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Case Study - Tuning your Vaginal muscle to suck up his penis for sexual orgasm
Reader: 7/1/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I need help from you about the problem with my vagina.

I am 26 Years old and have apparently very Big Vagina in size and my Boy-Friend saya that he does NOT feel satisfied enough, after having vaginal intercourse with me.

My Boy-Friend does NOT have any erection problem and also his Penis easily gets a very hard erection with my caressing of his Penis, but he does not seem to be happy with the looseness of my Vagina.

He has already given me warning that he might reject me for marriage, if I fail to tighten
my Vagina within the next couple of months, as he prefers only Vaginal Intercourse, and
wants his Penis to be very tightly held, inside his Lady's Vagina for optimum pleasure.

I have a real trouble now, as I do NOT want to be rejected by him for the marriage proposal just for the looseness of my Vagina, or for the largeness of my Vagina.

I do NOT really know, why I have a very large vagina, as we have not control over the
creation of god. 
I had undergone diagnosis for Vaginosis and and Vulvitis etc. and all the results are
negative, and my Doctor has concluded, that my Vagina has NO problems and reduction of Vaginal Size by surgical procudures might result in Child-Birth problems in future.

I am really looking for any natural mechanisms, by which my Vagina can be made smaller, and also my Vaginal Canal can be made very tight, so that I will be able to hold my Boy-Friend's erected Penis tightly inside my Vagina during Sexual Intercourse.

I am worried more these days, as my Boy-Freind has completely stopped having Sexual Intercourse with me and also looking for another Girl-Friend with Tighter Vagina probably.

Is there any exercise, I can practise, to make  my Vagina smaller and also very tight ?

Is there any exercise that I should perform, after my Boy-Friend inserts his Erect Penis
inside my Vagina, so that his can be tightly held inside my vagina ?

Also is it a Good Idea to rub the erect Penis on the Clitoris and also at the
openning of the Vagina ?

I would like to perform Female-On-Top position, and so how do I move my body so that his Penis does not slip out of may Vagina, but rather remains inside my Vagina and also I would like his Erect and Hard Penis to be completely inside my Vagina in this condition.

My other problem is that I am finding very difficult to get sleepy in the night, as I am NOT having Vaginal-Intercourse with my Boy-Friend now.

Is there any connection of the Sleep with the Vagina or penetration of penis inside the Vagina ? 
Both my Buttocks and my Vagina are very heavy and bulky type and I often get aroused to have Sexual Intercourse, because of this my panties get wet and I am forced to change often.

I usually wear a very Tight BRA(40") and very Tight Panties(38") but still my Vagina is
very loose.

I have NOT tried before, but curious to know if I need to wear much more Tight Panties and BRAs to tighten my Vagina and make my Vaginal little smaller ?

Are Women with BIG-Breasts and Vey BIG-Vagina and very wide Vaginal Openning preferred for Marriage by average figured Men ?

My Boy-Friend is a average figure Man, and I seem to have very Large Breasts and very BIG Vagina, compared to what my BoyFriend's PENIS needs even when his Penis is Erect  and very Hard.

Under this Physical dimensions, should I proceed to marry him and take the risks of under-satisfying him at Sexual Intercourse ?

If I want to make my Vagina Extremely Tight, so that after Penetration, my Boy-Friend should find it difficult to withdraw his Penis from my Vagina, even after he ejaculates, then what should I do ?

Should I start wearing very Tight Bikini to my make Vagina Small or should I start looking for a Man with very Large Penis which gets swollen and Very hard, during Sexual Intercourse ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions to tighten my Loose Vagina.

Dr. Lin: 7/8/2000>

Your OB/GYN is a very respectful doctor! Disputing on the Vaginal size vs. the Penile erection is given in

For the natural vaginal reduction, please read:
How to strengthen the vaginal muscle and reduce the vaginal "Size"? The Natural Vaginal
Size Reduction Method by growing the G-spot/Epicenter urethral spongy tissues
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8509.htm  
ViaGrowth-IV strengthens her vaginal muscle, helps her achieve orgasm and rejuvenates
her body (grows the G-spot and Clitoris?). 
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8889.htm  

Precaution: The Woman-on-the-top position requires a hard penis to prevent the penile damage, as described in
==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8409.htm   

A deep penetration love-position requires a hard penis to allow the glans penis to kiss the cervix or "lock" into the Epicenter as shown in the central graph of
In this regard, the vaginal size plays no role in his sexual pleasure since he will feel his glans being sucked up by your vaginal when you contract your low abdomen, vaginal and tailbone muscles. This is what my Sexual ChiKong Intercourse is all about,
You have to practice this vaginal penile-suction exercise every day in the morning when your hormone level is at the peak of the day. The best way to do this practice is My Morning Sexual Intercourse with the screw method, as shown in
In this regard, he should not ejaculate! This will also help him "grow" his penis.

If you can achieve orgasm with him, you can take a "risk" to marry him. To make you come, sexual skills are more important than the organ size. It is at his finger tip or penile tip if he know how to do it correctly. Please read http://www.actionlove.com/love/method.htm 
If men know these sexual tricks, they can be excellent lovers with an average-sized penis, regardless of your vaginal size. please read:
Her boy friend gives her a lot of sexual orgasm without ejaculation, with an average-size, hard penis.! ==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case9053.htm  
Men must unload the obsession of the penile and vaginal size, but focus on the sexual skills to make women come! If he can do that, he is an excellent lover. One 4-inch long and 1/2-inch finger in my Finger Pliers Method can do a better job than a 8-inch long and 2-inch wide cock!
And you have unload the obsession of your vaginal size too!

If you can get have a good sleep during the night, you need a powerful orgasm to help you out. I think this what bother you for a long time. As him try my Finger Pliers Method for you. By the way, it seems you have excessive estrogen in you body according to what you said about your wetness and your breast size.
If you can elevate your testosterone level, you can come with a lot of vaginal ejaculation.
Constant orgasm can will help you drain out the excessive fluid trapped in the vaginal tissues.


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