myself. Anyway, my mom is very open and insisted
I have a vibrator, so she got me the Kangaroo. :) I don't 
think I have had an orgasm yet and I have tried numerous
times. I don't know what the problem is. I am actually
quite frustrated. It seem almost pointless for me to try, but
maybe I'm doing something wrong??? I don't know. I'd like 
to experience an orgasm, but I am not sure if I am able to.
If you feel you could help or give some advice or something, I
would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Dr. Lin: 7/11/2000>
Glad to hear your smart choice. 
Your mom has a good intention to prevent you from the unwanted sexual intercourse that may give you unwanted pregnancy and Sexual Transmitted Disease.
The problem is, giving a teenage girl a vibrator does not prevent her from having sexual intercourse. Sometimes, the result is just opposite when she attempts to explore her sexual pleasure. A hot, romantic moment of young lovers can lead to sexual intercourse. It is all in your brain. Hopefully, you keep your noble choice until you get married.
Most of young girls are likely to experience clitoral orgasm, instead of vaginal orgasm, since their high estrogen level for the development of the female 2nd characteristics also thickens the vaginal lining.
In fact, the thicker vaginal lining is good for the baby delivery, but bad for sexual orgasm. This is the main reason why young women have less vaginal orgasm capacity. It seems that GOD wants women to do the human propagation first, and then enjoy sexual orgasm later (after age 25-30) for keeping the loving couples together.
Also the high ratio of the estrogen to testosterone in their bodies make the G-spot less sensitive, but it affects the clitoral sensitivity much less since the clitoral tissue is similar to the glans penis where there is a lot of testosterone receptors. The clitoris is an external organ which can get stimulated very easily. Again, God obviously makes the clitoris for women to pay attention to their sexual interesting for mating.
Well, you may have to experience the clitoral orgasm first. The stimulation zone is the upper left quarter of your clitoris. You can use a pulsing massage shower header to stimulate the clitoris.
The high speed vibrator may be too hash for your young and tender tissues and nerves, leading to desensitize your clitoris and G-spot! You can not use it too often! You must also realize that not all the women like the clitoral stimulation. When testosterone does not fuel your clitoris, you won't get clitoral orgasm with the vibrator.

The same situation is also applied to Vaginal Orgasm. When your estrogen-to-testosterone ratio is too high (higher than 50 or so), your clitoris and G-spot may not be heated up during sexual stimulation by the vibrator. That means, if your testosterone hormone is insufficient, why do you have to force your self with a vibrator? A lot of women have never masturbated in their life, but they have experienced sexual orgasm easily.
My wife is one of such women, never masturbating. 
I have helped her develop her orgasm pattern from the clitoris to the G-spot and Epicenter, and now both sides of her vaginal/urethral spongy tissues, with my Finger Plier Massage as described in
She started from her clitoral orgasm with my clitoral massage technique; after we started our sex life, I have used the Finger Pliers Massage to expand her orgasmic capacity to deep vaginal Orgasm (Level-7) within few months. This method has helped her grow more testosterone/DHT/Oxytocin receptors in her vaginal/urethral spongy tissues for the high-level orgasmic response.
Accordingly, my suggestion for your orgasm development is a simultaneous stimulation on your clitoris and G-spot. You needs a sexual massager to do the simultaneous stimulation. You can use a low-speed vibrator or massager to massage your G-spot while the massaging shower head produces pulsing water flows acts on your clitoris. Or, get a vibrator which can do this special job for you. I don't know if you can find this special one in the market. Note: A slim G-spot massager of 0.5" diameter and 6" long with a curved end can do a better job than the large one.  The curved end allows you to pinpoint your G-spot which is not accessible by a hug massager or a big penis.
Caution: The high-speed Vibrator may damage your nerves in the clitoris and G-spot, leading to orgasmic dysfunction with any hard penises during intercourse.
So, if you don't have sexual urgency, don't even use the vibrator to masturbate. Otherwise, you may get nervous damage, instead of sexual orgasm. 

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