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Case Study - He said 'your sex chikong breathing works great' for control of ejaculation and sexual orgasm, but how to do it right? Why it works? Turn the lungs into the air compressing chamber and Increase the neurotransmitter CO (Carbon Monoxide) and NO (Nitric Oxide) levels in the brain!
Reader: 7/1/2000>
Your sex chikong breathing works great. It's just hard to contract my anus with some of the positions. With the 3 point and double body, i find it hard to contract the anus to relax the prostate. What positions are easiest the contract the anus and is relaxing on the prostate? Also, instead of mixing the fibra and ginseng in water, can i just drop the liquids in my mouth and take a drink of water so that it's quicker?

Dr. Lin: 7/4/2000>
It seems that you contract your anus too hard.
Try do it lightly. Exert a light pressure on your bladder and hold the pressure. Focus your mind into the tailbone. Lightly contract your anus by squeezing you butts against your anus. Your anal contraction can be done by a continuously long inhale or a sequence of continuously stepwise (digital) inhale without exhaling.  Note that practicing the periodical contraction of the tailbone/anal muscles can help develop the testosterone and oxytocin receptors in the local tissues. Once you achieve this level, you will feel your tailbone/anal muscle vibrating and a sequence of heat flow pulses running up to your spinal cord and the Governing Vessel toward your brain, whenever you practice the Sexual ChiKong or Anal Breathing methods.  If you apply the breathing technique to intercourse, it will induce the shallow prostate contraction (male orgasms) without seminal emission from the seminal vesicles, that is, without contracting the seminal vesicles. This is what the male multiple orgasms without ejaculation are all about!
Why does sexual chikong breathing work great?  The long, continuous or digital inhale will turn your lungs into an
air compression chamber,  which not only doubles the tidal volume of air on the Alveolar Ventilation, but also force more oxygen (O) and nitrogen (N) to dissolve in the lung's blood. As a result, it will increase another novel neurotransmitter Carbon Monoxide (CO) which function is similar to the erectile neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO), in addition to NO. Both NO and CO are poison gases in the air, but they stimulate synthesis of the common dilator cGMP. CO may be the main regulator of cGMP in the brain. Both CO and NO are found in the different brain region and act in the different pathways. NO is responsible for relaxation of the penile arteries while CO seems to relax the arteries in the brain, leading to better brain/mind concentration and reduction of brain sympathetic function. A good example is, smokers who quit often experience mind concentration problems. The reason is the reduction of CO concentration in the blood. It seems that CO can enhance or reduce the neurotransmission in certain circuits. With the Sexual ChiKong breathing, you don't need smoking to increase your mind concentration/focusing and nervous relaxation.  I believe this is how a long, deep inhale can suppress the sympathetic nervous function in the brain-prostate circuit and enhance the parasympathetic function in the brain-tailbone circuit during sex. The tailbone/anal contraction is to keep your mind to stay focusing into the tailbone in order to avoid the mind action on the prostate.

The another physiological effect is that the lung expansion under the extra air pumping pressure redirect the brain's sympathetic action to the lungs, instead of the prostate. The periodic tailbone/anal muscular contraction also produces the same effect as the continuously digital air pumping into the lungs does. My Sexual ChiKong emphasizes synchronization of the digital air pumping with the  periodic tailbone/anal muscular contraction. Thus, the sexual Chikong can totally block the sympathetic action on the prostate, leading to a full ejaculation control. 

The Sexual ChiKong Breathing and Anal Breathing Methods have been developed under the 3-point Excitation and Horse-Rider Positions which allow men and women to practice sexual ChiKong or Anal Breathing together. All the love positions we have proposed are derived from the Horse-Rider Position and the 3-Point Excitation Position. The Double-Body motion technique uses the Horse-Rider love Position. When you thrust at a high stimulation rate, you should use the continuously long inhale method. The inhaling (contraction) duration can be 1 or 2 minutes with a short exhaling (release). With this kind of long inhaling/contraction, you will totally suppress the sexual or ejaculation urgency. The relaxation of the prostate can be achieved by exerting a light pressure on your bladder. You will feel the prostate muscle expanding!
Yes, you can hold the Fibra and Ginseng Tea in your mouth for a few minutes. The chemicals can diffuse into your blood stream and your brain much quicker. But, it is not a good taste!


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