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Case Study - Growth of the testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors for the Microcosmic Orbiting of Chi, male orgasm without ejaculation, and more sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/8/2000>
Dear sir,

I have a quick question regarding somehting that I read from your 
I quote:
I have grown testosterone receptors in my upper arms; testosterone and DHT 
receptors in my penile tissues so that I can balloon my penis, so does my 
wife on her clitoral and vaginal/urethral tissues.
The testosterone and oxytocin receptors have been also grown in my tailbone 
muscle after my many-year practice for male multiple orgasms without 
Basically I want to know what do you mean by growing testosterone receptor 
at your upper amrs, penile tissue and tailbone mucles? Can you see the 
effect of growing these receptors?
Thank you.
Dr. Lin: 7/9/2000>
This is the same effect as you do for your muscles by exercises.
Yes! if you develop the hormone receptors in the tissues.
Estrogen receptors grows in the belly and thighs for many oversized people, where the tissues are bathed in the estrogen pool..
Muscle men build the testosterone receptors in the muscle to compete with these in the penile tissues. The result is: grow muscle, but shrink penis. So, you can see the picture on the development of hormone receptors.

You can train the tissues to vibrate with the tailbone muscle exercise.
What does this mean to the Chi-Kong practicers?
This is the ultimate Microcosmic Orbit energy circulation.
The tailbone is hot and vibrating when we practice the Microcosmic Orbiting of Chi (the flowing bioelectric energy).
Why is it hot? Testosterone is burned into DHT.
You won't feel the heat if your body does not have sufficient testosterone to burn.
The typical example is, Right after your ejaculation, you won't get any heat flow by practicing the Microcosmic Orbiting. Usually, it will take few days to fuel the testosterone burner again. 
Why is the tailbone vibrating during the ChiKong exercise?
When you focus your mind into the tailbone and contract the tailbone muscle, the brain/pituitary send the orgasm hormone Oxytocin to the tailbone to cause the naturally periodic contraction of the tailbone muscle at a rate of 0.8 second per cycle. The situation is the same as the milk release due to the secretion of Oxytocin in the breastfeeding of the new month who hears her baby crying or whom nipple is sucked by her baby. The first-time breastfeeding requires certain cycles of nipple suction to signal the brain/pituitary to produce Oxytocin. After sometimes, baby crying can stimulate the mother's brain/pituitary (the mind-driven response) to have a burst of oxytocin for releasing milk without nipple suction.  

Note: Premature ejaculation or wet dream  is a result of the mind-driven orgasm due to a burst of oxytocin (or testosterone). Visual stimulation of female sex organs (nude body) will promote the mind-driven orgasm for a lot of men if their prostate is full of testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors. Excessive oxytocin receptors causes premature ejaculation, while excessive testosterone and DHT 
receptors and overproduction of both hormones produce premature ejaculation and prostate enlargement.  During sexual stimulation, the brain-testicular function produces a testosterone burst; the prostate receptors trap a large amount of testosterone which is burned into DHT for the DHT receptors to heat and expand the prostate and its surrounding tissues. You will feel hot down there with an expanding pressure built up in your crotch area.  Then,  the prostate and seminal vesicles starts to signal the brain/ pituitary to produce a oxytocin burst. At the moment when your prostate receives sufficient oxytocin, you will feel an extreme and our-of-control  pleasure being launched from the prostate/seminal vesicles and shoot into your brain to make you moan, which is followed by an emission and ejaculation contraction of the prostate and seminal vesicles. Over-Masturbation  can help teenagers to over-develop excessive testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors in the prostate tissues and surrounding muscles. When the hormone receptors are over-developed down there, the young people will experience mind-driven premature ejaculation.     

Well, I prefer to having the hormone receptors developed in the tailbone muscles, so that the prostate's hormone receptors won't be flooded by testosterone, DHT and oxytocin during sexual encounter. So, I apply the concept of developing the hormone receptors in the prostate to the development of the hormone receptors in the tailbone muscle with the Chi-Kong exercise and training. The results are the same as the prostate's response to the hormone bursts:  The heating and vibrating phenomena happen in the tailbone muscle, rather than in the prostate and seminal vesicles, during intercourse or sexual Chikong exercises. If you have you tailbone muscle vibrated during sex, you can have male orgasm without emission or/and ejaculation.

If you are a beginner, you won't get heat or experience muscle vibrating in your tailbone, because there is a lack of the testosterone, DHT and oxytocin receptors to trap testosterone, DHT and oxytocin.
Testosterone burning is responsible for heating the local muscle or the entire body (during Sex, for example), and oxytocin for involuntarily contracting or vibrating the muscle. Both hormones and their receptors also drives the mechanism of sexual orgasm for men and women during intercourse. 
You won't develop the heating and involuntary-contracting mechanism in the tailbone muscle without a long-term practice of Chi-Kong Microcosmic Energy circulation. This is the fundamental of the Microscosmic Orbiting of Chi (bioelectric energy). It will take 3-12 months to grow the hormone receptors as you do for your muscles in your chests, hands and legs. However, the development of the Oxytocin receptors for involuntarily vibrating and contracting requires mind-concentration to the special spot. If a woman wants to orgasm, she must be able to concentrate her mind to her vagina or/and uterus. Trapping oxytocin is somehow mind-related. 
The more you think about sex, the hotter your bottom is, and the easier you reach orgasm. Don't ignore the power of your mind.

Like the estrogen receptors can grow in the belly, butts and thighs (and breasts too!), testosterone, oxytocin, and DHT receptors can be developed in the sex organs. In fact, the penis, testes and prostate contains a lot of testosterone and DHT receptors, because the tissues are bathed in the hormone-enriched blood. Sexual practices and exercises increase the receptors density. From hormonal point of views, you may wonder:
1. why Chinese medicine uses animal penis, testes, prostate, ovaries and uterus as medicines - because they contains (traps) a lot of hormone. 
2. why over-ejaculation (or over-masturbation) causes premature ejaculation (due to too much hormone receptors trapping too much testosterone, oxytocin and DHT in the prostate) and prostate enlargement (too much DHT or estradiol) trapped in the prostate's hormone receptors.
3. why exercise of contracting the prostate muscle can cause premature ejaculation and prostate enlargement - as a result of the overgrowth of testosterone, oxytocin and DHT (maybe, estradiol too!)  receptors in the prostate tissues. The prostate exercise makes them grow, but, on the other hand, the prostate muscle exercise can improve the local blood circulation to help drain the excessive hormones after orgasm! Therefore, it won't cause prostate enlargement, but premature ejaculation during sex!
4. why the vaginal/low-abdomen exercise can help women develop a better orgasmic capacity, so does vaginal massage - as a result of developing testosterone, oxytocin and DHT receptors in the uterine and vaginal tissues. My female sexual Chikong exercise and Finger Pliers massage help women enjoy more orgasm.
5. why men can successfully enlarge the penis
without mechanical means and "penile exercises", (please read articles in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/enlarge.htm ) as a result of the developing the testosterone and DHT receptors in the penile tissues to trap more testosterone and DHT that stimulates the expansion of the penile tissues in the hormone-enriched blood bath. 

Do you know why develop the testosterone, oxytocin and DHT receptors in the penile and tailbone tissues can help male sexual functions?
Developing the hormone receptors in the sex organs and its surrounding tissues other than the prostate can  prevent over-stimulation of testosterone, oxytocin and DHT on the prostate tissues or over-concentration of both hormones in the prostate tissues. This leads to prolonging intercourse, tightening up the ejaculation valve, reducing/preventing the prostate enlargement, and increasing the male orgasm power (the scale of orgasmic contraction) that sends the powerful orgasmic waves to stimulate the brain/neuroendocrine system via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel, through the tailbone or the first acupuncture point of the Governing Vessel.. 

Male orgasm without ejaculation can only be achieved by the prevention of orgasmic contraction around the seminal vesicles. That is, preventing the formation of DHT and oxytocin receptors or reducing the DHT and oxytocin hormone concentration around the contractile muscle of the seminal vesicles can inhibit or mitigate the contraction of the seminal vesicles, leading to the prevention of seminal emission during orgasm. After mastering the Microcosmic Orbiting of sexual energy, I have never leaked a drop of semen by incident during sex. We have practiced the morning sexual intercourse (our morning joint exercise!) for 10-20 minutes everyday without pregnancy prevention since we were young.  Here, you are advised to have pregnancy prevention if your penis contacts her sex organ.
On the other hands, I have helped my wife develop more orgasmic triggers spots other than the so-called G-spot, with my Finger Pliers Method. Both sides of her vaginal/urethral spongy tissues have become the orgasmic triggering zones after applying my Finger Pliers Massage to there about 10-20 times during January - May, 2000. The massage has induced more hormone-enriched blood to grow the hormone receptors on both sides of her vagina, which have never explored before. As a result, "heating" her vagina has become much easier than before, so does her orgasmic response. Getting older, we have to find some ways to accelerate her sexual and orgasmic responses, so that we can still continue multiple orgasms without working too hard!


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